Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010


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Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010

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Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010

  1. 1. No. 218 April 2010 Tom’s Thumb HAPPY EASTER! Christ is what this story says to them, “hold to be true” and “give risen! This magazine goes I think, is that their way of assent to.” That’s all very FROM THE MINISTER out on 4th April - Easter being Christian is okay too. well, but I find some things Day. Easter Day is a time for You don’t have to have seen very hard to believe in even believe. What I can control celebrating with other people the resurrected Jesus in order though I know they’re true - and, I hope, do - is how I in a church or on a hilltop at to believe he is alive. (for example, that a year from choose to behave. dawn. But a magazine is for tomorrow I’ll get my free bus But beyond that, I think reading at home in a moment pass!). Similarly I believe Live Differently generally we get it wrong when of leisure when you can pause some things implicitly even And that’s consistent with we assume that the primary to think. though it’s hard to see a the way Jesus taught too. responsibility of a Christian rational basis for the belief Jesus didn’t spend three years So let me ask you to think for is to “believe” certain things. (like the fact that my wife trying to convince people to a moment about something Doubts are bad, according to loves me even when she’s believe in miracles, or in his that doesn’t cross our minds this ideology, and admitting angry at me). identity as the Son of God, or while we are singing to a to them is a failure. brass band on Easter Day, The thing about mental in his impending resurrection. But who made up that rule? He didn’t ask them to believe but maybe only creeps up exercises that aren’t solely And does it really hold in statements of faith, or on us later. Let me talk rational is that it’s hard to water? What’s wrong with descriptions of God, or lists about doubt, the difficulty of control them. I can’t always doubting? And what’s so of rules. No, he asked people believing; and that icon of turn “confidence” on and off sacrosanct about “belief?” to live differently. He asked doubt - Thomas, Doubting with a switch. Some days Thomas. I just don’t feel confident people to live as if God were Hard to Believe the king. He asked people to about anything. This doesn’t Tom’s Doubts Believing is a mental exercise behave as though what they make me a bad person or a - but there’s a pretty strong did and said mattered to the Doubting Thomas is one of bad Christian. It just makes emotional element to it as world. my heroes, and I’ve always me human. Some days I have well. felt that he gets a bad press. trouble trusting in goodness Ultimately, I think he didn’t It’s later tradition that has - the strength of evil seems care whether or not they “Doubts are bad, run him down - you don’t much more obvious and gave mental assent to those according to this have to assume that he’s overwhelming. In other propositions. He cared about ideology ….. But who being criticized in the story words, sometimes (often?) how they treated the poor, made up that rule? that’s told about him. In fact, I don’t seem to have much And does it really hold his story was told at a time control over the things I continued on page 2 water? What’s wrong when there was probably with doubting? And nobody left who had ever what’s so sacrosanct “seen” Jesus first hand. The about ‘belief?’” CHRISTIAN years had passed and none of them had been there on that first Easter. So, like us, they The dictionary defines AID WEEK had to believe without the belief by using words like privilege of seeing. Part of “have confidence in” and ADDRESS http://www.dunblanecathedral.org.uk See Page 3
  2. 2. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010 how they interacted with the religious and political the outcasts, and whom they leaders of his day - doubts broke bread with. Actions that turned into a powerful speak louder than words ….. critique. Isn’t it faithful for Services and far louder than mental us to do the same? Every Sunday at 10.30am propositions. The best thing about this Minister: Beyond that, I think story is that it reminds us that The Rev. Colin G. McIntosh, M.A., B.D. Tel. 822205 people who never doubt doubters have an important The Cathedral Manse e-mail: revcolcath4@netscape.net are dangerous. People role to play in our community. Dunblane who never doubt become We don’t all have to believe Associate Minister: zealots, or suicide bombers the same things; we don’t all The Rev. Sally Foster-Fulton, B.A., B.D. Tel. (Home) 463060 - so convinced of the power have to believe at all. What’s 21 Craiglea, (Office) 825530 of their