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Tarot card reading

  1. 1. Tarot Card Reading: Joys and Travails of a Gallery MadamFrom a Jan 6 ’05 blog at MultiplyI. The FOOL: Opening up a gallery in an Art-indifferent town was my contribution to Suicide. I mean, notonly squandering your wealth to a dream but sacrificing your integrity as an Artist that could be rated insome klutzes entry in a world book of records. Like the Fool, I stepped into something new...eager...butwith an open heart.II. The MAGICIAN (Reversed): Fire goes with brimstone and feathers to Air..but do these elements mix?Balancing accounts was like discovering funky colors like Bruised Eye Indigo or Pimple Pink. I justdiscovered that many hands spoil the broth. There should only be one Sorcerer and the rest areApprentices..III. The EMPRESS (Reversed): The Gallery Owner should be an Owner! Not the Artist...not theArtwork...Blocks come hither and thither. It was like finding that Creative Juice.. Two years Ive rantedand raved over my depleting fecundity. My friends told me, it was just There...! When I sit before mycanvas to meditate- it takes an hour...wish my forehead could grow hands and paint...my own handshave stocks in them.IV. TEMPERANCE: How well do I mingle with the community artists? The approach is not business-like.Its emotional, its empathic. I could fill someones cup but I empty another ones. The artists of Taclobanare a mixture called "guisado". I should be careful to bring each and everyones flavor, withoutshadowing others...Balancing lives, dreams, artistic expressions...Neli Zabalas magnanimous colors,Andrew Erpes dreams in pigment, Dante Enages social statement..Putting their works on exhibit toldme that there is no difference between Curator and Chef.V. The MOON (Reversed): In the Gallery I encountered the partnership of Honesty and Trust. How rare istheir circle of friends! Most of my business moves were to be exercised with caution.. Yet I got worn andtorn in places, no matter the caution. Won some friends and lost some of them. As Noli says to me: "Youwill know who your real friends are in this business." But I always had these two partners in Mind.
  2. 2. VI. THREE of CUPS: There was always fun, novelty and success. Like that Cynthia Alexander gig. I didntcare much about the expense of bringing Cynthia to Tacloban.. It made the Music Crowd of Taclobanhappy... I, in turn, was brimming! Then there were other productions the Gallery put up: Karangya,Gypsy Nights, Juu Hachi and Gallery Gigs with partner and kindred spirit Noli..VII. KNIGHT of CUPS: Friends from Cebu sacrificed to keep the Gallery alive. What they were trying to tellthe Art scene was that Artists should have a Body of Works to sublimate Art...Rudy Manero swam inwith his brush with his underwater scene paintings. Husband and wife Celso and Fe Pepito came toshow the Essence of their Partnership...marital love is not enough to them...Surrealist and Portraitist EliManongas sent in his drawings of dreamscapes.. Bacolod artist Burog Alvarado gave a welcome additionin pen-and-ink. My favorite Guru in Ananda Marga, Dada Dharmavedananda supplied the gallery shopwith goods from his travels in India, Tareq Shehata, an Egyptian Art Dealer, shared his papyrus andframes..VIII. QUEEN of SWORDS: I was Wallis Simpson. Do I have to have to sacrifice an efficient role as aUniversity professor for this? Shall I give up my efficiency and time for the Endeavor I love? I had todivide my day into the mornings--the right hemisphere of my brain, my afternoons-to my left and theevenings to the coordination of both. My cephaloneurons never stop...IX. THE WORLD: Im still in that never-ending process in trying to tackle the World Wide Web. The year2005 will see me selling the artworks online. Doing business on line and using FedEx and DHL as VIPs inthe Gallery line-up. Sending Leyte paintings to the World! In the meanwhile, my latest addition to theGallery is a Music Bar which I call The Blessed Bum. Maybe on weekends my children could play theirfavorite music and perform.. Its in that artform they have staked their playground.X. The SUN: UnArtsy people I know tell me: "Give it Up!" "Close it down! Youll squander your money onthis stupid enterprise!" But NO. I will never give up. I unrelentlessly Move On. Im proud to say that asSynaesthesia Art Gallery Madam, I unrelentlessly kept it going these past two years, amidst passion, painand pathos in my heart and pocket..It may evolve, maybe..Perhaps to other realms of Art, but it willalways be towards our God-given senses...Something which has always been there but we never even
  3. 3. cared about to explore. So, like a Rooster crowing in this 2005 morning...Awake Tacloban! See, Feel,Hear, Touch and Breathe!DulzBlogCopyrights 2012