city • Board of Education briefs • Beverly Hills distressed by                  rudy cole • Hilton Names    WeeklyTackles ...
public entries, and many other items going to       happen again.                                                         ...
city & schoolsBoard of Education TacklesBusy AgendaMcVeigh’s contract extension tabled, bond discussioncontinuedBy Jacquel...
deal with it, as we have to.”                                                    Embrey said Beverly Hills emergencybriefs...
El Rodeo   Class of 1974   Reunion     El Rodeo gradu-   ates gathered for   their 34th class   reunion on Friday,   Aug. ...
not really something the council can                                                                                      ...
at city hall inhibited. Look for easier                                                      The board has approximately t...
& scores                                                                                           Anne Yelsey and Audra C...
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  1. 1. city • Board of Education briefs • Beverly Hills distressed by rudy cole • Hilton Names WeeklyTackles Busy Agenda Page 3 Century City Doctors Hospital closure Page 4 First Woman GM Page 6 Beverly Hills ALSO ON THE WEB SERVING BEVERLY HILLS • BEVERLYWOOD • LOS ANGELES Issue 465 • August 28 - September 3, 2008 Dumpster Driver A day in the life of a Beverly Hills trash collector cover story • page 10
  2. 2. public entries, and many other items going to happen again. & email city briefs • Rivals agree to amend Hilton rudy cole • Did Developer increase student achievement and test scores? Respectfully to all of my friends who sup- letters • CVB will split from Chamber Before any bond measures are placed on the port Measure E in its present form. Weekly of Commerce Page 3 Referendum ballot statements Page 4 Miss The Signal? Page 6 Beverly Hills ballot, the board and community should deter- ALSO ON THE WEB mine the highest and best use for the District Craig Davis Office property (Lasky Dr.) and the Beverly Beverly Hills SERVING BEVERLY HILLS • BEVERLYWOOD • LOS ANGELES Vista parking lot on Gregory. The utilization Issue 464 • August 21 - August 27, 2008 of these to valuable assets have been the sub- “Remembering Jerry Lushing” [Issue Is the $334 Million School ject of discussion for many years. Thanks to #464] Bond a Blank Check? “Is the $334 Million School Bond a Blank Fenton for bring the topic back to the table. In your obituary of Jerry Lushing, who was Check?” [Issue #464] Revenues could be generated by these proper- a wonderful person, there was a comment that The Weekly’s $334 million bond article ties and could be used to off-set the size of he joined the U.S. Air Force and “At his peak, supports one board members belief that we all future capital expenditures (aka “bonds”). he ranked as a Corporal.” If that was his need “to take the time and do our homework.” A corollary to the above topic is why $10 description of his military career at least he Rushing to place the measure on the million is being allocated for the Annex build- had a sense of humor about it. November ballot was unwise and was, in fact, ing? Throw a 2 x 4 at me, but wouldn’t be bet- unnecessary. Three board members preferred ter to build a new building or wait until a deci- Herbert L. Wallerstein Proponents, opponents weigh in on the merits of a March date to coincide with the local City sion is made about the future if the board Beverly Hills the November election Council election. They should have stood property. And why are we segregating stu- cover story • pages 8-9 their ground. Prop 39 allows, but does not dents to that building anyway? (“Non-BHHS Correction, Issue #464: In “Is the students will be off HS campus”) $334 Million School Bond a BlankWHAT’S ON YOUR MIND? require, a board of education to set the 55% threshold as long as 2/3s of the board Instead of building more parking lots, let’s Check?” the total student population of approves. Otherwise, two-thirds 66.7% of build bike racks! Kids get exercise and BHUSD should have read 5,300, notYou can write us at: the voters are required to pass a bond. By reduce their “carbon footprint!” Encourage 53,000. The corrected graph should look140 South Beverly Drive #201 forcing a November election, the board has car pooling. Provide an AM & PM student like the following: In “Is the $334 Million School Bond a Blank CheckBeverly Hills, CA 90212 shown little faith that the electorate will, shuttle running along such street as Gregory, Correction, Issue #464: again, approve a bond by greater than the Carmelita and Beverly drive. Comparative Districts’ Bonds population of BHUSD should have read 5,300, not 53,000. The corrected graYou can fax us at: the following. 66.7% majority as it has done for prior meas- Contact a board member and ask them to310.887.0789 Comparative Districts’ Bonds ures! rescind the November date. Separate theemail us at: 100 Stud If the deed cannot be undone, then we move seismic upgrades from the other moderization. 