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The Top Fat Burning Foods - Discover the Truth!


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The Top Fat Burning Foods - Discover the Truth!

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The Top Fat Burning Foods - Discover the Truth!

  1. 1. ==== ====Read more or more information here: ====Fat Burning Foods are a hot topic of discussion in the weight loss industry and involve a lot ofmyths and speculation. The biggest myth there is revolves around the statement that there areindeed foods that burn fat. This isnt accurate. What there is are foods which are harder for thebody to digest due to the way their are made. This forces the body to use a great deal of caloriesin the digestive process. Using more calories means that you have an easier time to lose weight.The effect of Fat Burning foods should be taken within reason. These foods alone will not makeyou thin overnight, but incorporating them into your diet and fitness routine will certainly help.Here are the Top Fat Burning Foods1. Protein - Eating a healthy amount of protein is very important and can also force the body to usemore calories due to the amino acids within the protein. The body has a hard time digesting theseacids and so burns more calories to digest them.2. Dairy products - This isnt a fat burning food as such, but a study which was conducted inEurope showed that people who are more dairy products discharged more fat in their feces. Morefat out means less in. The study hinted that it is possible to lose over 3 pounds of pure fat eachyear by just eating more dairy. Now, dont go overboard, a yogurt or 2 a day is quite enough.3. Drinking cold water - This may sound a bit imaginative, but drinking cold water is better thandrinking tepid water. The reason is that the body uses calories to bring the cold water to bodytemperature. As it is already recommended to drink 8-10 glasses of water each day, you might aswell have them cold. It cold mean over an extra 100 calories burned each day.4. Certain fruit and vegetables have a negative caloric effect, meaning that it takes the body morecalories to digest them than the calories they contain themselves. On the list are:apples apricots artichokes asparagus beets blackberries blueberries broccoli Brussels sprouts
  2. 2. cabbagecantaloupecarrotscauliflowercelerycherriesAlways remember that to base your entire diet on these fat burning foods isnt recommended asyou do need to eat each of them in moderation and they dont provide the body with all that itneeds. But using them can certainly speed the weight loss process.For more fat burning foods, visit this webpage:10 Super FoodsJohn Davenport lost over 30 pounds in his twenties after being overweight most of his life. To readmore about fast weight loss, click here: How To Lose Weight Fast ForeverArticle Source: ====Read more or more information here: ====