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Naama, Uganda                                                                             Summer 2011- Ally Santini       ...
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Ally Santini in Uganda


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Benjamin N. Duke Scholar Ally Santini's poster presentation describing her International Summer of Service in Uganda

Published in: Education
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Ally Santini in Uganda

  1. 1. Naama, Uganda Summer 2011- Ally Santini Solar Water Disinfection One of my (SODIS) Team students from Projects my AIDs Awareness People & Lessons Initiative proudly holds I could write an entire book about all the lessons I learned from• Conducted field research on safe drinking water practices by his HIV- testing bacterial content of water sources, members of the negative result living in Uganda and about all the incredibly generous people Naama community , and holding weekly health information from free HIV met. I was utterly amazed at how my students from Good Hope sessions testing at club have been to me and it was a blessing to spend two months• After analyzing data to effectively decrease frequency of Naama Health of my life with them. I am proud to say that I still keep in contact Fair (Below) with some students from Good Hope Club. Although I am back waterborne illnesses, implemented Solar Water Disinfection Naama Health Fair (SODIS) project in Naama Millennium Preparatory School and in Duke’s fast-paced world, I still think about my experiences in (Below) in over 30 households Naama every single day. My students and many other people• Collaborated with Duke team members and the Red Cross to from Naama have been a true inspiration, and I am eternally organize Naama Health Fair, providing free vaccinations, STD grateful to them. I also learned that I have a strong passion for testing & health workshops for over 2,000 Ugandan villagers making a positive change. As Mahatma Gandhi once said, I• Established a SODIS training committee to teach local wish to “be the change I wish to see in the world.” villagers about cost-effective ways to improve sanitation• Founded Good Hope Soccer Club, an awareness initiative mobilizing youth to stop the spread of AIDS• Developed & instructed English lessons plans for local primary school, highlighted on A Wo rld N ws by Diane Sawyer BC e Work &Travel Naama Place Work •Traveled around Naama collecting and testing water samples •Spending time with the children at Naama’s orphanageI lived in Mityana, a town in central Uganda that is located 48 Travelmiles away from Kampala, Uganda’s capital and largest city. • I had the opportunity to bungee jump over the Nile River, white-water raft on the Nile River, and go on a safari! Naama Millennium Preparatory School Ugandan Safari Naama Village Wildlife Shout outs • Kathy and John Santini for supporting my dreams, even when they take me far away from home • Minda Brooks for all of her faith and encouragement throughout the years • Sumi Ariely and Dr. Kikongo for helping me prepare for the journey and offering advice throughout the project implementation process • Robinah Jevelah for being a wonderful teammate, Good Hope Club translator, and best friend