90 on to the realities of the measure, which are Let the community vote on two bonds, seis- 80 many and lack detail. mic and everything else. Provide more detail. 70 # of s Notwithstanding any need to implement We live in the electronic age, so information 60 in dis seismic upgrades in order to maintain and can be made available in many forms very 50 increase safety for our children, one thing easily. 40 Bond stood out in my mind as I read the partial list As [former Board of Education member] 30 schoSNAPSHOT of projects (Weekly, page 9) . How are all Gerald Lunn points out, Measure K left 20 divid many unfulfilled promised projects! It could 10 even these parking lots, lobbies, “Facelifts,” new 0 * In thousa BHUSD LBUSD PAUSD ** In m illio Weekly Beverly Hills Issue 465 • August 28 - September 3, 2008 Beverly Hills Weekly Inc. Founded: October 7, 1999 Published Thursdays Delivered in Beverly HilIs, Beverlywood, Los Angeles ISSN#1528-851X 1 year Publisher & CEO Josh E. Gross subscriptions are available. Sent via US Mail Reporter $75 payable in Jacquelyn Ryan Sports Editor Steven Herbert advance Adjudicated as a Contributing Editor newspaper of general Rudy Cole circulation for the County of Los Angeles. Case # General Manager BS065841 of the Los Patricia Massachi Angeles Superior Court, Advertising Representatives on November 30, 2000. Sandra Macabi Farnoush Farahi Legal Advertising Michael Saghian 140 South Beverly Drive #201 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 310.887.0788 phone 310.887.0789 fax CNPA Member All staff can be reached at: first name SPEED RACER Unsolicited materials will not be returned. ©2008 Beverly Hills Weekly Inc. CARSON, CALIFORNIA Beverly High senior Kit Karzen finished first, third and fifth in individual races and second in two team races in the USA Cycling Junior Track National Championships at the ADT Event Center Velodrome in Carson. [See story page 8] Page 2 • Beverly Hills Weekly
  3. 3. city & schoolsBoard of Education TacklesBusy AgendaMcVeigh’s contract extension tabled, bond discussioncontinuedBy Jacquelyn Ryan Discussion about BHUSD Bushée. He argued that BHUSD has theSuperintendent Kari McVeigh’s contract second highest funding per pupil in the contracted project management firm sented before he approved the bond andextension was tabled as one of the first of state, and the district should aim to have Strategic Concepts, answered questions requested all information be thoroughlya long list of agenda items the Board of the second highest salaried teachers in the about how the Master Plan was formulat- explained to the Board henceforward.Education debated at Tuesday’s meeting state. Bushée added that some California ed and explained that the plan is concep- Lurie then challenged Fenton that thein Beverly High’s Salter Family Theatre. districts pay their teachers $20,000 more tual and open to changes and modifica- Board was not presenting a united front McVeigh’s contract extension had been annually than BHUSD. tions as the district grows. and was focusing on negative items whiletabled once before in November 2007 Several Horace Mann parents also Christiansen also answered questions the Board should be focusing on the pos-before incoming Board members Steven addressed the Board to express their about performing another more in-depth itive to ensure the bond will pass inFenton and Brian Goldberg officially opposition to a portion of city’s draft seismic study on the four K-8 schools in November.assumed their roles but after they had General Plan that includes the possibility the district, an agenda item that was unan- Fenton immediately took issue with thebeen elected. In the end, the Board post- of rezoning 200 feet of the Horace Mann imously approved. The study will cost the idea that “sweeping things under the car-poned the discussion until Goldberg and campus to allow for commercial building. district over $135,000. pet” for the sake of passing the bond wasFenton could be included. Parents called the rezoning a “wrong- Board members Nooshin Meshkaty, a appropriate, arguing that as a public ser- Tuesday night, the Board agreed to dis- headed approach” and argued that Horace Brian Goldberg and Steven Fenton were vant he feels he should “level with thecuss McVeigh’s contract in January 2009. Mann already has the least square-footage concerned because a seismic evaluation community” on all issues, good or bad.McVeigh’s current contract expires Sept. of all the schools in the district. Board of the schools was performed last year. Meshkaty supported Fenton as she30, 2009. member Myra Lurie said the rezoning is The Board used results of that evaluation explained that she raises questions in pub- The superintendent’s was not the only not part of the district’s plan for the to determine the need for the $334 million lic meetings so that the community issalary in discussion at the meeting. school, at the end of the meeting. general obligation bond, Measure E, informed, not necessarily because sheBeverly Hills Education Association pres- In fact, the rezoning of Horace Mann is which will be on the November ballot. doesn’t know the answer.ident Chris Bushée pressed the board to not included