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EndNote x6 lets you focus on what matters most to you – your research

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Endnote x6 manual

  1. 1. EndNote®EndNote lets you focus on what mattersmost to you – your research
  2. 2. WHY ENDNOTE?EndNote makes it easy to search, organize and sharereference materials and automatically formatbibliographies, cutting down on the time spent collectingresearch and writing manuscripts, patent applications andgrant proposals.1Simplify bibliography creation with the patented Cite While You Write feature.Streamline searching, organizing and sharing reference material.Speed the research, writing and submission process.
  3. 3. EndNote makes bibliographies easy – andso much more…With unique features to maximizeyour time like automatically findingfull text and updating records,EndNote lets you spend less time inthe details.2From Anywhere.Create.Collaborate.Collect.
  4. 4. Send references directly to an EndNote libraryright from almost any online database.3-OR- Search hundreds of online resources to collect references and PDFsright from within EndNote.Collect.Source: Thomson Reuters Web of Knowledge
  5. 5. Import one file or a folder of PDFsinto your EndNote library.4Attaches to it’s reference.The full text of the PDF can be searched and annotated.Collect.
  6. 6. Find the full text for a referencewith one click.5Searches your subscriptions and full text freely available online.Automatically downloads the PDF and attaches it to the reference.Collect.
  7. 7. Keep references up to date and easily find and fillin missing and incomplete information.6Searches your subscriptions and full text freely available online.Identifies differences to be updated or overwritten.Collect.
  8. 8. Keep research organized by creating SmartGroups that do the filing for you.7Finds references based on user created criteria and creates a group.Automatically puts any new references that are added to the libraryright where they belong.Collect.A comparative analysis of spatial memory processes
  9. 9. Share research with colleagues andcollaborate via EndNote Web.Access to a free 2-year subscriptionto EndNote Web with AdvancedFeatures means more storage andeasy sharing.8From Anywhere.Create.Collaborate.Collect.
  10. 10. Share references and groups and collaborate onpapers.9References can be shared with Read only or Read/Write access.Both users can edit and use the references in the shared groups.Collaborate.
  11. 11. Send a paper with it’s references, so colleaguescan see, extract, and work with them as well.10Full references are attached to the paper.Extract references from papers and add them to a new library.Collaborate.
  12. 12. We keep up with the changing stylerequirements, so you don’t have to.Because every journal has a preferredstyle and every funding organization hasapplication requirements, the EndNoteStyles Collection contains more than 5000bibliographic styles for a variety ofdisciplines.And, built-in document templates will guideyou through the exacting manuscriptrequirements of publishers.11From Anywhere.Create.Collaborate.Collect.
  13. 13. Create a bibliography without slowing down ordigging to find the right reference.12Citations are instantly inserted into the paper.The bibliography is built at the end of the paper simultaneously.Create.
  14. 14. Change the styles in a document as many times asneeded, no retyping or time spent formatting.13Format references for any project with over 5000 styles to use.Create custom styles with style customization toolsCreate.
  15. 15. Access anywhere, anytime withEndNoteSync.Sync your EndNote library to back upand store up to 5GB in attachmentsand 50K references. Access fromanywhere with EndNote Web andmanage your EndNote library frommultiple computers.14From Anywhere.Create.Collaborate.Collect.New inX6
  16. 16. EndNoteSync.15From Anywhere.Easily Organized.Easily Managed.Easily Searched.Easily Accessed.COMPLETELY SECURE.Create a customizedlibrary of referencesand PDFs.Set up your EndNoteWeb account and Syncyour library.Access your libraryfrom any computerusing EndNote Web.Continue to addreferences, share, andmake changes to yourEndNote library fromEndNote Web.Sync your library to asecond computer withEndNote so you canwork with it there too. New inX6Like all Thomson Reuters products, your data travels encrypted,to and from our state-of-the-art data centers.
  17. 17. What else ?16• Track references and find favorites with new rating and statustools• See more with the expanded layout options to make better useof your screen• Email a reference, including file and figure attachments, to yourcolleagues withone click• Use the new PubMed direct export format to import records infewer steps• Manage medical journal names and abbreviations with theupdated terms list covering over 13,000 journalsNew inX6User feedback has helped us create new toolsand features that fit the way they want to work.
  18. 18. Email a reference, including file attachments,to your colleagues with one click.17View and annotate yourPDFs! When you email areference, the attachmentand annotations will gowith it.New inX6
  19. 19. Track references and find favorites withnew rating and status tools.18New inX6
  20. 20. Create the EndNote library that worksbest for you with new layout options.19New inX6
  21. 21. Send your references right to your libraryfrom PubMed in one quick step.20New inX6
  22. 22. 21EndNote on Apple iPad
  23. 23. For More Information:• Online Tutorialshttp://endnote.com/if/endnote-video-training• Online User Manualhttp://endnote.com/if/online-user-manualendnote.com22