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Planning booklet


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Planning booklet final

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Planning booklet

  1. 1. Digital Graphic Narrative Planning Use this booklet to help structure your planning and collate your planning documents. Considerations: There are lots of things to consider in this project. Fill out each section in detail to show you have thought about each one. You should imagine that this is a live project, so considerations like cost, quantity and codes of practice must be thought about in that context rather than just as a college project. Costs: The effect of costs will have no impact on me, as my production methods will not require extra funds. The only possible chance of me needing funds for the production of book is to pay for usage of Ferrari’s designs in order to abide by the copyright laws. However manufacturing costs is a different situation as it will cost a relatively high sum to produce the first set of books to test market. If the test marketing goes well, then using the profit I will be able to produce more to books sell. Available resources: The available resources that I have such as an Apple Mac that contains Photoshop are in easy access for me to use when necessary. I will also need the internet to obtain images from to base some of my work around. This is also available on the Apple Macs as well. I do not have the resources to manufacture and produce the book. In order to this I will have to use a manufactory company especially if i need to mass produce the book.
  2. 2. Quantity: At first I would test market my children’s book to see if people started to buy it, if the book sold out quickly I would mass-produce it. Depending on how well the book was selling I would ether produce hundreds of copies or thousands of copies. If the book did not sell and would not create a substantial profit then I would not produce it at all as it would be worthless. This is why I would test market the book first to see if it will create a good enough profit to be worth the time and effort of production. Audience and Target Market: The audience for my book would be 5-8 year olds and the main gender would be male. This is because the book is based on race cars and crashes which is usually presented as a male sport. The target market for my book would also be the parents of the children as they would be the ones paying for the book. I would also want the book to be so appealing to children that they will pester their parents to buy it for them. Quality Factors: The illustrations on my book are quit complicated to create and can look very un-neat if they aren’t done properly. This would lead to an unprofessional looking book that has scrappy illustrations in it. In order too create a professional looking book the English will have to be correct and the illustration will need to be produce to a professional standard. This will also help to increase profit as it means the book will sell better. Codes of Practice: The code of practise associated with publishers is to do with how they should interact with the author. Time: this is an important aspect of contracts as if the book is presented to the publisher late then they will usually only have to pay the author. There are different guidelines depending on what contract has be agreed upon. Quality: If the book is presented to the publisher and the quality is not at the standard they had agreed to then the publisher only has to pay the author, even if the book is not published.
  3. 3. Illegality: This has the least effect on my work as it works under the act of Obscene publication and equality. It is very unlikely that there will be something obscene produced in a children’s book. Regulation: This doesn’t apply to me that much as my book is aimed at an older audience then books that involve toys, which are aimed at a younger audience. These books will have to comply with the new Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC if sold on the European market. My book does not contain any interactive forms of toys there for does not need to comply with this directive. Copyright: My book is based around a real life event that happened to someone and there for does not need to apply with the copy right law. The idea for my children’s book came from this event that happened to someone but unless you knew this person you would not know the book was based around him. The design for my car is based around the 1976 Ferrari F1 car although this may not be a problem as my book is made with cartoons; I also used the Ferrari colour of red. To avoid any complication it would be worth gaining Ferraris’ permission to use their design and colour, this way I will not breech any copy right laws. Ethical Issues: My book is designed for young children and does not have any ethical problems in it. There is no particular type of culture or religion portrayed through my book and there for could not offend anyone especially a child. The most likely people to be offended by the book are the adults reading it and even then there is no reason for anyone to be offended by my book. My book is a simple children’s book with a simple story line that has very little information it making it less likely to offend anyone.
  4. 4. Resources: A successful project relies on good planning. Considering all the resources you will need for a project and then assessing which you already have and which you need will help ensure you are ready to start your project. If there is a resource you don’t currently have, then consider how you are going to get it before you go in to production. Resource: Do you have it? What do you need to do to get it? Apple Computer Yes Use the facilities at york college. Photoshop Yes Use the Photoshop on the Apple Macs at york college. Internet Yes Use the browsers on the Apple Macs which are Safari, Fire fox or Google chrome Test Page Yes, I will use Photoshop to create my race car Use the Photoshop on the Apple Macs at york college.