in the BHUSD Master Plan, Fenton told Christiansen he was disap-work diligently toward ending negotia- which was unanimously approved by the city and schools cont. on page 7 pointed all of this information wasn’t pre-tions in connection BHUSD teacher’s Board at the meeting. The Master Plan issalary contracts during public comment a “living document” that outlines the REVISED NOTICE OF COMMISSION VACANCYperiod. improvements and projects the district When BHUSD teachers begin working aims to complete in its future, as Boardthis week, they will be receiving the same President Myra Demeter they received in June 2006, said Karen Christiansen, head of BHUSD’s PLANNING COMMISSION NOTICE OF COMMISSION VACANCY PLEASE NOTE REVISED DEADLINE DATE TO FILE APPLICATION: SEPTEMBER 30, 2008 FINE ART COMMISSION The Beverly Hills City Council is seeking qualified residents to fill one upcom- The Beverly Hills City Council is seeking qualified residents to fill one upcom- ing vacancy on the Fine Art Commission. The initial term of office is for two ing vacancy on the Planning Commission. The initial term of office for the years. At the discretion of the City Council, the Commissioner may be reap- position is two years. At the discretion of the City Council, the Commissioner pointed to a second term of four years. Each appointee will be required to file may be reappointed to a second term of four years. The appointee will be an initial and an annual “Statement of Economic Interests” financial disclo- required to file an initial and an annual “Statement of Economic Interests” sure. financial disclosure. In order that we may preserve the integrity of the application and interview In order that we may preserve the integrity of the application and interview process, please direct all inquiries to the City Clerk, City Manager or the process, please direct all inquiries to the City Clerk, City Manager or the Director of Community Services. Please DO NOT contact the City Director of Community Development. Please DO NOT contact the City Councilmembers or members of the Fine Art Commission regarding the Fine Councilmembers or the members of the Planning Commission regarding the Art Commission vacancy. vacancy. Application forms for the Fine Art Commission, along with a description of the Application forms for the Planning Commission, along with a description of the duties of a Commissioner, and filing details are available for pickup in the City duties of a Commissioner, and filing details are available for pickup in the City Clerk’s Office, Room 190, 455 N. Rexford Drive, or call 310.285.2400 to Clerk’s Office, Room 190, 455 N. Rexford Drive, or call 310.285.2400 to receive an application and information by mail or by e-mail. receive an application and information by mail or by email. The deadline for filing applications for this Commission is Friday, The deadline for filing applications for this Commission is Tuesday, October 3, 2008 at 5:00 p.m. September 30, 2008, at 5:30 p.m. BYRON POPE, CMC BYRON POPE, CMC City Clerk City Clerk August 28 - September 3, 2008 • Page 3
  4. 4. deal with it, as we have to.” Embrey said Beverly Hills emergencybriefsBeverly Hills distressed by Century paramedics typically use Cedars-Siani Hospital and UCLA Medical Center as their main ERs because both have trauma centers. However, Century City DoctorsCity Doctors Hospital closure Hospital offered closer and sometimes Beverly Hills residents will lose a pri- quicker service to patients who did notmary emergency room and hospital on need trauma care.Saturday when Century City Doctors Beverly Hills city employees who areHospital closes its doors for the final injured on the job were previously takentime. Hospital executives filed Chapter 7 to Century City Doctors Hospital, accord-bankruptcy protection last Friday. ing to a city spokesperson. City employ- The hospital, owned by Beverly Hills- ees will now be taken to Cedars-Sinaibased Salus Surgical Group, is estimated have a debt of more than $60 million, “I’m very sad about the ER. It breaksaccording to the Los Angeles Times. my heart to not have an ER on the Beverly Hills receives grant for UNITE program The emergency room was closed on Westside of town, especially for very Beverly Hills Police Officer Julian Reyes stands with the one of the department’sFriday and the remaining patients were small things like a child having an ear fixed site automated license plate recognition system.moved to other hospitals, according to a ache in the middle of the night. It’s nice The City of Beverly Hills has been formally awarded an $849,631 congressionallyhospital insider who did not want to be not to have to go to Cedars or UCLA. But mandated grant for the UNITE program. This three-year grant is the direct result of thenamed. I just don’t think you can have an ER congressional earmark that was supported by Congressman Waxman. It will fund the Century City Doctors Hospital general- that’s not fully operative. You have to be following UNITE components: Data Integration and Data Sharing (DIDS) Web-basedly fell third on the list of hospitals to bring able to do invasive