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Benton Wise in Mozambique


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Benjamin N. Duke Scholar Benton Wise poster presentation describing his International Summer of Service in Mozambique

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Benton Wise in Mozambique

  1. 1. Horse Volunteering People of Mozambique Horse Safari Lessons• Supervised successful care for 25 horse refugees from Mozambique Horse Safari started in Zimbabwe when President Robert Mugabe The most important lesson I learned was patience. The worst insult Zimbabwe’s Land Reform Act enforced the Land Reform Act. Mugabe used this act to take over farms owned and biggest mistake to be made in Vilankulos was to lose one’s• Led daily community tourism trail rides for up to 30 people, by whites in Zimbabwe and give them to native Zimbabweans. While many patience. Despite what would often be best described as chaotic teaching safe and proper riding style to international (French, farmers fled the violence, Mandy & Pat continued to farm, collecting their times, I learned to keep my emotions in check, always have an open German, etc.) clientele neighbor’s abandoned horses. When finally forced to leave Zimbabwe for asylum mind, and in the terms of one of my professors, border cross.• Developed new trail by plotting and then exploring routes by in Mozambique, they left almost all their possessions but took 104 horse refugees. Among other lessons, I took a class with another volunteer that land & sea using GPS devices/software used horsemanship to teach personal leadership. The activity used Together Mandy & Pat Retzlaff, below center, have grew MHS from scratch to a horses to reveal personal strengths and weaknesses. Through the healthy eco-tourism company. None of this would have been possible without the activity, I was able to see my own leadership style and its effect. hardy character or their love for animals. Through their enterprise they have provided many Mozambicans the opportunity to grow economically while keeping their fishing traditions alive. Eric, a business partner of MHS and local chief, is pictured below on the right. Vilankulos, MozambiqueVilankulos is a town along the central coastline of Mozambique. A Figure_1.bxxxxxxtraditional fishing village, it is located 9 hours north of capital, xxxxxxxxxxxMaputo. It is also five hours east of Chimoio, the Mozambicantown along the border of Zimbabwe. While it still has a localvibrant fishing culture, tourism has become the main industry forthis gateway town of the Bazaruto Archipelago. It has apopulation around 25,000 and the main language spoken is The Horses of MHSPortuguese. Acknowledgements 1. The Duke Endowment for funding this amazing opportunity. The horses of MHS are some of the best kept and well-groomed horses I have 2. Minda Brooks, Former Assistant Director to BN Duke, for all come across. Almost all have been trained by Pat Retzlaff in the Pat Pirelli her support and encouragement throughout this experience and horsemanship style. Unfortunately, only around 30 of the original 104 horses my entire Duke career. remain. While some have been homed with other people, plant poisoning killed 3. Mandy and Pat Retzlaff of Mozambique Horse Safari around 25 horses four months before I arrived. Pat uses mostly Western tack 4. Gerald, Evita, and Blakely Wise for being a constant resource and snaffle bits for the horses. during my travels.