own perceptions important is that we are Causewayhead, FK9 5EE e-mail: sallyfulton01@gmail.com that there’s no room left striving to walk in Jesus’ way Session Clerk: to take seriously another’s together. Along the way we Charles McLay Tel. 824056 perspective. may indeed find some things 40 Strathmore Avenue, Dunblane to believe in, but even if we And you have to worry - Treasurer: carry doubts to the grave hard - whenever someone Ronald Wright Tel. 822673 we’ll still be participating in in authority tells you that it’s 54 Roman Way, Dunblane making the world a better bad to doubt. That’s usually Beadle: place. a sign that they don’t want William Troy Tel. 825233 you questioning them! Jesus Cross Cottage, Dunblane Colin G McIntosh had loads of doubts about Assistant Hallkeeper: James Docherty Tel. 825473 Church Secretary: Ewing Wallace Tel. 825388 FOR THOUGHT Church Office (Mon, Wed & Fri mornings) Organist: Matthew Beetschen Tel. 445158 10B Woodside Road, Stirling FK8 1RG Magazine Editor: My Confession: Bob Fletcher 42 Menteith View, Tel. 822009 magazine@fletchers.myzen.co.uk I deny the Dunblane FK15 0PD Cathedral Halls Tel. 825388 Resurrection “Without equivocation or hesitation I fully and completely STATEMENT OF PURPOSE admit that I deny the resurrection of Christ. This is Dunblane Cathedral exists, as a congregation of the something that anyone who knows me could tell you, and Church of Scotland, for the purpose of reflecting I am not afraid to say it publicly, no matter what some the love of God to all people regardless of belief or people may think … membership of the Church, to be a place where any I deny the resurrection of Christ every time I do not serve and all may experience God’s presence and to be a at the feet of the oppressed, each day that I turn my back fellowship which seeks to nourish and sustain its faith on the poor; I deny the resurrection of Christ when I close through worship, friendship, care and education. my ears to the cries of the downtrodden and lend my In response to the Love of God, the congregation support to an unjust and corrupt system. seeks to serve the community in every aspect of its life and to promote the Christian values of concern However there are moments when I affirm that for others, forgiveness, reconciliation, truth and resurrection, few and far between as they are. I affirm integrity, acknowledging that we ourselves do not it when I stand up for those who are forced to live on always live up to these values. their knees, when I speak for those who have had their tongues torn out, when I cry for those who have no more tears left to shed.” Dunblane Cathedral Church of Scotland is a Registered Peter Rollins Scottish Charity: Number SC004454 2
  3. 3. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010 CHRISTIAN AID WEEK 9 - 16 MAY 2pm daily in the Cathedral they become available in the Court, Strathmore Avenue halls. The stalls are: Cake Cathedral and hall during and the Barbush estate areas and Candy; Books; Bric-a- the month of April. For of Dunblane. If you could Brac (no clothes) and Plants those who may not be able to spare an hour or two to Christian Aid Week runs (bedding plants, etc.). We help in the hall, you may be help, please contact him on from 9 to 16 May this year and need contributions and willing to make a pot of soup 821909. starts with a United Service require help on the stalls or dessert for the lunches, or This is always a very popular in Dunblane Cathedral at and with serving etc. and are contribute pancakes, scones week in the Dunblane 6.30pm on Sunday 9 May. looking for as many helpers or home baking instead. We churches’ calendar and The guest speaker will be as possible. To cover all the do also need help to set up the usually great fun for those the Rev. Kathy Galloway, jobs required we need at hall on Monday afternoon taking part and supporting who is the new Director of least 50 people each day. The from 2.00pm to 4.00pm or it. Christian Aid, Scotland, and normal shifts are 10.00am dismantling and clearing up So come on all you people was formerly Leader of the to 12noon or 12noon until on Thursday, from 2.00pm to out there, help your local Iona Community. 