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Costa rica 2011 for screen


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Presentation of a 7 day trip to Costa Rica including stops in Monteverde Cloud Forest and Quepos near Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific Coast.

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Costa rica 2011 for screen

  1. 1. Costa Rica November 2011Photos and Presentation by Dulcey LIma
  2. 2. Clouds rolling in at sunset
  3. 3. Monteverde Cloud Forest Bosque Nuboso MonteverdeThese rare forests occur within tropical orsubtropical mountainous environments where theatmospheric conditions allow for a consistent coverof clouds. Often taking the form of fog, the cloudshover around the upper canopy of the forest beforecondensing onto the leaves of trees and drippingonto the plants below.Taken from
  4. 4. Unbelievable plant diversity growing on trees and forest floor…
  5. 5. Giant Elephant Ears 2 feet across
  6. 6. Giant Tree Ferns
  7. 7. A View from the Continental Divide
  8. 8. Mushrooms on a fallen log…
  9. 9. Walking stick
  10. 10. Costa Rica Breakfast with Rice, Beans, Fried Cheese and Plantains
  11. 11. If there is a vertical plant, there will be something growing on it.
  12. 12. From crystal clear to cloudy with the turn of a corner….
  13. 13. Millipede
  14. 14. Giant Poisonous Cane Toad and Leopard Frog
  15. 15. Millipede
  16. 16. Orange Banded Tarantula
  17. 17. White Nosed Coati (Pizote)
  18. 18. Critters on the road to Quepos
  19. 19. Manuel Antonio National Park Quepos, Costa Rica
  20. 20. Howler Monkey
  21. 21. Basilisk called the Jesus Christ Lizard because it runs on water.
  22. 22. Peresoso (Sloth)