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The Pomegranate way to online marketing


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Pomegranate are an online marketing agency, who specialise in applying innovative techniques for the It and technology sector. We focus on marketing strategy, lead generation and brand awareness programmes.

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The Pomegranate way to online marketing

  1. 1. We open businesses to the potential of online marketing. anate Pomegr als i Credent
  2. 2. Hello We specialise in: • Research & analysis • Strategy & planning We are Pomegranate, creators of engaging brand experiences for the • Website design & development online world. Our focus is simple, to help our clients get the most from • Online marketing their online marketing. • Monitoring & evaluation Whether you are looking for new effective ways to engage your audience, innovations that will enhance your sales results, a targeted marketing strategy or a complete campaign from concept to implementation, Pomegranate can draw on over twelve years of experience to put you at the forefront of your industry.
  3. 3. Injecting your project with The clients view: Brand Confidence “ For us Brand Confidence provided the insight and structure we needed to redevelop our marketing and At Pomegranate we use our unique Brand Confidence model to sales approach, we realised establish a focused project structure providing our clients with the we simply were not using our clarity of service and quality of creativity we are renowned for. brand to really stand above our competitors. Pomegranate introduced us to a range of As the name suggests, Brand Confidence is about ensuring our ways we should apply our clients have ultimate confidence in the way their brand message and brand to increase the effect of our marketing, to be honest the proposition is communicated. Whether you are looking to launch a results have been astounding” new product or service, establish market dominance or break into new territory, our Brand Confidence process will ensure consistency Angela Bullock, throughout your online marketing communications. Marketing Director, Nebulas Solutions Confidence is the key to successful brand communication.
  4. 4. Knowledge is power Techniques we use during the Knowledge phase include: • Discovery sessions We like to begin every project by digging deep into the facts to • Audience workshops understand our clients real business needs. One major factor for • Audience profiling confirming project success, is the importance we place on understanding • Persona building the audience types our clients are working to interact with. • Customer insight • Crowd sourcing • Polls and surveys During the Knowledge phase we discover what your audience wants to • Design influence know, how they will interact with your organisation, what will develop • Brand evaluation • Competitor analysis advocacy and retention, and of course how you can gain financial • Benchmarking / returns. To determine the key facts about the people you are targeting we apply specialist quantitative and qualitative techniques ranging from workshops and focus groups, through to the latest in crowd sourcing and social dialogue. The insight we gain at this stage ensures we understand how to communicate your proposition with maximum effect.
  5. 5. Creating a strategy for success Channels we deploy during the Strategic Vision phase include: Website With audiences constantly on the move and habits and trends ever • Design and development evolving, Pomegranate understand the importance of establishing a • Content strategy robust marketing strategy. Our strategies embrace the science that • Search engine optimisation underpins audience engagement, behaviour and need, employing a • Search marketing • Campaign microsites fusion of communication platforms and technologies to engage with audiences in ways that are targeted and relevant to them. Social Media Optimisation • Social media strategies • Employee engagement Absorbing the learning’s, dialogue and insight from Knowledge we develop an online marketing ‘toolbox’ specifically to target your Rich Media audience profiles. Your ‘toolbox’ will comprise the most appropriate • Video content • Info graphic animations media channels and communication techniques to ensure results are • Online publications maximised and both budgets and effort are optimised. Innovation Examples of the cutting edge Strategic Vision sets the course of all great brand experiences. solutions we apply: • Augmented reality • Mobile app • RFID and QR Codes
  6. 6. Expressing your brand message The clients view: “We were blown away by the marketing results, it totally Creativity is the blood that pumps through the heart of Pomegranate exceeded our expectations. We and with the strategy in place it is time to communicate our clients regularly work with Pomegranate proposition to the target audience. to attract restaurant bookings. Works every time!” Everyday, audiences are exposed to hundreds of different brand Valerie Morrison, messages all competing for recognition. Our targeted approach means Corrigan’s Mayfair we are able to navigate our clients proposition through the crowd more effectively. Once the message is in front of your audience we use the principals of design influence to increase mind share, audience engagement and generate measurable responses. Understanding the importance of usability, navigation and accurate brand expression we marry aesthetic beauty with functional grace to provide your audience with a brand experience that is stimulating, memorable and encourages response. Expression is where your brand message comes to life.
  7. 7. Producing results Our programming capabilities include: • Content management systems From email marketing to social media applications Pomegranate have • E-commerce solutions the capabilities to technically execute and support our creative thinking • Email marketing and deliver our clients brand message directly to their audience in the • Mobile applications most engaging, interactive and intuitive ways. • Web applications • Data capture • Rich media content At Pomegranate, optimisation plays a major role in the development process with careful attention paid to the user experience and the integration of the latest search techniques. We adhere to industry best practice techniques and standards to program scaleable online media solutions, where user engagement and response mechanisms are paramount considerations. Rigorous test procedures are applied to all our development work to ensure client satisfaction and user expectations are always met.
  8. 8. Evaluating the success During our Evaluation phase we track and monitor: • Data capture One of the major benefits of online marketing is the ability to • Sales insight monitor campaigns and brand touch points in real time, extracting • ROI valuable insight about your audience and their engagement with your • Conversion funnel communications. • Link analysis • User analysis • Social analysis The Evaluation phase is a key part of our process and provides our • User feedback clients with detailed results from the project. Using our comprehensive dashboard of tools we are able to provide depth insight into the performance of your online marketing from website activity through to the viral effect of social media. We can quickly identify the hot prospects and new sales leads, utilise user interaction and feedback to inform future communications and perhaps most importantly review whether your sales and marketing teams are working in harmony. Evaluation informs the future success of your online marketing.
  9. 9. Discover what we could do for you... You have heard how we work and seen examples of clients who have benefited from our approach to online marketing. If you have a product you want to sell, an audience who needs engaging, a brand that needs a lift we look forward to hearing from you. To discuss how Pomegranate can enhance your online marketing, contact: Duncan Thomas T: 020 7336 7322