procedures,” said for- Portal; Mobile Advanced Technology Control Center (MATCC); and Fixed Sitepatients during emergencies because it is mer Century City Chamber of Commerce Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) Systems.not a trauma center and did not have a board member Judie Fenton, who was on hospital’s board of directors before it was paramedics’ time and put a small strain on ence, according to media accounts.CAT center for heart attack victims, taken over by Salus. Beverly Hills’ emergency services. “Mattel had originally asked for $2 bil-according to Beverly Hills Fire The Century City Doctors Hospital But Embrey stressed that Beverly Hills lion so this is a great victory for MGA,”Department spokesperson Mark Embrey. closed while it was being remodeled in has adequate ambulances and paramedics said spokesperson for MGA David Silver. “The bottom line effect is that there are mid-2000s. At that time, Beverly Hills for the Beverly Hills population and call However, MGA has appealed thenow fewer emergency room beds avail- paramedics transported patients to Cedars on Los Angeles County or City for extra amount of the damages, arguing that theable in the area. [If] it’s busy in terms of and UCLA Medical Center as well. help if needed. total awards were duplicative. In a presslots of people being injured or if we had a Embrey said that occasional overcrowd- Cedars-Sinai is not anticipating any sig- release, an MGA representative said themajor disaster, there is going to be a neg- ing at those hospitals and other factors nificant strain on its staff or facilities, total award will only total $20 million.ative impact,” said Embrey. “But we will sometimes absorbed extra hours of the according to Joel Geiderman, co-chair- U.S. District Judge Stephen Larson, pre- man of the emergency department at siding judge for the case, will rule on that Cedars-Sinai and the medical director for issue this week. the Beverly Hills Fire Department “We are pleased to have this trial CLASSICSFORCHARITYXV Beverly Hills Education Foundation presents “The Century City [ER] was seeing a low volume of patients, probably 25 to 30 behind us,” said Isaac Larian, CEO of MGA Entertainment. “We can now con- patients a day. [Cedars-Sinai] sees about centrate all of our energies on what we do 215 patients a day. So the number of new best - providing dolls and other toys that patients will be relatively small,” said are the consumers’ first choice.” Geiderman. The jury found last month that the Bratz Cedars is planning a 25 percent expan- Dolls were conceived while Larian’s part- sion of its current space to include an ner Carter Bryant worked for Mattel. extra 10 to 11 inpatient beds, with con- Since Bryant sold the idea to MGA, the struction beginning in July if all goes jury found Carter breached his intellectu- according to plan, said Geiderman. al property contract with Mattel. “The closing of the emergency is a However, Judge Larson instructed the problem for the residents of Beverly Hills jury to only consider the first round of and surrounding areas simply because Bratz Dolls that were released in 2001, there is now one less emergency room not the following dolls, movies and mer- available and emergency personell now chandise. have one less option to take a patient,” In the final days of the trial, MGA’s A car show sponsored by said former mayor Steve Webb. “There are only so many beds and so many doc- lawyer argued the jury should award Mattel only $30 million since the ‘first- tors and even if there was a segment [of generation’ dolls were the only dolls in patients] that wouldn’t have gone to cen- consideration. The first Bratz Dolls only Mercedes-Benz of Beverly Hills tury city anyway, there’s still a segment that would and now they are limited.” made $4 million in profits, according to MGA. Calls to Century City Doctors Hospital “Mattel has pursued this case first and Over 250 ANTIQUES • CLASSICS • EXOTICS were met with hang-ups by operators. foremost as a matter of principle,” said CUSTOMS • HOT RODS • MOTORCYCLES CEO and chairman of Mattel Robert A. Enjoy a day of family fun, food and entertainment! Mattel wins $100 mil- Eckert in a prepared statement. “We have lion in Bratz Doll an obligation to defend ourselves against case competitors who choose to engage in Sunday, September 14, 2008 • 9:00 am - 4:00 pm A months-long fed- fraudulent activities against us. We’re eral trial in Riverside please that the jury agreed with Mattel 9250 Beverly Boulevard • Beverly Hills that posed Bratz Dolls that what MGA did was wrong and that (corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and Civic Center Drive) creator MGA damages were awarded.” Entertainment Inc., Larian’s lawyer Thomas Nolan was not For registration, entries, sponsorship or additional information call and its CEO Isaac available for comment by press time. BHEF 310.557.0651 Larian against Barbie creator Mattel Inc., ended Tuesday when the jury awarded Safe Rides for Normans still alive Mattel $100 million in damages for copy- The death of a 25-year-old recently in a right infringement and contract interfer- drunk-driving accident last month Page 4 • Beverly Hills Weekly
