Duncan Jones Research Paper


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Duncan Jones Research Paper

  1. 1. Jones1Duncan JonesMs. BennettBritish Literature7 October 2011 Steps to Coaching Success Players are not the only ones that work hard to win championship; it takes a coach to leadthe players to victory. What does it take to become the coach who leads the team and players tochampionships? To be a successful coach all the details of becoming one are important. Forexample some of the details a coach needs to succeed are to first study up about the sport, andalso find new information about it. To be a good coach one must learn to motivate, andcommunicate with the players to provide strong stable team. Also a coach must discipline theplayers and lead by example to receive any respect. Finally to complete the details a coach mustbe 110% committed to the team and sport. Coaching takes everything from motivating to leadinga team to championships, and commitment is what makes it all possible. To be a successful coach, coaches have to start by knowing the sport being played. Studythe sport learn all about it, and become close with it. As a coach one must read up about thehistory of the sport and also learn about the school in which they will be coaching. No coach canjust fill a coaching spot and expect to be successful without the knowledge of the sport and thehistory of the sport being played. “At first Krzyzewski struggled at Duke University” (Sumner)and was not very experienced, and still learning about the pieces that would make him successfulin the future to come. All great coaches start at the bottom and with knowledge and new ways tomake teams‟ better coaches work their way to the top. In conclusion, to start off a coachingcareer a coach has to educate the brain about the sport and know it well.
  2. 2. Jones2 Coaches do not learn everything they need to know about the game by themselves. Tobecome a greater and better coach one “must continue to learn and develop new trainingtechniques” to make a team better (Quinn). Within these new techniques are “training and rehabinformation, attending coaching clinics, camps, and also recruiting” (Quinn). A coach wants tobe able to be updated on everything that makes coaches successful, and improve in later seasons.Coach Krzyzewski took these camps and clinics seriously and also recruiting. Coach Krzyzewski“became an especially effective recruiter, consistently signing the nation‟s top high-schoolplayers” to improve the team at Duke University (Sumner). As a coach one must also watch filmof opposing teams, to help the players perform, and to produce a win by knowing what theopponent is going to do. Coaches also need to have a playbook and plays to run against otherteams to win the edge over the opponent and gain the victory. These techniques and coachingskills will make a coach successful in the long run. Motivation is a key component to becoming a successful coach. If a coach does notmotivate the players then what do the players have to play for, or what picks the players up whenthey are down on their game? A coach has to display “a positive attitude and enthusiasm towardsthe game and the players” (Quinn). Motivation does not just come from the coach; it comes fromthe players as well. Coach Krzyzewski of the Duke Blue Devils once said, “The only way toaccomplish what we want to accomplish is to do it together” (DuPree, David). Another exampleof motivation is expressed by Phil Jackson when he said, “Good teams become great ones whenthe members trust each other enough to surrender the me for the we” (Top 10 List BasketballQuotes & Quotations). These coaches look for ways to motivate the players and to help theirplayers to want to win. The best motivator any coach could tell their players is “Don‟t give up,don‟t ever give up” (Top 10 List Basketball Quotes & Quotations). In conclusion, a coach should
  3. 3. Jones3put effort into motivating their players to play hard as a team and become successful as a team. As a coach one has to be able to know the differences in their athletes. Coach Krzyzewskiis not an amateur of picking the players for the spots he needs to fill. Coach Krzyzewski “excelsas a motivator and a tactician, demonstrating a disciplined attention to detail and an ability tofine tune each team to best take advantage of the players particular skills” (Sumner). To createthe perfect team a coach must recruit and handpick their players, and pick the players who canplay the position the coach wants them to play. As an example of how important it is to pick theright players for the team, Coach Krzyzewski and the Duke Blue Devils, “Began a nine yearperiod of basketball dominance in which they complied a win-lose record of 264-59 from 1986-1994” (Sumner) showing that if a coach picks the right players for the right position they willhave success and win many games. Coaching is about finding all the qualities in a player andusing them to the advantage to create something special within the team. In conclusion when acoach picks players to play for them choose the players that best fit the team the coach wants tocoach. As a coach communication is key because being able to be on the same page with theplayers lets players understand the rules coaches set. Also communication helps well on the courtletting coaches communicate with players during the game, and letting the players play moreunder control knowing what they have to do. Communication on and off the court will result intoa successful team in the future. A coach must communicate with the players and let them knowthe rules and expectations they want to see out of the players. To communicate with players onand off the court, a coach must “communicate Face-to Face being able look each other in theeyes, and tell each other the truth which develops trust between player and coach” (Lodge). As
  4. 4. Jones4Coach Krzyzewski put it, “Anytime you‟re in a scary situation, you don‟t want to do it alone. Iwant to be there with a group. I want to be linked arm-in-arm with one another. It‟s all aboutdeveloping trusting relationships” (Lodge). A coach‟s team is more than a team it is a trustingfamily, and communication brings both the coach and the players together. Coaches will not earn any respect from players if coaches do not have any disciplinetowards players, or themselves. A “coach is responsible for discipline if a player ignores both theset of rules on and off the court” (Quinn). Discipline during practice prepares players for anygame situation. As coach Krzyzewski put it “If a team cannot perform with excellence at amoment‟s notice, they probably will fail in the long run” (Krzyzewski). Coaching with disciplinetakes effort and hard work to make players tougher and stronger on and off the court. Discipline“isn‟t all about „I love you‟, and „Lets hold hands and skip‟. It‟s also about „Get your rear ingear,‟ „what the hell are you doing?‟ and „why aren‟t you in class?‟” (Krzyzewski). “Disciplineis doing what you are supposed to do in the best possible manner at the time you are supposed todo it. And that‟s not such a bad thing” (Krzyzewski). Discipline is a key component to everyteam and the success of the team. In conclusion a coach must let the players know beforehandwho the boss is and how the team is going to run. As a coach one must lead by example and set standards at what a coach wants to see outof the players. There are many types of ways for a coach to lead by example, for instance“Bobby Knight, also known as “The General” leads through discipline, and intimidation”(Silverthorne). Coach Knight leads by working the players and making the players tougher allaround. Coach Knight also uses intimidation to set fear in the players eyes, so that when playersare in the game players fear nothing except when they do something wrong and have to facecoach Knight. Also another great coach that leads by example is coach Krzyzewski, but instead
  5. 5. Jones5of leading by discipline and intimidation, Coach Krzyzewski “heavily relies on positivereinforcements, open and warm communication, and caring support” (Silverthorne). Leading byexample can occur in many ways and whatever way a coach can successfully lead a team is theway to go. Commitment for a coach means giving one‟s life to the team and putting one‟s heart andsoul on the line for the team. A coach must be there for the team during both good and the badtimes. Coach Krzyzewski once said, “when my relationship with Duke was put up against myrelationship with a storied franchise, I found myself even more committed to what Duke has”(Quotes). When a coach becomes close and in love with a team it is a sign of commitment.Coach Krzyzewski said “turning down the Lakers was tough, but it is always good to renew yourvows to the loves of your life” (Quotes). This quote shows all kinds of commitment, for examplecoach Krzyzewski turned a better offer down to stay with his long time Duke Blue Devilsshowing love and happiness. In conclusion coaches must put their time and effort to making ateam great and also making it a family to be successful. These points that are presented make successful coaches out of anyone. As stated earliermotivation, and commitment are key to becoming a coach that will go down in history. Forexample Coach Krzyzewski is one of history‟s most famous coaches, and if a coach follows thepoints one has a chance to be successful just as coach Krzyzewski is. Make the right decision andtakes a basketball team to the championship and show off the skills that were learned.