2.00pm. If you could spare 4.00pm, approximately. Christian Aid committee The Shop and Restaurant an hour or two for one or Bill Baird, who co-ordinates by picking up the phone or are open from Tuesday 11 more days, please contact the house-to-house collection filling in a form: help a very May until and including Millie Christie (tel. 825209) is in need of a few more worthwhile cause and meet Thursday 14 May, 10am to or fill out a form when collectors, especially for Boe new friends. MAKE MONEY WORK FOR GOOD An ecumenical conference was held on 18 March to focus on the importance of ethical and socially responsible banking and investment for the churches and the wider community. The Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland pay the previous day. Rev. Ian Galloway, Convener of the and the Ecumenical Council for Corporate Responsibility Church and Society Council of the Church of Scotland, who (ECCR) organised the ‘Banking on Justice’ conference chaired the conference, said: “Communities of faith ought because “the operation of global finance too often harms to consider the social and environmental impacts of our the poorest people and the poorest countries.” financial system, in which we all participate. We urgently need forms of banking and investment that lead to more Speakers at the well-attended all-day event at St Georges socially just and sustainable outcomes.” West Church, Edinburgh, addressed issues of justice and injustice in global finance and how churches and others can ECCR Co-ordinator Miles invest for a fairer and more sustainable future using ethical Litvinoff added: “Socially and socially responsible models of finance and investment. responsible investment and Delegates heard speakers from Christian Aid Scotland, ethical banking can help Co-operative Financial Services, Triodos Bank, the Ethical raise standards of corporate Property Company and ethical investment specialists EIRIS, responsibility not just in the UK as well as from the Church of Scotland and ECCR. but worldwide. This conference has helped show that there are increasingly There was considerable interest in the growing pay practical ways to make money work for differentials within multinational companies following good, and churches can be an important publication of the Church Investors Group report on excessive part of the changes we need.” 3
  4. 4. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010 Umodzi* Individually Guided Way back in the Dark Ages our ties again, starting with Retreats at Leighton when Ian was in P7 and we were all a bit younger, Senior a fact-finding mission. The Sunday Schools are going to House, Scottish Churches Sunday School undertook a fascinating project which spend next term learning about life in Likhubula, in relation to House resulted in a partnership with ours in Dunblane, focusing on a community in Malawi; “The the essentials of water, food and 18-25 June, 23 July – 1 August, Likhubula Link” was born. education: things we all take for 13-17 September Communications were set up, granted. Along with activities sporadic at first, greetings were and challenges planned to sent, information gleaned, gifts make us think about these, Led by members of the Epiphany Group, rooted in the exchanged and visits made. our mornings will be action- Ignatian tradition Dunblane welcomed, and was packed with fun and games charmed by Mr. Chiromo, Mr. – indoors and out – getting An opportunity for time out… Kamanga and Mrs.Navaya, messy, learning a few words of To reflect on where you are in your life, with your and everyone collected pencils Chichewa, singing some songs God to send out to Likhubula with and looking at lots of photos Colin and Linda. Our Sunday that have accumulated over To stop, listen, notice the presence of love, life and Schools paid for a cupboard to the visits. We are highlighting energy around you and within be built for Likhubula’s Sunday a partnership that was once at To be nurtured and encouraged in quiet time with school, and some of our own the forefront of all our minds God young people were able to see and has continued quietly and it all for themselves in 2008. with great commitment behind To reflect in God’s presence on a decision taken or Time has passed. Jenni has the scenes. The people who a choice already made already gone on to university, keep this link alive have been To renew your relationship with God or feed your Ian and Adam and Jonathan an inspiration in putting the longing for the ‘more’ in life. go soon, and Sarah will not programme together. Some of be far behind. The ties binding them will visit us to share their Retreats are held in silence as an aid to prayer and the children to Likhubula are experiences, and of course we reflection. You can walk, paint, be still. There is an becoming alarmingly loose. have our own experts in the opportunity to meet up with a guide each day to help So what of our Sunday Schools form of our young leaders and discover how God is drawing you. The guide can offer now? Those in Juniors were helpers. suggestions for prayer and how to spend the day. We only just being born when hope you feel at home whatever your tradition, whether We hope the children will be the “Link” was first forged. you make regular retreats or this is a new experience for engaged and absorbed by They have no knowledge or you. the programme, and, as the understanding of what it’s all weeks go by, want to know You are welcome to come for the whole time of the Retreat about. We all loved Chester Shaba’s visit last