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  • As you can see, Realtors and the Internet dominate the buyer pool, followed by Yard Signs and Neighbors.  We'll ge into detail now.
  • I will immediately set a Brokers open house for this week.  At this open house, agents from all over San Diego will attend to see "the new house on the block" so to speak.  This is a phenomenal opportunity for agents to see what is available, and then they will run back to their buyers and fellow agents with the exciting news, especially if the house if Priced correctly.  A correctly priced house brings momentum and excitement, and causes a faster sale, at a higher price, than a house that is overpriced, lags on the market with no activity, and is forced into many price drops and a weak position.  A correctly priced house will ensure you always stay in command.
  • The Multiple Listing Service will immediately place your home in front of every buyers agent in the nation.  Realtors looking for homes with similar criteria as yours will be able to view all of the specifications available.  This is a very effective way to reach an enormous audience of qualified buyers.
  • Your home will be featured on my website.  You will have the ability to track the entire transaction process on the web-based Relay, which is an online transaction coordinator. But the real exciting and cutting edge stuff my team is able to do that takes it all to the next level is to have your site searchable on all of these websites below.  This ensures that we will be capturing every online buyer that could possibly buy your home.
  • This is something that no other agents are doing.  It has had remarkable results, because when buyers come to your open house or see your advertisements, and then have the ability to access your house online at a dedicated webpage, it stays in the front of their minds and the chances of an offer being Submitted increase dramatically.   Also, I have set it up where I can track every person who has visited your website, and we can target them to encourage an offer.  Sometimes all it takes is a little push, and as your agent, believe me, I will give it that push.   Are you interested in seeing your website i have already created?  
  • Pictures alone just don't do it anymore.  I have an affiliation with property panorama, a cutting edge internet company that has put together a program that allows me to create awesome virtual tours that brings buyers into your home online, and then into your home for real.
  • So few agents Remember that there is a good number of buyers that like to go through the good old fashioned local papers classifieds, even though they are online now as well!   I will put your Home in the following classifieds, and we WILL capture the largest audience possible!
  • Hand them the Just Listed Flyers at this Juncture.    
  • In Summation, I will be Hosting an agents open house and putting you on MLS to ensure every agent in the nation is now working for us, I will be providing you with a personal Website, where you will be syndicated with every major realty website, I will be managing all calls that come in as a result of your yard sign, and I will hand deliver 100 "Just listed/open house" Flyers to your neighborhood!
  • Elite Marketing Plan

    1. 1. In marketing a home, 1 thing matters.  Getting as many buyers to see your home as quickly as possible.  So, what draws buyers to your Home?
    2. 2. So let's work down the list.  We see that a real estate agent is the # 1 place to find buyers.  So, how do I, as your real estate agent, make the most of this?   Step #1: Open House
    3. 3. Enter Property into MLS System
    4. 4. Step # 2:  The Internet is the 2nd largest tool that brings buyers to your doorstep. Many agents have just not figured out how crucial the Internet is in today's market, and even less have an idea as to how to implement a successful strategy online. My Internet marketing team is specialized in making sure your property is getting the most exposure possible with the goal of attaining the highest possible price in the least amount of time.
    5. 5. So what does my team bring to the table for Internet advertising? <ul><ul><li>Your Home will immediately be placed on the Multiple Listing service, with pictures, a description, and all specifications.  This will immediately open your house up every Realtor nationwide. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Your Home will be a &quot;Featured Listing on my heavily trafficked website, www.SanDiegoJD.com </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>I will syndicate your home on all the major websites listed below. </li></ul></ul>
    6. 6.     Zillow truly has become THE place buyers go when looking online for a home.  Knowing this, I am 1 of 2 &quot;Featured Agents&quot; that Zillow allows PER ZIPCODE.  This means there are only a handful of &quot;Featured Agents&quot; on all of San Diego.  With my status, your home will always be a &quot;Featured Home&quot; on Zillow, resulting in always being in the top &quot;featured group&quot; of listings every time a potential buyers searches.  
    7. 7. So how else am I going to make your house shine? An exclusive, dedicated website.  Every other agent we come in contact with will have instant access to your home online.  Also, all of my marketing material will drive buyers to your personal website.  With the lead generation software I have installed, we will be able to see every buyer and agent who has visited your site, and ensure we get the highest and best offer available.
    8. 8. Virtual Tour! Every buyer wants to get inside the house before they actually &quot;get inside the house&quot;   I will publish your home's Virtual Tour on the below websites!
    9. 9. Newspaper Advertising Online!     North County Times     Union Tribune's famous &quot;Sign on San Diego&quot;   Trulia's Online Classifieds     Google's Online Classifieds     Zillow's Online Classifieds
    10. 10. Step # 3:  Yard Signs are the 3rd largest draw of buyers.  If this is the case, then why do so many companies clog their Yard Signs up with advertising for themselves? Realty Source recognized this anomaly, and allows us to focus on the two keys of a sign, the &quot;For Sale part&quot;, and the &quot;Who to call&quot; part.  As you can see below, those are the prominent features of my signs.
    11. 11. Step # 4: Friends/Relatives/Neighbors are the 4th largest draw of buyers.  I have developed a system to exploit this, and it has proven very effective. I pledge to deliver 100 &quot;Just listed&quot; Flyers to your neighbors.  The excitement this causes is fantastic, for in so many cases your neighbors have friends and family that want to move closer to them, and this gets them there! With these flyers will be an invitation to the open house, with a twist.  As neighbors, they will be able to get a &quot;sneak peak&quot;, 30 minutes early.  They love that!
    12. 12. So, as you can see, my Marketing plan will make sure that you hit EVERY area that buyers come from with the maximum force.       1. Agent                                      3. Yard Sign:              2. Internet:                                   4. Neighbors:              
    13. 13. The first 4 weeks of your house being on the market are crucial. You only get 1 chance to do it right the first time.  I am giving you the key.    Are you ready?