Building A Chicken Coop Plans


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Learn how to build a chicken coop..chicken coop plans.

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Building A Chicken Coop Plans

  1. 1. ==== ====Learn how to build your own Chicken Coops the right way the first time..check outthe best sellingchicken coop plan book online..this is all you need to to get the job done ! ====When you build a chicken coop, there are four main elements that you want to keep in mind. Wewill cover them in this article, and when youre finished you will be ready to move onto the nextstep, getting the plans and breaking out the power tools.The first step we will cover is size. This has a direct effect on the number of birds you can hold andis often one of the first mistakes beginners make. After that you will be able to pick out the stylethat best suits your needs and the amount of space you have.Once you have this information, you will want to look at building both a healthy and safe coop.More on that in a moment.Lastly you will want to make sure that you build a nice looking hen house. But you may besurprised when you find out how important this step really is.Some of you may already be itching to break out the power tools, so I will get started and showyou how to build a chicken coop.Step 1 - Picking the Right SizeYou may be thinking that this is an understood part of building a chicken coop. You know whereyou want to put the chicken coop and you know how many chickens you want, isnt that enough?The answer is no. Just because you have a spot picked out, that doesnt mean it is the most ideal.You may also run into trouble if your desired hen house doesnt match the number of chickens youplan to get.Each chicken requires at least 3 square feet of room inside of the chicken coop. As you can see,this will directly influence how many chickens you can hold, and where you can build your coop.As you can imagine, if the chicken coop becomes too crowded, your hens will spend the majorityof their time fighting for room rather than laying eggs. Since this is the reason, most people buildchicken coops, it will waste both the money and time youve invested. So now is the perfect time todecide how many chickens you plan to raise.In the event that there is too much room in the coop later you always have the options to addanother hen or two.Step 2 - Choosing the Right Type of Chicken Coop
  2. 2. As you already might know, there are two types of chicken coops. The first is portable, and is oftenreferred to as a chicken tractor. The other is fixed and is usually built to hold more chickens. Letslook at the two types and you can get a better idea of what best suits your needs.First well look at the portable ones. There are several benefits to building a portable chicken coop,besides being portable they are easier to maintain. Since you can move the coop around,maintenance is much easier. Instead of bringing the tools to the coop, you can bring the coop toyour tools. Cleaning the coop is also easier with portable hen houses.But there is a downside, and we need to cover that as well. If you build a portable chicken coop,dont expect it to last for a long time. Portable chicken coops are not nearly as stable as their fixedcounterpart.Fixed or static hen houses are much more stable than the portable ones, and a well built coop canlast for many years. Of course you need to plan the location for your coop very carefully. Once it isfinished, moving it will be a very time consuming process.Here are some things to consider when you build a static roost. First, chickens need a lot ofsunlight. Make sure to build the chicken coop so that it gets as much sun as it can each day. Butyou will also want provide your coop with protection from the other elements. Strong rain or windcan be a problem, thats why it is a good idea to build your coop under a group of trees or next to alarger building.Another thing to keep in mind when you build a fixed hen house is that it shouldnt be built on lowground. Make sure to build it on the a higher part of your yard. If you get strong storms, yourchicken coop could become flooded. If this happens, you learn what the expression "madder thana wet hen" means.Step 3 - Keeping Your Coop SafeOne of the most important aspects of learning how to build a chicken coop is keeping your birdssafe.There are many different types of predators that will prey upon your hens if you arent careful. Thiscan be anything from the neighborhood cats and dogs to less likely threats such as rats. If you livein the country, you may also be at risk of attracting larger predators.These can include foxes, coyotes and badgers. You will want to assure that you use strongenough fencing to keep the more determined wild animals out. Make sure to bury your fence deepenough in the ground to keep out animals that try to dig their way into the coop.Dont forget the threat from above. Hawks will also prey upon chickens, so it might be necessaryto cover your chickens run with a roof or fencing.Step 4 - Keeping Up AppearancesLearning how to build a chicken coop can be a really fun experience which also makes a greatfamily project.
  3. 3. A well built chicken coop should be both healthy and comfortable for your chickens but also looknice. Nobody likes an eyesore, and if you dont take the time to finish out your coop, you might getcomplaints rather than compliments from your neighbors.This would be a shame, since a chicken coop can add a unique element to your yardslandscaping. One that will have your neighbors talking for all of the right reason, and your familysupplied with fresh eggs every morning for breakfast.If you build your chicken coop in the city, you will want to check your city ordinances for any thatregulate if and how you can build your coop.Building a chicken coop isnt hard, as long as you put enough time and effort into following theright plans. Ready to get your hands on a set? Click here to learn how-to build a chicken coop andget your hands on some plans! Visit for more information.Article Source:'Neil==== ====Learn how to build your own Chicken Coops the right way the first time..check outthe best sellingchicken coop plan book online..this is all you need to to get the job done ! ====