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Jacqueline Stedman in Tanzania


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Benjamin N. Duke Scholar Jacquelin Stedman Poster Presentation from her International Summer of Service in Tanzania

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Jacqueline Stedman in Tanzania

  1. 1. B.N. International Summer Education in Tanzania Jacqueline Teaching English at Mavinuni Primary School:of Service Primary school in Tanzania is taught in the native Swahili. After 7 th Stedman grade, students must take a standardized test and do well enough toInitial Goals: be able to go on to secondary school, which is taught in English. This The concept of “being with,” to me, means a change in language is a huge challenge for many Tanzanian students,mutual learning-helping-sharing experience, by especially those in government schools.getting to know the people, the customs, andthe community. Through my work in Tanzania,I hoped to get another perspective on The Playground Nkoaranga’s Babieseducation in comparison with what I have Nkoaranga Orphanage:learned through classes at Duke. In addition to Due to irregularities in the schedule at thehelping students learn English, I hoped that by school because of exams and a two weekteaching I could gain some professional School Yard My Students My Fellow Teachers vacation, I also started working at Nkoarangaexperience to help further my future plans. My Work: Orphanage. When I was there, Nkoaranga had 23 • Mavinuni Primary School is a government school that serves over kids, ages 0 to 5. After they turn five, the children 600 students. It has no electricity and very limited resources get sponsors to attend boarding school. The Small available for its students. For example, since none of the students Things, an organization founded by volunteers, have their own books, the teachers must write every question and partners with the orphanage to provide support detail on the board for students to copy, which takes a lot of for the children, staff, and volunteers. As a valuable classroom time. Each class had between 60 and 70 volunteer, I helped to feed the children, change students, frequently sitting three to a desk. their diapers and clothes, play with them, and just My Fellow Volunteers Mama Gladness • Initially, I worked with the class 5 English teacher to plan lessons provide much-needed love and attention. and create teaching aids that were implemented in the classroom. In addition to grammar and vocabulary, I taught the students songs and dances, such as The Hokey Pokey and The Chicken Dance. • In addition, I also began working with class 7 to help them prepare for the upcoming test for secondary school. Volunteer House Challenges: View of Mt. Meru • Language barrier: I went into the summer not knowing any Swahili. from TengeruTengeru, Tanzania: Even though I learned basic words and phrases while I was there, it A small town located 15km outside of was sometimes difficult to teach without being able to communicate Vicki Maureen & Pendo AndreaArusha, known for its bi-weekly market that in the native language. I also had many communication mishaps, Special Thanks to…floods the streets on Wednesdays and which could be frustrating at times, but I just had to learn to laugh. • ELI for connecting me with The GreenSaturdays. I lived in a volunteer house outside • Tanzanian Time: In Tanzania, the way of life is slower and more Foundation in Tanzania.of Tengeru with two other volunteers and two relaxed. This sometimes translated into a lack of efficiency, which • The Green Foundation for helping me get all ofTanzanian guys who worked with the Green could be frustrating. However, things like the importance of the the logistics set up for my job andFoundation. I also had a host mother, Mama greeting ritual in conversation or being invited for tea or juice every accommodations in Tanzania.Gladness, who lived around the corner from us time we went to visit Mama Gladness show how the less hurried • The B.N. program for making this entire summerand ran the Green Foundation. lifestyle also allowed for people to take more time for each other. experience possible.