Health Nutrition Food That Isn't


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Health Nutrition Food That Isn't

  1. 1. ==== ====Read more or more information here: ====It can be hard enough keeping to a healthy diet; what happens these days though is that the majorrestaurant chains come and try to mix up our personal definitions of what we can safely call"healthy". A restaurant staple at McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys or Ruby Tuesdays can easilyget called "healthy" even when it is saturated with calories, fat and salt. Lets take a look at theworst offenders on the restaurant menus around the country that promote their products for theirhealth, nutrition, food value all at once.The Ruby Tuesday Avocado Turkey Burger should actually have been a really healthy meal.Turkey is great for your hearts health - nutrition food that actually heals. But not here. The burgerhas nearly 100 g of fat (thats nearly a fifth of a pound of fat), and heaps of salt held together withmore than 1000 calories.Okay, is there any way that you can not be making the right choice with a salad? Well, at theCalifornia Pizza kitchen, the Waldorf chicken salad actually comes with even more calories thanthe burger above. How did they even manage to do this in a salad? Its all in the dressing, ofcourse. But you will need to be on the lookout across their entire menu.You couldnt possibly do the right thing for your health, nutrition food being the way it is in thiscountry. Consider Applebees Grilled Shrimp and Spinach Salad - a name thats filled with healthand nutrition. Theyve managed to bring the salad up to more than 1000 calories - as they havewith lots of other salads on the menu. If you have to go to Applebees, choose from the WeightWatchers list.Compared to this next salad, you could do better for your health with a slice of pizza. And fittingly,this chicken chopped salad lives on the menu of California Pizza Kitchen, dangerous ground forany dieter if you need a warning. This little gem has nearly 1200 calories, and 15 g of unhealthyfat.Theres no way you would want to see this next winner left off this list. Its the Mex Tostada saladwith chicken at Chevys Fresh. You could eat a dozen cupcakes and not get as much fat andcalories as with this artery clogger. It actually has nearly a fifth of a pound of fat and more than1500 calories.Seafood is supposed to be healthy isnt it? Well then, consider the Cod Filet dinner at Culvers. Ithas the most fat of any of the health nutrition food examples weve covered so far - a third more.But thats because this little heart attack machine is fried, and theres butter and french fries on theside too.Food corporations will always try to hitch a ride on a health fad thats doing the rounds at the time.
  2. 2. How about the way Nestl?calls its sugar-hopped Juicy Juice line actually healthy for children? Thiswas so egregious to the authorities, the federal government actually called their bluff.Read more about author in:modern bathroom vanitiesbathroom wall cabinetsArticle Source: ====Read more or more information here: ====