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Bankscope Introduction and Tutorial


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Bankscope Introduction and Tutorial
by Vanas Leelamanee
January 18th,2013

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Bankscope Introduction and Tutorial

  1. 1. BANKSCOPEIntroduction and Tutorial Vanas Leelamanee January 18th, 2013
  2. 2. What is BANKSCOPE?BANKSCOPE - A comprehensive, global database containing information onpublic and private banks. It has a coverage of 29,000 financial institutionsworldwide. It is sourced from 10 information providers including Fitch Ratings.Bankscope also provides upto 16 years of information and interim reportsSome Information Available: Bank Financials – Harmonized in a way to make data comparable Scanned Documents – Actual as-scanned documents including Annual Reports, Interim Reports, Management Reports, etc. Ownership – Determine ownership paths and level of independence M&A – Receive M&A news and rumors News Section and Alerts – Receive up to date news about a specified company Fitch Reports – From Fitch Research and FIRST (Algorithmics) EIU – Country Risk Service, Risk Model, Country Finance, etc.)
  3. 3. What is BANKSCOPE?Coverage of 29,000 banks globally FITCH: - Harmonized financials spread by expert 2,600 Rated Banks FITCH analysts S&P: - Interim financials where available 2,100 Rated Banks - All available Sovereign and Bank ratings Moody’s: Capital Intelligence: from FITCH, Moody’s and S&P 1,400 Rated Banks 600 Rated Banks - A tool that helps you manage Country and Counter-party Risks
  4. 4. Country Risk Information
  5. 5. Counter-party Risk Information
  6. 6. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALUpon log-in, you will be directed to the Home Page
  7. 7. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALThe Home Page allows you to run a search and is divided into two parts.
  8. 8. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALThe Quick Search allows you to search companies in one easy step based on defined criteria on which to run the search
  9. 9. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALThe Quick Search allows you to search companies in one easy step based on defined criteria on which to run the search
  10. 10. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALThe Advanced Search gives you more access to more search options
  11. 11. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALYou may browse search options by displaying Grouped View (for categorized options), Alphabetical List (for a complete list arranged A to Z), or Find a criterion
  12. 12. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALYou may also search using your previously Saved Searches, Favorites, or History
  13. 13. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALThe Side Menu allows you to: 1) Restart a new search, 2) Modify your current search, and 3) Run a series of analyses on the currently selected companies
  14. 14. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALFrom the Tool Bar you can access your alert settings, user settings, help section, contact us section, and Log Out
  16. 16. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALExample: Search based on Specialisation
  17. 17. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALExample: Search based on Specialisation, select Commercial Banks, select Savings Banks, click OK
  18. 18. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALSearch Strategy summarizes your search steps and lets you save or edit them. Enter more Search Steps, Save, or View List.
  19. 19. BANKSCOPE TUTORIAL List of all the companies complying with your search criteria.Select Banks to view details, Remove Banks from the list, Save your list
  20. 20. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALSee a summary of your search strategy above the list result where you can also edit and save your search steps.
  21. 21. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALHide or Unhide the Search Strategy box and Side Menu
  22. 22. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALNavigate to different pages of the list
  23. 23. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALSort, Edit, or Rearrange the different variables in the list
  24. 24. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALGrayed column means it’s the criteria used in sorting
  25. 25. BANKSCOPE TUTORIAL To change report format, click Add,or go to List Format, then select Change/Modify Format
  26. 26. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALSelect or deselect variables
  27. 27. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView the modified List, sort according to chosen variables
  28. 28. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALQuickly do analysis for the list of banks
  29. 29.
  30. 30. BANKSCOPE TUTORIAL The icons in the list toolbar further allows you to: Associate a Peer Group,Modify Columns, Save the List, Delete Companies, Set Alerts, Export, E-mail, or Print
  31. 31. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALTo view a company report, simply click on the company name
  32. 32. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView the Company Report
  33. 33. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALEasily navigate with familiar buttons
  34. 34. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALAdd, Remove, or Edit currently displayed sections.
  35. 35. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALExample: Evolution of Key Variables
  36. 36. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALExample: Ownership Structure
  37. 37. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALDownload Reports: Algo FIRST, Scanned Reports, Fitch Research
  38. 38. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: EIU Reports
  39. 39. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: EIU Country Profile
  40. 40. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: Different Sections
  41. 41. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: Different Sections
  42. 42. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: Different Sections
  43. 43. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: Different Sections
  44. 44. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: Different Sections
  45. 45. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: Different Sections
  46. 46. BANKSCOPE TUTORIALView Reports: Different Sections