  5. 5. El Rodeo Class of 1974 Reunion El Rodeo gradu- ates gathered for their 34th class reunion on Friday, Aug. 22 at a pri- vate residence on Rodeo Drive. Diana Isaacs, Mike Richman, Alex Schroeder Aaron El Rodeo retired faculty: Jacquie Killam, for- Ketty Bergum and Alicia Saver Schecter, Greg Nelson, Andy Isenberg, Larry Lotwin mer principal Frank Scott, Tom Garnella, and Joanna Stingray Steve Fisher, Bob Craigreminded many Beverly Hills residents of Wednesday night to an audience of city scored below or far below basic in geom- Despite their science scores, eighththe dangers of drinking and driving. officials, Chamber of Commerce mem- etry. Of the 30 11th graders who took the graders didn’t do as well in mathematics, The Maple Counseling Center encour- bers and residents. world history test, 89 percent scored far with 38 percent falling below or far belowages students to decide not to drive if The city is “solid financial shape,” below basic. basic.they’ve been intoxicated by offering Brucker wrote in his speech, which was However, the high school scored well Horace Mann second- through seventh-Beverly Hills students free confidential intended to touch on three major topics: in English-language arts with 78 percent grade students performed strongly intransportation to anywhere they need to spirit, service and success. of ninth-graders, 71 percent of tenth- mathematics, with at least 33 percent ofgo within Beverly Hills city limits. The graders and 59 percent of eleventh- each class receiving an advanced score.program specifically targets Friday and STAR 2008 testing results low for graders receiving proficient or advanced Horace Mann eighth graders didn’t do asSaturday nights between 10 p.m. and 2 Beverly High scores. well, with only 10 percent advanceda.m. but rides are available anytime they Compared to other schools in the Beverly Vista held very high scores for scores and 19 percent below or far beloware truly needed, according to a Beverly Hills Unified School District, English-language arts in grades two basic.spokesperson for The Maple Counseling Beverly High had the lowest average through eight, with between 88 and 96 All test results can be found on theCenter. scores on the California Standardized percent of all classes scoring basic or California Department of Education Web Established in 1995, the Safe Rides pro- Testing and Reporting (STAR) 2008, above. Though, 25 percent of eighth- site.gram is provided in conjunction with based on results that came in this month. graders scored below or far below basic inBeverly Hills Cab, which underwrites the With the exception of general mathe- General Mathematics. New library programs help kids withprogram. The Maple Center provides matics test for eighth graders at Beverly El Rodeo seventh graders did well in homeworkadministrative services. Vista and Hawthorne, no more than 13 English-language arts, with 59 percent With school starting next week, the A Beverly Hills student simply needs to percent of any elementary school class receiving advanced scores. However, 13 Beverly Hills Public Library is offeringcall the toll-free number, identify them- scored below basic or far below basic in percent of sixth-graders fell below basic new programs aimed at helping studentsselves as a student and their location and any of the seven test subjects. However, in mathematics. intern from the Maple Center will Beverly High consistently had high per- Seventy-one percent of Hawthorne’s The Homework Center program,ensure a cab will be there to pick the stu- centages in each grade score below or far eighth-graders received advanced scores designed for elementary and middledent up within a few minutes. The driver below basic in the 15 test subjects. in life science and 68 percent of fourthwill not disclose the student’s identity to For example, 70 percent of 11th graders graders were advanced in mathematics. briefs cont. on page 7parents or teachers. There have been almost 100 calls forthis service within the first six months ofthis year, according to statistics from theMaple Center. Fifty students used theservice in 2007. If avoiding an accident weren’t enoughmotivation to stay out from behind thewheel, the Beverly Hills Police recentlyannounced that they have increased theirDUI arrests by 10 percent already thisyear over last year. For a free confidential “Safe Ride,” call(888) 654-3211.Mayor Brucker gives State of Cityaddress Beverly Hills Mayor Barry Bruckerwas scheduled to give the State of theCity address at Greystone Park August 28 - September 3, 2008 • Page 5
