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Get going - Boston


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How to launch your web business idea without programming. The talk focuses on doing customer development in order to find that first paying customer. More details can be found in the LaunchBit Startup Guide at

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Get going - Boston

  1. 1. Get Going!Build & test your ideawithout programmingElizabeth YinJennifer Chinco-founders of LaunchBit
  2. 2. We want to thank our eventsponsor – MIT E-Center
  3. 3. In high school, we decided tobecome internet entrepreneurs
  4. 4. Shiny Orb is a social shopping sitefor wedding apparel
  5. 5. DressMob is a social shoppingsite for all dresses
  6. 6. Building a website has becomevery accessible 1990s 2010Difficulty HARD EasierSpeed Months/Years Days/Weeks/Months Hire, Try to learn, outsource,Options Hire, Try to learn 3rd party tools Books, friends, online,Resources Books, friends forums, Craigslist Sites are being built more quickly and easily
  7. 7. The biggest obstacle for you is nolonger technical Do you have a product that people want??
  8. 8. We believe in the “Lean Startup”philosophy and execution Eric Reis (nytimes) Steve Blank (nytimes)
  9. 9. The Lean Startup Model is justlike playing poker Go all in without seeing your cards? Fold if things are not looking good? Image Credit:
  10. 10. The first step is to achieveproduct/market fit Maximize Product/Market Fit Scale Up Profit
  11. 11. You can build and test your webidea without programming Research BuildingMeasuring Marketing Q&A
  12. 12. Doing theResearch
  13. 13. Find potential customers outsideyour own social circle Join mailing lists and forums Email people. Oftentimes, the right people will help for free Filter prospects with a simple survey. Offer $25 for a 30 minute phone conversation if selected
  14. 14. Craigslist can be a great place toget feedback Cindy Alvarez  Use the "gigs" section  Providing your first name and a voicemail number will grant you legitimacy  Clearly state the compensation amount upon meeting qualifications and completion of the call  Expect a 10-15% flake rate
  15. 15. Ask about behavior and bring asimple set of “paper” prototypes Image credit: Simon Collison (flickr) Image Credit: Mathieu Brault Do people “get” your idea?
  16. 16. Hanging around coffee shopshelps Pulse refine their new ideas
  17. 17. Buildinga LandingPage andMVP
  18. 18. There are plenty of free (or almostfree) WYSIWYG platforms
  19. 19. Make sure your landing pagemessaging is clear
  20. 20. Dropbox got 200,000 signupswith just a video
  21. 21. Your Minimum Viable Productshould have just 1 or 2 functions Image Credit: Hammacher Schlemmer Can you explain your product in 1 sentence?
  22. 22. We challenge you to thinkcreatively when building your MVP Easy MVPs Hard MVPs
  23. 23. Aardvark went to see thewonderful Wizard of Oz
  24. 24. Food on the Table started withreal, live “concierge” service
  25. 25. The Wed Connect is our ownexperience at quick idea testing
  26. 26. Online tools made it possible towork behind the curtain Image Credit: Wizard of Oz
  27. 27. Early StageMarketing
  28. 28. Early stage marketing is acomplement to Measurement My Website
  29. 29. Ads are a perfect way to gettraffic immediately
  30. 30. Q&A forums and other industryspecific sites are like “annuities”
  31. 31. Community marketing channelscan offer quality verbal feedback
  32. 32. MeasuringResults
  33. 33. Find out what your users are doingon your website
  34. 34. There are many affordable tools forquantitative & qualitative analysis
  35. 35. At least 40% of your users shouldbe very disappointed if you’re gone Very disappointed Not disappointed orSomewhat disappointed Sean Elllis ( Successful Product / Market Fit
  36. 36. In 5 days, we had numbers toevaluate The Wed Connect Bounce Rates 87% of 68 people 56% of 16 people 21 Signups Quick math:  Charge wedding vendors $2 / lead * 21 leads = $42  Costs: $0.44 * 68 people = $29.92  Potential profit: $0.58 / person
  37. 37. Qualitative feedback taught usabout the customer
  38. 38. We determined the viability of TheWed Connect in just 1 week0 1 2 7 81 day Customer Research 1 day Analysis 1 day Build MVP 5 days Testing and MarketingGreat initial numbers but a frustrating business
  39. 39. Ante up, make your bets, thendecide -- will you go all in? Research Blinds Landing Page MVP Bet Early Marketing Hire People All In Seek PRImage Credit: Logan Ingalls
  40. 40. LaunchBit helps new, aspiringentrepreneurs launch their ideas
  41. 41. Build and test your idea withoutprogramming – Get going! More questions? Feedback index cards LaunchBit mailing list signup sheet Blog: @launchbit