term – his more about the lives of the or for as many days as suitable for you. Accommodation radio programmes, his spell- community in Likhubula. After is in individual study bedrooms. Breakfast is continental binding stories – but only the all, that is what partnership is style and other meals are self-catering. young helpers and teachers all about – being interested in your friends. Suggested donation: £40 per day (B&B and guide) would have put his visit into context. For more information see www.epiphanygroup.org.uk Ian Brown and Ruth Bamforth So, before we lose all our links, as they go off to university, we *”Umodzi” is from Chichewa, Contact: are setting about strengthening meaning “unity”. Alison Moody (tel. 0131 2294170, e-mail: malisonoody@hotmail.com) For those of you reading in black and white… Helen Kinloch The magazine is available on-line in colour: visit (tel 01786 823244, e-mail: helen.kinloch@ukgateway.net) www.dunblanecathedral.org.uk then select “Home>Dunblane Cathedral Magazine”. From this web page, as well as viewing the magazine, you can also sign- up to receive it every month via e-mail, thereby saving on paper. 4
  5. 5. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010 Cathedral Tours Don’t miss out on Want to find out more about the Cathedral? Are you having friends or relatives for Easter? “A Rubbish Day Out!” The Society of Friends is once more organising short tours of the Cathedral over the Easter weekend, from Good Friday to Ever wondered what treasures you might make out of your Easter Monday. Everyone is welcome. trash? Feel like letting your “re-creative, recycling” streak loose? On Saturday 1 May, the Cathedral is sponsoring a time Tours lasting about half an hour will take place between for the whole family to explore eco-friendly living in a fun, 10.00am and 12.00noon (11.00am on Saturday) except Sunday engaging way! Discover easy ways for your family to lower and every day in the afternoon between 2.00pm and 4.00pm. its carbon footprint, come along and turn some total trash As in previous years tours are also planned on Sunday into a true treasure – really! We have carbon footprint and fun afternoons in June July and August. There will be further expert Emily Harvey from “Going Carbon Neutral Stirling” details of these in the June Magazine. leading us in activities and crafts. There will be food and fun and fellowship for everybody! Human Sexuality - BE THERE! Making Our Response When? Sat 1 May from The General Assembly of the Church of Scotland has asked 3.00pm to 5.00pm all congregations to consider the issue of the ordination of homosexuals and to bring a response to the Special Where? In the Commission. Cathedral halls. We have had to re-arrange the last of the three meetings Why? Because it’s fun planned to help us make our response to this matter. It will now take place on Tuesday 20 April at 7.30pm, and the and you might learn venue this time will be the St Andrew’s Room of the Cathedral something! halls. On this occasion our guest will be the Rev. Steven Reid, Chairman of Forward Together (the group within the Church of Scotland which opposes the ordination of people in same-sex relationships). We will be able to listen to the arguments put forward and discuss them as a group. The Kirk Session meets in the following week (Tuesday 27 April) and will then seek to prepare its response. There are two ways Parish Register in which those who have attended any of the discussion evenings can express their views to the Kirk Session. At the meeting on Baptisms 20 April everyone will be given a sheet with some pointers for “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and of the Holy guidance, to which they can add their own comments and Ghost” St Matthew 28, v.19 observations. A small group will gather these together and March prepare a submission to the Kirk Session. If you cannot be at the last meeting, but have attended one 7 Fletcher John, son of Gerladine Young, or more of the previous ones, please ask 64 Roman Way Colin or Sally for a copy of the sheet 21 Thea Marie, daughter of Bruce and Wendy Campbell, (available only for those who have Killean, Kinbuck taken part in the learning process). Secondly, as Kirk Session meetings Death are always open, anyone can attend the “I am the resurrection and the life.” St John 11, v.25 meeting on 27 April at 7.30pm and have the March opportunity to speak. In these two ways, 18 Doreen Johnston, 16 Buccleuch Court the Kirk Session can take full account of the views of members and friends before New Member finalising its response. The response By Transference Certificate itself will subsequently be published in the magazine. Jean Rutherford, 9 Drummond Rise - from Aberdeen 5