  6. 6. not really something the council can avoid. A voter approved transient occu-fromthehillsofbeverly long time supporters Janet and former pancy tax specifies that much of this rev- enue be set aside for tourist advertising – for years a chore of the Chamber and its CVB. The city’s hotels act as collection vehi- Hilton Names First Mayor Max Salter. They first met cles of the TOT and should have a contin- Biden when their son Michael, then a stu- uing role in how the money is spent. dent in a Delaware university, was a very Brucker, and his fellow sub-committee Woman GM youthful volunteer in the equally young member Council member Linda Biden’s first run for United States Senate. Briskman, will soon suggest a committee It didn’t take Biden long to tap the fund to oversee the likely transition. Hotel raising abilities and generosity of the gms will play a major role in coming up And notes on politics and coffee Salter’s and he has made their North with recommendations. The likely chair, By Rudy Cole Barack Obama could have made his- Murphy’s appointment should also give Linden Drive home a venue for countless and it would be a wise choice, is newtory by making it possible for a woman to encouragement to her colleagues – that events. Peninsula managing director Offerbecome our first vice president, but at there is a gender free chance of becoming Mayor Max, a proud member of the Nissenbaum. Relatively new to Beverlyleast the Beverly Hilton has pierced that the boss. Nixon enemies list, may yet become Hills, Offer has no scars of past conflicts,ceiling by becoming the first major hotel Ambassador Max. Can you imagine the is highly regarded by his colleagues andin our city to name a female general man- *** good will of any country that samples has broad experience in the hospitalityager. As for Obama not picking Hillary for Janet’s chicken soup? industry. This month, Beverly Hilton owner the “dream team” the whole process There are some historical precedents:Beny Alagem chose Sandy Murphy to seemed clumsy and self-destructive. *** Some years back, the city created an inde-replace Denny Fitzpatrick who returned Obvious question is why Hillary didn’t Even when you don’t agree with him, pendent marketing committee. This tooto his home in the Pacific Northwest. have her moment with Obama to tell their and we frequently don’t, you have to was a move to separate the Chamber from Murphy has had 25 years experience in supporters she was not going to be his admire Mayor Barry Brucker’s political tourist promotion. However, when itthe hospitality industry. She is very affa- choice before picking Joe Biden. skills. He took the majority of the coun- became clear the Chamber would loseble and told us she is eager to carry on the There is one unlikely scenario: Hillary cil with him on his campaign to take the some of its city support money, the thentradition of Hilton managers being was consulted, did know early on that she first steps to separate the Conference and Chamber went ballistic. The councilinvolved in the civic, cultural and philan- would not be Obama’s choice and opted Visitor’s Bureau from the Beverly Hills caved, and eliminated the Marketingthropic life of the community. not to go all that quietly. Chamber of Commerce. Committee. Her most recent assignments were as Otherwise, what the Obama people did, Not quite a done deal, but remarkable Some former councilmembers claimHilton Corporation area vice president for and no matter how much of a love fest the nevertheless. Technically, the decision is the Marketing Committee did not proveSouthern California. Before that, she convention provides, this was not the really not up to the council. They can effective, but the reality is it never hadhad a similar position in Northern party’s finest moment. vote to have the two organizations split, enough time to show what it could do. ItCalifornia where she supervised 18 Although I still feel Hillary would have but the council’s power only lies, and that did have star power: the founders includ-Hilton properties. strengthened the ticket and helped win only is a killer for the Chamber, to with- ed such icons as Fred Hayman, Richard The Beverly Hilton, owned by Alagem states she carried during the primaries, the hold city funds for both the CVB and the Rosenzweig, Jerry Magnin, the thenand his company, Oasis West, has choice of Joe Biden will be a plus for Chamber unless they follow the council’s Peninsula gm now managing director ofreturned to Hilton management. Under Obama. There is no pretense about recommendation. the soon to open Montage Ali Kasikciformer owner Merv Griffin, the hotel Biden, no subtle meanings in what he Both the CVB and the Chamber are and the Beverly Wilshire’s Petercarried the Hilton flag, but did not pro- believes – he carries it all out there very independent. However, they could not O’Colmain.vide management services. Together, they honestly and openly. He does have cre- operate as they do without the big bucks Councilmember Nancy Krasne mayhave added another Mobil star to the dentials in Obama’s weak areas – defense the city allocates for promotion of have had a Solomon like idea: SeparateHilton banner – for the first time in its his- and foreign affairs and has always been tourism, economic development – which the two organizations but make the cur-tory it is a four star property. one of Israel’s best friends in the Senate. means attracting new businesses and rent chamber ceo Dan Walsh head of Hotels are a male dominated profes- The Biden Beverly Hills connection is keeping them here. both.sion, in and out of Beverly Hills, but very strong and mainly because of