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1to25 i pads in the classroom


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1to25 i pads in the classroom

  1. 1. 1:25 iPads in theClassroom
  2. 2. What do you wantyour iPad to do?
  3. 3. Movie Creation TimeTimeLapseLapseScreenScreenRecordRecordMake simpleMake simpleand awesomeand awesomemoviesmoviesSave to the camera roll andSave to the camera roll andcreate a movie.create a movie.
  4. 4. Music & Audio
  5. 5. Media StorageWhere do youWhere do youstore visual &store visual &audio data that isaudio data that iscreated?created?Drop boxDrop box
  6. 6. As a teacher tool
  7. 7. BLOGGINGWordPressKidBlogEdublogBloggerTumbler
  8. 8. TWITTERMicro Blogging140 character limitEducation aroundsocial media isessential and needs tobegin as young aspossible in a safe andscaffoldedenvironment.
  9. 9. Add your iPhone oriPod to the mix
  10. 10. Two must haves
  11. 11. Thank youPlease feel free to send throughquestions or@dukelyer on Twitter