Civic Mirror Overview


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Civic Mirror Overview

  1. 1. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comWhat Is?The Civic MirrorWhat kind of citizen will you become?
  2. 2. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewTHE CIVIC MIRROR STARTS WITH A
  3. 3. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comWho becomecitizens that live ina country thatlooks like this Civic Mirror Overview
  4. 4. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comWho becomecitizens that live ina country thatlooks like this But we’ll come backto this map shortly.Civic Mirror Overview
  5. 5. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror’s GoalsThe Civic Mirror’s real goals:1. To teach you how our government, civicsystem, and economy work byexperiencing them for yourself.2. To teach you about life, the “real-world,”and important “life-lessons,” and3. To have lots of fun!
  6. 6. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comINTRODUCTIONSCivic Mirror OverviewThe game goals, however, are to earn STATUSPOINTS
  7. 7. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewEach student becomesa citizen who mustprovide for a
  8. 8. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror Overview…
  9. 9. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror Overview
  10. 10. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewBut …Because there are not enoughgoods and services to go around,conflict arises as citizenscompete to provide for theirfamilies.
  11. 11. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewOK … so you might be thinking…• How does this work?• How do students live in a country?• How do they get what they need?• Does each student have his/herown country, does everyone shareone?
  12. 12. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewEvery Civic Mirror countryis a 36-Hex Map!There exists both aneconomy & a naturalenvironment.You and your classmateswill live in this ONEcountry.
  13. 13. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewAll Hexes fall into 1 of 3 categories:
  14. 14. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewsadfasdfasfasdfasdfasWhich meanseveryone’s actionswill affecteveryone else!
  15. 15. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewYour country hex map will belike a “civic mirror.”As things happen in yoursimulated nation, your hexmap will evolve to reflectyou and your classmates’struggles, debates, andindividual ups and downs.It will become a referencepoint to help you relate toand understand what goeson in the real world.
  16. 16. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCIVIC MIRROR IN 6 RULES1. Your family of seven needs food andshelter to survive, and they want a bunchof other things1. Hexes provide what your family needs andwants, and you and your fellow citizensown them
  17. 17. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCIVIC MIRROR IN 6 RULES3. Hexes must be powered with an energyunit (E/I unit) before they canproduce/provide anything4. You obtain E/I units by buying or tradingfor them with the owner of the E/I hex
  18. 18. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCIVIC MIRROR IN 6 RULES5. Once you have an E/I unit, you can poweryour hex and sell or trade its wares toyour fellow citizens.6. There is no teacher or god to tell you howto do the above, so you must self-governthe whole scenario using a simulatedversion of your real country’s political,economic, and civic system.
  19. 19. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewAnd Don’t Forget !Each of you will begiven a political,economic, and/orideologicalHidden Agenda.
  20. 20. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewThe whole scenario is going to demand youinstitute Law and Order.Immediately you will be asking questions like…o “Can he do that to me?”o “Would I get in trouble if …?”o “Why doesn’t somebody stop her? Or at leastsay something!?”o “Would I score points if taxes were raised?”
  21. 21. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewNow that we understand how the scenario works,let’s learn how it sets up classroom events thatsimulate the U.S. and/or Canadian system ofgovernment, law, and economics.The Civic Mirror is played in rounds, called“Years.” And every country starts in the Year2000.Every Year is made up of 4 in-class events, called“Seasons.”And instructors decide how many “Seasons” areplayed.
  22. 22. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comThe Civic Mirror EventsPRE-GAME EVENTS (occur once)GAME EVENTS (can repeat as often as instructor wants)
  23. 23. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comSeason 1 in the U.S.Module
  24. 24. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comSeason 1 in the U.S.ModuleSimulated U.S. Govt. EventWINTER
  25. 25. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewSeason 1 in the CanadianModule
  26. 26. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comCivic Mirror OverviewSimulated House of CommonsWINTERSeason 1 in the CanadianModule
  27. 27. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comSeason 2 in All Modules
  28. 28. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comSeason 3 in All Modules
  29. 29. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comSeason 3 in All ModulesTown Hall Set Up
  30. 30. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comSeason 4 in All Modules
  31. 31. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comSeason 4 in All ModulesNational Court Set-UpFALL
  32. 32. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comYEAR-ENDCALCULATIONS
  33. 33. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comHIDDEN AGENDAAPPLICATIONS
  34. 34. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comSTATUS POINTS AWARDED
  35. 35. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comYEAR-ENDPERFORMANCEEVALUATIONS
  36. 36. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comREFLECTION &CONNECTIONAnd then you’ll begiven opportunities toreflect on and“connect” what you’velearned andexperienced inThe Civic Mirror toimportant issues andevents from the realworld!
  37. 37. The Civic Mirrorcivicmirror.comTO GET