his The funding for tourism promotion is There is one aspect of a possible end of funding for the Chamber: It could become truly independent and not an arm of city government. Often, the Chamber seems very cautious in fighting city hall – not really willing to bite the hand that controls the feeding. Although I have reservations about the effort to separate the two agencies, I think Brucker is doing what he feels is in the city’s best interests. However, when the final decision is made, there will be a new mayor. We will see which comes first: the opening of the Montage Beverly Hills or the remodeled ground floor of city hall? Reports have the hotel booking events for later this fall and City Manager ready to make important changes in how people who come to the city for service are served. No question, we have one of the finest, customer sensitive group of staffers to be found anywhere. Visitors with business at city hall are always amazed at how sen- sitive staff is to their needs, and that runs through almost every city agency. What will be improved is the direct, open contact that the physical conditions Page 6 • Beverly Hills Weekly
  7. 7. at city hall inhibited. Look for easier The board has approximately three weeks would “streamline” the school touraccess, greater availability of city workers city and schools cont. from page 3 to find nominees. process. Fenton said he felt it was impor-and an even friendlier kind of service. The board also unanimously approved Lurie said she wanted to “set the record tant to create a system in which potential Congratulations to our protective serv- going out for bids (request for qualifica- straight” that many of the district’s BHUSD parents could take tours of theices for recently receiving a near $1 mil- tions and request for proposals) for a schools bathrooms had been renovated different campuses from parents of cur-lion federal grant to improve city security “master architect” for the bond project. with Measure K money, referencing the rent students in the district. Current toursand safety. Dougherty and Dougherty Architects Beverly Hills Weekly’s recent cover story are set up in clusters and are not always Our financial partners, the city’s hotels were the recent architects for the school “Is the $334 Million School Bond a available. Fenton believes a parentare doing extremely well despite the district. Many board members agreed that Blank Check?” [Issue #464]. Though ambassador program would help “seal thedown turn in the economy. We are still the company would be an excellent some of the bathrooms only received aes- deal” in bringing more students intoplaying host to visitors from Europe and choice again but wanted to ensure they thetic renovations due to building code or BHUSD.Asia in almost record numbers and Rodeo send “the right message” to the communi- construction constraints, Lurie said it was Daniel Yosef, a student at BeverlyDrive is also a very busy street. ty by evaluating multiple companies. simply not true to say that the bathrooms High, joined the panel as the new student New opening worth trying: The The board unanimously approved were not completed under Measure K. member of the Board of Education.famous Belgian chocolate, Leonidas, has establishing an oversight committee to Fenton submitted a project he called the The next Board of Education meetinga new and beautiful venue on South identify projects for the Measure E bond. “Parent Ambassador” project, which will be held Sept. 9.Beverly, in the Four Corners. It is clear-ly one of the most attractive new shops to briefs cont. on from page 5 DVD player. Teens will be able to relax Education member Steven Fenton, andopen here in years. Aside from a variety school students, will provide eleven fully- in denim lounge chair rockers and sofas. Beverly Hills Weekly publisher Joshof chocolate offerings, the shop also equipped computers with filtered Internet The Teen Zone is open Monday Gross.serves coffee early in the a.m. and all day access capabilities for students to through Thursday 3:30 to 8:30 p.m.,with some good treats. But the interior research information; write papers, and Friday 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m., Saturdaydesign alone makes a stop enjoyable. work on eighth-grade standardized test 1:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. and Sunday 12:00 The four identical buildings at taking skills. The Homework Center will noon to 4:30 p.m.Charleville and Beverly were created by be open during the Library’s regular To use any program, students mustthe late former silent film star Corrine hours. have a Beverly Hills Public Library cardGriffith. She was a strong advocate for The Out-of-School-Time Online in their name.recognition of South Beverly Drive and Homework Help Program, largely fundedher four buildings, but even she would be by a grant from the California State “30 Years After” Summer Poolsideamazed at what Leonidas has brought to Library and administered by, Mixerthe city. provides Web-based one-on-one home- “30 Years After” held a Summer work help in math, science, English and Poolside Mixer on Aug. 17 at