  5. 5. Digital Flat Plans Yes, I will use PowerPoint to create a simple structure. Use the Powerpoint on the Apple Macs at york college. Images No I will use the internet to get these on the Apple Macs at york college. Production Schedule: Delivering your project on time is vital. In order to do this, you need a solid plan of action. This will help you divide up your work in to manageable chunks to be tackled one at a time. It will also allow you to plan which tasks need to be done in which order. It will also allow you to track your progress each day. If you are falling behind, you will need to modify the way you work. If you work faster than expected, you can clearly see what the next steps you need to take are. Each session is a half day of college. Session 1: I will add the final touches to my main character Lauda the racing car on Photoshop.
  6. 6. Once I have finished creating Lauda the racing car I am able to insert him into any page of the book when necessary rather then having to re-create him every time. This will save me time in the long-term effect. Session 2: I will create the first page of my book The first page of my book involves Lauda the racing car which saves me a lot of time as I can now just insert him in. I will need to design the surroundings but the design for my first page is relatively simple so this should not take too long. I will also need use the colour range tool on this page which is the only thing that might take some time. Session 3: I will start to create the second page of my book
  7. 7. I will need to use grass on several pages on my book so I will create an A4 size layer of grass with texture and then insert it onto each page were necessary. All I will need to do is crop the grass to fit each page. I will need to make a crowd for this page which I will need to use on other pages. I will create this crowd and then insert it into each page where necessary. Session 4: I will create the third page in my book. This should be quicker as I have my main character and the textured grass. I will need to create some trees for this page which I will also need to use on other pages in the book, so once I have done this I can insert the trees into each page were necessary. I will begin to create my fourth page in my book. Session 5: Page four involves another vehicle being created
  8. 8. The ambulance will add a considerable amount of time to create this page. Page four is split into two sides which will add more time to creating this page as well as the ambulance. There is also a lot of texture being used on this page as well as lots of small bits of detail. This will be even more time consuming. Once this is done and I have created the background then I will begin creating page five Session 6: The fifth page has two sides to it and will take less then page four to create but longer than normal. Both the sides just use Lauda the Race car in them no other vehicles, which saves a lot of time. Both sides also use the grass I created which will save time two. I will need to create a bed which will be the most time consuming aspect of this page. I will begin to create the sixth page in my book. Session 7: The sixth page has a simple background and which will save time.
  9. 9. Using the time I have saved from the background I will then put more time into the foreground, like the silo wet of the mechanic and the car stand. Page seven is created in two halves like page five so I will begin to create the first half of the page. I will aim to create the background in page seven. Page seven will also have a bed in it but as I have already created it on page five I can insert it into page seven. Session 8: I will finish the odd little detail in the background of page seven then create the foreground in the first half. I will create the second half of page seven which might take longer than the first half as I will have to use more difficult techniques. Once I have done the finishing touches on page seven I will begin to create page eight. I will aim to create the background for page eight so I can focus on foreground in the next session. Session 9: I will add the finishing touches to the background on page eight and make sure the proportioning is correct.
  10. 10. I will then start and finish creating the foreground and make sure all the race cars and text has the correct proportioning. I will then begin to create page nine which should not takelong at all as the crowd has already been created and the grass as well as the race car, so all I need to do is create the race track and page nine is done. I will then start to create page ten which has split the ten into three sections. The first two are relatively similar and simple so they will not take long to create, as I can copy the tree lines and the grass from one to another. The third will need a race track creating with a barrier but as I have already done this before I should be able to do it quickly. Session 10: I will the create page eleven which is relatively simple. The tree line has already been created and the grass as well as the race cars so I can just copy them in. After this I will just have to create the race track and flames. Page twelve will need a trophy and podium creating for it which will be time consuming. But first I will need to create the background. Again I will be able to copy the crowd and the grass onto the page. Once I have done this I will just have to create the crowd stand and race track. I will have left gaps all the way through the book where I can partition the text. Once I have finished I will go through and insert all the text onto each page in the right place.
  11. 11. Health and safety: Your health and safety and that of those around you is very important. Just like in industry, an accident could prevent you f rom working. Whilst we don’t work in a highly dangerous environment, there are still risks. Some are short term, such as trips and spillages whilst others, such as long term damage to eyesight or back problems, may affect you much later in life. Consider the risks based on the activities you will be undertaking during the project. Explain how you could prevent them from happening. Ensure you reference appropriate pieces of legislation, design to protect people at work. Health and Safety Issue How can you prevent it?
  12. 12. Do not drink when working on the Macs as you could spill some on it and if it short circuits you could be electrocuted. Do not drink while you are using a Mac or have a drink near the Mac. Do not leave lap top wires around as they are a tripping hazard. Don’t leave laptop wires hanging around the room. Do not spend too much time on the computer as it can be bad for you. Take frequent brakes from the computer. Do not use any type of strong glue in the class room as it can be harmful to others. Go outside of the class room when using the strong glue.