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50 Ways to Use Discovery Streaming


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Presentation for DEN VC October 2009

Published in: Education, Technology
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50 Ways to Use Discovery Streaming

  1. 1. 50 Ways to Use Discovery Streaming Patti Duncan DEN Virtual Conference October 25, 2008
  2. 2. Thematic Focus
  3. 3. In the “Teacher Center” choose “More Tools”
  4. 4. Choose “Thematic Focus”
  5. 5. Discussion Guide Media Activities
  6. 6. Lesson Plans for Different Grades Resources
  7. 7. Past themes are archived
  8. 8. Discovery Atlas
  9. 9. Atlas Map Videos Related Materials Launch Atlas
  10. 10. Discovery Calendar
  11. 11. “ Today in History” Items for many different subjects… video clips attached
  12. 12. "Finish The Story" Choose 4 images at random or along a selected theme…
  13. 13. First student looks at slide #1 and “starts the story” Create a slide show with one image per slide, add a text box next to image
  14. 14. 4 th student finishes the story based on the last image Next student adds to the story at slide #2 … third student writes based on slide #3
  15. 15. Karaoke Search for songs by topic or grade level
  16. 16. Download a song and have students make a slide show of the lyrics… then have another team sing along with their song
  17. 17. "Speech Recognition" Students search DES for famous person
  18. 18. Choose “Speech” from the options to further sort the results
  19. 19. Choose a speech they want to report about
  20. 20. Choose “ speech transcript ”
  21. 21. Students write a “News Report” about the speech, including quotes or “sound bites” (from video clip) and record a podcast of the news report
  22. 22. Voicethread
  23. 23. Voicethread allows you to piece together video clips (like the ones that you get from DES), still pics, and voices into one project
  24. 24. Glogster
  25. 25. American Sign Language Students download a video clip with closed captioning Students film themselves doing sign language to video
  26. 26. Cover it Live Students can watch a video clip in different classrooms and live blog about it…
  27. 27. Collaborating teachers create a blog page for the students Teachers choose a video and download it in their classrooms
  28. 28. “ Lead” teacher sets up a Cover it Live session and embeds it into the blog At an agreed upon time… each teacher starts the video in their classroom… students log in to the CIL session on the blog
  29. 29. Remote Learning Use the “Assignment Builder” to create an assignment that can be done ANYWHERE
  30. 30. Use for: <ul><li>Substitute lessons </li></ul><ul><li>Homebound students </li></ul><ul><li>To share with other educators </li></ul><ul><li>Students going on vacation! </li></ul>Email assignment link, post it on district calendar, or post it on your wiki or blog…
  31. 31. Students can access assignment and work on it from home, or school
  32. 32. To…. And BEYOND….
  33. 33. DEN LC Institute Projects DEN National Institute Projects Matt Monjan’s “50 Ways” Preso