  6. 6. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010 Boys’ Brigade Cockburn Coffee Lounge will open Monday to Friday It’s been a busy month of March for the BB. 10.00am – 12.00 noon Our company section boys have enjoyed serving you 2.00pm – 4.00pm coffee after the church, and we finished the month with a special Super Commencing Monday 3 May. Soup Lunch in the hall. If you have an afternoon or two to spare over the Our Junior Section boys summer months, please consider giving a hand. won the battalion football Contact Morag on 823263. competition for the season and entered three teams of 12 into the battalion figure marching competition. Possibly the biggest achievement of the month, though, came Rotary Club of Bridge of from our cross country boys. Iain Davies, a Allan and Dunblane Young P7, finished 3rd in the BB National Cross Country finals in Edinburgh, helping his Musician Competition team-mates, Matthew McKinney (9th), The Rotary Club of Bridge of Allan and Dunblane will again be Callum Reay (18th) and a boy from staging their annual Young Musician Competition on 25 April Bannockburn to bring home the at 1.30pm in the Cathedral hall. This competition offers young Under-13 team trophy for Stirling musicians and singers an opportunity to perform to a small audience in a graded competitive environment. & District Battalion for the first time in 23 years! Entry is open to all young people resident in or attending school in the area. We need your help again, please, If you know someone who would wish to take part in this event, collecting the Tesco tokens in the please contact Glen Montgomery on 01786 833334 for further months of April and May. Please details and an entry form. place them in the collection box in the Cathedral halls. April sees our five S6 boys spend a Chamber Philpharmonic weekend at Carronvale on their Queen’s Badge completion course. They have now completed Europe – “Powerful their volunteering, service and expedition sections and hope to be presented Emotions Tour 2010” with the brigade’s highest honour in On Tuesday 13 April the Cathedral is one of the four chosen Dunfermline in June. We’ll also be Scottish venues for what promises to be an evening of wonderful getting ready for our annual displays music-making by this orchestra, under its conductor Leonid in May and finishing off as much Tritus. The chamber section of this private orchestra will badge work as we can. delight with Vivaldi’s “Spring” from the Four Seasons, Bach’s Concerto for violin and orchestra, Mozart’s Divertimento in F major, Albinoni’s Concerto Saint Marc for trumpet and We are looking ahead to next year and, orchestra, Purcell’s Sonata No 1 if you are interested in becoming part in D major for trumpet, strings & of our team of leaders, we’d love to continuo, as well as Grieg’s Hoberg hear from you. Please contact Fraser Suite. They are joined by award- Boyd, Colin Anderson or BB captain, winning soloists K Gusarov on Paul Christmas (tel. 823192) for an trumpet and B Balogh on violin. informal chat. Tickets can be had in advance from The Tolbooth, Stirling (tel. 274000) or at the Cathedral on the night. The concert begins at 7.30pm. 6
  7. 7. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010 Handbell Ringers NOTES In April, Cathedral ringers will be taking part in the main event of the year for the national handbell society, the Handbell A short celebration of Holy Communion will be held in Ringers of Great Britain. the choir after morning service on Sunday 25 April. This 3-day event will be held in the University of Leicester and *** will include presentations, workshops, concerts, and massed ringing with several hundred participants from all around Contributions for the May edition of the magazine the UK. Dunblane Cathedral’s own Malcolm and Lysbeth should be passed to the editor by 5.00pm on Sunday Wilson will be presenting sessions at 18 April. Please note that the office will be closed on this event. the preceding Friday. In March the Cathedral ringers *** had a successful craft fair Summer opening times are now in during which solo handbell operation for the Cathedral. The Cathedral ringing was provided and will be open Monday to Saturday 9.30am they also performed during the to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 5.00pm (last Scottish Ringer Rally in Glasgow. admission). On Sundays the Cathedral opens from 2.00pm to 5.00pm (last admission). *** Guild News Please note that the office will be closed from Wed 14 to Wednesday 21 April inclusive. The Church of Scotland Guild world, such as in Haiti, Mission theme for the past year has Aviation Fellowship assists the *** been “Called to act justly”. international charities with The next meeting of the Kirk Session is on Tuesday 27 The Cathedral Guild included their relief work. April at 7.30pm. The agenda will be posted in the halls in their syllabus a discussion Our jumble sale in February from Sunday 18 April. on justice, and talks on the raised the wonderful sum