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Best Omega Three Rich Foods for Healthy Heart, Brain and Joint Function


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Best Omega Three Rich Foods for Healthy Heart, Brain and Joint Function

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Best Omega Three Rich Foods for Healthy Heart, Brain and Joint Function

  1. 1. ==== ====Read more or more information here: ====If you are the least bit knowledgeable about good nutrition youve heard about the health benefitsof omega 3 fatty acids. Health care science has long been aware of the important part thesenutritionally-beneficial substances play in supporting optimum heart, brain and joint function.Getting the benefits of these nutrition boosters means eating plenty of omega three rich foods.But do you know which foods are the richest sources of these healthy fatty acids?Well, lets start with fruit and vegetables. Omega three rich foods which fall under this categoryinclude:broccolicauliflowersummer and winter squashnavy and kidney beanstofugreen beansromaine lettucecollard greensraspberriesstrawberriesNext come nuts, seeds and oils:
  2. 2. Flaxseeds and flaxseed oilSoybeans and soybean oilWalnutsBrazil nutsSoy nutsOlive oilHemp seedsPumpkin seedsFinally, there are the cold-water, high-fat fishHokiAlbacore tunaSardinesSalmonMackerelAtlantic herringSwordfishLake trout
  3. 3. While studies shows omega 3 s which come from food are better absorbed and utilized by thebody, this may be a challenge when trying to find uncontaminated sources of fish. Heavy levels oflead, mercury and other industrial pollutions have tainted much of the fish population. Theproblem has become so prevalent, many experts warn to limit fish consumption to once or twice amonth.Fortunately, you can get around this by taking a quality fish oil supplement.When I say "quality" I mean an oil extracted from cold-water, high-fat fish with a 2:1 ratio of DHA toEPA fatty acid.Furthermore, I check to see that the fish is caught in close proximity to the processing area. Thisinsures the fish is fresh, rather than frozen.And when it comes to safeguarding against toxins, I look for a supplement whose purity isguaranteed by a process of molecular distillation. This is usually indicated by a Certificate ofAnalysis.So if your looking for the best nutritional methods for boosting heart, brain and joint heath, be sureto increase your intake of the healthy, omega three rich foods listed above, along with a qualityfish oil supplement. Good health has never been simpler!Nicanor Castillo is a passionate advocate of natural health in all its forms: nutrition,supplementation and skin care. When it comes to maintaining optimum health, Nicanor knows,"knowledge is power!" Visit his site at to get your free copyof the Fish Oil Buyers Guide.Article Source: ====Read more or more information here: ====