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  1. 1. Sporting G ds
  2. 2. <ul><li>People who play sports professionally or for their collage, high school, middle school, recreation league, etc. </li></ul><ul><li>People looking to buy clothes, shorts, pants, shirts, hats, and shoes. </li></ul>Customers
  3. 3. My sporting goods store will sell all the sports equipment from all the sports that people play in a league, school, or professional sports team. Lacrosse Soccer Basketball Tennis Baseball Football Hockey Track and Field Field Hockey Volley Ball Rugby Fencing Swimming and Diving Wrestling Cheerleading Golf Skateboarding Boxing Gymnastics Pingpong Running
  4. 4. The way that I will make my business better than other businesses that are already in the market is by selling more and better products. Customers will have a bigger variety of sports equipment and clothes to choose from when purchasing from my stores and they will get a better quality of that item. My products will also last longer than normal products so instead of having to buy shoes every year from other department stores you will only have to buy shoes from my store every two years or more.
  5. 5. My sports store will have to have a big foundation to fit all of the equipment for all of the sports, and clothes that I will be selling for people to buy. Lacrosse Gloves, Lacrosse stick, Body armor, Cleats, Helmet Soccer Shin pads, cleats, socks Basketball Basketball, basketball shoes Tennis Tennis ball packs, tennis racket, tennis shoes, visor Baseball Baseball bat, hats, cleats, baseballs, baseball mitts Football Football, body armor, cleats, helmet, mouth guards, socks, gloves, Hockey Helmets, hockey stick, hockey puck, skates, knee pads, body armor, arm pads, mouth guards, gloves. Track and Field Running shoes, discus, sprinting cleats, pole volt stick, hurtles, javelined Field Hockey Field hockey ball, mouth guards, pads, helmets, field hockey sticks Volley ball Volley ball, knee pads, nets Rugby Rugby ball, cleats, pads Fencing Foils, helmet, gloves, body pads Swimming and Diving Swimsuit, swimming cap
  6. 6. Wrestling Wrestling cap, Wrestling suit Cheerleading Cheerleading pom-poms, shoes Running Running shoes, running shorts, running shirts Skateboarding Skateboard, skateboarding shoes, helmets, pads Boxing Boxing gloves, punching bags Gymnastics Balance beam, bars Ping-pong Ping pong paddles, tables, and ball
  7. 7. Location The location of my stores is a very important aspect of the success of my stores. I want them to be in not to rural areas because then they will not get that much attention. I want them to be in some-what of an urban area like Detroit or Washington DC. I do not want it to be in places that get really cold because people will not go out in a snow storm to buy basketball shoes. A lot of my sports are played outside and too and people will not want to play foot ball, field hockey or golf in the really heavy snow. I have to have a few of my stores someplace up a little north where it snows because if I open a lot of my stores down south, It will be really hard to play hockey in 90 degree weather. I have to place my stores places were it does not get too cold and not too hot.
  8. 8. Competitors <ul><li>Dick’s Sporting Goods. </li></ul><ul><li>Aaron’s Win it all Sports. </li></ul>
  9. 11. Goals 1 Year Goals To start a successful business. To have a great profit motive. 10 Year Goals To open more stores and to expand across the country. Be a successful entrepreneur.