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LFS Learning Centre: UBC Farm Audio Tour


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The UBC Farm Audio Tour: A Case Study In Using Digital Tools to Support Communications
Cyprien Lomas & Duncan McHugh
LFS Learning Centre

Published in: Education
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LFS Learning Centre: UBC Farm Audio Tour

  1. 1. The UBC Farm Audio Tour:A Case Study In UsingDigital Tools to SupportCommunicationsCyprien Lomas & Duncan McHughLFS Learning Centre
  2. 2. The Learning Centre• Supports teaching & learning in the Faculty of Land and Food Systems• Priority on finding open source and accessible digital tools• Bringing storytelling skills to LFS
  3. 3. The Audio Tour• In place to supplement in-person tours• Scripts and some recordings made• Lots of work done by students and interns• Needed to be cleaned up and put on devices• A map and signage were needed as well
  4. 4. Getting the Audio Tour online• Signage allowed for mobile component• Is this something people would use?• There’s no budget,• how do we do this for free?
  5. 5. Google Maps• Very easy to use and good online support• Easy to adjust and share• Allows for enriched media•
  6. 6. Wikis• Excellent service at UBC• MediaWiki: familiar to many• Easy to scale up• Potential for much more information•
  7. 7. QR Codes• Allows for easy mobile access• Provides analytics on use•
  8. 8. Scaling up• Better, more durable signs!• Adding video and photos• Adding stations, reworking some audio
  9. 9. Where do we go from here• Tours of other facilities• Professional web developers• Enhanced devices• Making the most of mobile
  10. 10. How can The LFS Learning Centre help you?• What is the role of The Learning Centre in supporting innovative projects?
  11. 11. A moment not to be missed.• Off the shelf components• Crafted together by a group of people• In a new way laurentbolli
  12. 12. Communication Media• assembled for a purpose• Could have been other media
  13. 13. LFS LC role• Collaborative• Brainstorming – no silly ideas• Proficiency with the tools• Proofs of concept• Iterate
  14. 14. Measured Risks• Track everything!• (success & failure)• prototype• iterate
  15. 15. Whats next?• 3-D printing• Raspberry pi• Mobile everything? Drawing-to-3D-Print-with-Crayon- Creatures.html?ca=email&ct=011013&cr=t01
  16. 16. Create a culture• Encourage students, profs, staff• Learn from everyone• Encourage cross fertilization maskedretriever
  17. 17. Thanks!Duncan McHughduncan.mchugh@ubc.caCyprien Lomascyprien.lomas@ubc.ca