of Seagull Trust, the Scottish *** £614.27 for Guild Projects. Bible Society, the Children’s Our thanks go to all who Colin will be on holiday 5 - 12 April, and Sally will be Panel and the work of the contributed to this successful on holiday 12 – 19 April. Mission Aviation Fellowship in event. Of the goods left over at Madagascar. *** the end, the books have been The Mission Aviation kept for the local Christian Ros and Chris Wilson would like to thank Fellowship’s Madagascar Aid event in May and the all the helpers, young and old, who came Mission Run is one the charity remainder was taken away to along to the Cathedral Clean. It was a projects being supported by the Marie Curie warehouse in great success and we were finished in the Church of Scotland Guild Falkirk. record time thanks to everyone’s good from 2009 – 2012. In February The Guild AGM will take nature and hard work. Hope to see as many this year our guild was given a place on Monday 12 April at of you as possible in the Autumn – watch this space! most enlightening talk by Andy 7.30pm in the Cathedral hall. Martin, the Scottish organiser After the business part of the *** of this charity. The outstanding evening, there will be a quiz. Thanks to all who gave so generously to the Haiti work of MAF should be better All members are asked to known, especially throughout Earthquake Appeal at the Arts Guild’s “Open attend this important meeting. the churches. Platform”. The donations came to £105. For the visit to Dunblane MAF operates small planes in Museum on Monday 19 April, *** over 30 countries, taking much members should gather, as Congratulations to John and Pat Macfarlane, who needed supplies to remote usual, in the Cathedral hall celebrated their Golden Wedding on 12 March. communities. They work in at 7.30pm. A talk and guided close partnership with all kinds tour of the Museum will be *** of agencies, taking medical, followed by a Shared Supper Congratulations to Michael and Ann Coleman on relief and development in the hall. All members are reaching their Ruby Wedding anniversary on Sunday services and church workers invited bring a donation of 11 April. to isolated villages. When food for the meal. The cost of there is a major disaster in the the evening is £2. 7
  8. 8. Dunblane Cathedral Magazine April 2010 Choir Quiz The choir are holding a BEING PREPARED quiz on Tuesday 20 April at 7.30pm as part of their fund- raising efforts for their tour to - EVACUATION DRILL ON SUNDAY 16 MAY Ripon Cathedral to be held in July 2010. Quizmaster You will remember that in May of last year, there was an evacuation drill during a Kenny Duncan is burning Morning Service. As the Fire Service Inspectorate has recommended that evacuation the midnight oil to come up drills should be held periodically and at a time when the Cathedral has a lot of people with questions to interest and in it, the Kirk Session has decided that there should be another evacuation drill, on challenge anyone. Tickets Sunday 16 May. As before, the drill will be during the Service. More information about are £5 for adults and £2 for how it will be conducted will be given in the May Magazine. children and this includes a complimentary glass of The Inspectorate has not made this recommendation because there is some special risk wine or soft drink. Tickets associated with the Cathedral. It is the Inspectorate’s policy to recommend that evacuation are available from any choir drills be conducted in all public buildings so that everyone becomes familiar with fire member, so come along and routes and exits and any unexpected difficulties can be identified and addressed. enjoy a good night of fun and fellowship, and remember Charles McLay, Session Clerk to BRING YOUR THINKING CAP . DATES FOR YOUR DIARY APRIL/EARLY MAY WHEN WHO WHERE WHAT APRIL Mon 12 7.30pm The Guild Cathedral halls AGM Tues 13 7.30pm Chamber Philharmonic Europe Cathedral Concert of works by Vivaldi, Orchestra Mozart, Purcell, Albinoni, Grieg. See page 6 Mon 19 7.30pm The Guild Cathedral halls Visit to Museum – See page 7 Tues 20 7.30pm The Choir Cathedral halls Quiz Night – See page 8 Tues 20 7.30pm Cathedral halls Third Meeting discussing response on Human Sexuality – See page 5 Thurs 22 Dunblane High School Cathedral Senior Awards Ceremony Sun 25 10.00am Rotary Club of Bridge of Cathedral halls “Young Musician of the Year” 3.00pm Allan and Dunblane Tues 27 7.30pm Kirk Session Cathedral halls Meeting EARLY MAY Sat 1 10.00am Strathcarron Hospice Committee Cathedral halls Coffee Morning 3.00pm Cathedral halls “A Rubbish Day Out!” – See page 5 Mon 3 10.00am Cathedral halls Cockburn Coffee Lounge opens – see page 6 Tues 4 7.00pm “Living the Questions” Cathedral halls Sat 8 10.00am Dunblane Museum Cathedral halls Coffee Morning 7.45pm Stirling University Choir Cathedral Concert Sun 9 - Sun 16 Christian Aid Week – See page 3 8