a private Rudy Cole served for eight years as a social studies. The program runs every- home in Tarzana’s Silver Hawk Ridge.member and chair of the city’s one everyday from 1 to 10 p.m. About 250 young professionals and com-Recreation & Parks Commission. He was The Teen Zone is aimed at for sixth munity leaders attended, speakers includ- Jason Massaband, Elham Makabi,also President of the Greystone through 12th graders and will feature a ed chief planning deputy for Los Angeles Debbie Farnoush, Bita Golshani, EliFoundation and served on three other large screen TV, gaming systems (PS3, City Councilmember Dennis Zine Pakravancity committees. Rudy can be reached at: Wii, and Xbox), laptops, PCs, Macs and a Jonathan Brand, Beverly Hills Board of Conference UNLIMITED Local & Long Distance Calling • Local Numbers Throughout California • Reservation-based or Reservationless • Recording Capability 5 ¢/minute Local Access 10 ¢/minute Toll Free Access San Francisco Los Angeles $ 24 Get UNLIMITED Local & Long Distance Calling for only $24.99/mo†! SAY NO TO HIGHER PHONE BILLS! STARTS LOW AND STAYS LOWSM. .99 Per Month† SPECIAL OFFER Satisfation Guaranteed<! pricing — just reliable phone service at a reliable price! TRY ONE MONTH FREE! 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  8. 8. & scores Anne Yelsey and Audra Cohen after Kalamazoo, Mich. receiving wild card berths by winning thesports U.S. Tennis Association’s girls’ 18 and under doubles championship. “It’s a great feeling to be back here,” Zalameda said. “I know what to expect here. I’m a lot more experienced.” Southern California Summer Junior Open and Satellite Jackson Leipzig of Beverly Hills won the boys’ 12 and under singles division, defeating top-seeded Sidney Tan of Paysinger Pleased With Zalameda was to play a first-round Lakewood, 7-6, 6-4, in the final. mixed doubles match with partner Kaes Leipzig, who was seeded second, Van’t Hof Wednesday after the Beverly defeated Derek Tong of Rancho Palos Norman Football Team’s Hills Weekly’s deadline against Verdes, 6-1, 6-0, in the quarterfinals and Vladimira Uhlirova and Martin Damm of Kawani Stanley of Lakewood, 6-2, 6-1, in the Czech Republic. the semifinals. The tournament was conducted July 28 Early Practice Performance Junior Tennis through Aug. 1.BHHS alumnus returns to tennis’ U.S. Open. U.S. Tennis Association Boys’ 16 and Under National Championship U.S. Tennis Association Boys 18 and Beverly High junior Daniel Ho and Under Clay Court NationalBy Steven Herbert The initial practice sessions for the have participated in contact drills, partner Joshua Tchan of Woodland Hills ChampionshipsBeverly High football team have “gone Paysinger said. reached the doubles quarterfinals, win- Ho defeated Jonathan Chang ofwell,” coach Carter Paysinger said The Normans are scheduled to open ning three matches, the first two in Houston, 6-2, 6-0, in the round of 256,Monday. their season Sept. 6 against Marshfield straight sets and Kyle Roth of New York City, 6-1, 6- The Normans began fall practice last (Mass.) at Nickoll Field. Ho and Tchan lost to top-seeded Evan 1, in the round of 128 before losing toThursday, starting a 10-day period King of Chicago and Raymond Sarmiento Tennys Sandgren of Gallatin, Tenn., thePaysinger described as a “vital” and will Professional Tennis of Fontana, 6-4, 6-2, in the quarterfinals. tournament’s No. 1 seed, 6-2, 6-1, in thehave an impact on its entire season. Riza Zalameda, a 2004 Beverly High King and Sarmiento went on to win the round of 64 in the 18 and under singles “Things that you install during two-a- graduate, is expected to play a first-round championship. division.days are what you do for the rest of the women’s doubles match at the U.S. Open Ho and Tchan were seeded fifth. Sandgren won two more matches toseason,” said Paysinger, who is beginning today in New York City against Arantxa In singles play, Ho won two main draw reach the quarterfinals, where he washis 19th season as the Normans’ coach. Parra Santonja and Carla Suarez Navarro, matches, both in straight sets, after receiv- eliminated.“Anything new that we might do during both from Spain. ing a first-round bye, then lost to Ben The tournament was conducted July 13-the season will all come off what we do.” Zalameda and partner Tracy Lin earned Guthrie of Plano, Texas, 6-4, 4-6, 7-6 (5) 20 in Delray Beach, Fla. The first priority for the period is to a wild card berth into the women’s dou- in the round of 32.“get back into football shape, meaning bles draw by winning the NCAA Ho was seeded 18th. Guthrie, who was Cyclinghitting and tackling and wearing the gear women’s doubles championship May 26. seeded 12th, won one more main draw Beverly High senior Kit Karzen wonand the heat,” Paysinger said. The match will be Zalameda’s third match, then lost in the quarterfinals. the boys’ 17-18-year-old division’s points The initial fall practice period is the women’s doubles match in the U.S. Open. The tournament was held Aug. 1-10 in race Aug. 14 at the USA Cycling Juniorfirst time since last season the players She lost in 2003 and 2004 with partners Page 8 • Beverly Hills Weekly