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Loneliness, Co-production and Homelabs

This presentation explores co-producing research with young people and families during the COVID-19 lockdown/physical distancing

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Loneliness, Co-production and Homelabs

  1. 1. Left On Read: Loneliness, physical distancing and HomeLabs @dugganjr & @youthloneliness
  2. 2. Acknowledgements and Polyphony • 42nd Street • Youth co-researchers at 42nd Street • West Rhyll Young People’s Project • MAP Norfolk • N-Gage 360 Ballymeena • Fairbridge/The Prince’s Trust, Glasgow • Artist practitioners (Hwa Young Jung, Mark Carrigan, Ransack Theatre, Felicity, Tricia Coleman, Jana Wendler and Jane Hollington) • GMHAYA • KYSO • Co-op Foundation • The young people
  3. 3. Loneliness Connects Us (Batsleer and Duggan) • Research youth loneliness with young people through creative, arts- based, co-produced and youth work methods • Oct 2016 – July 2019: 14 co-researchers, 200+ young people (Manchester, Glasgow, Great Yarmouth, Rhyl, Ballymena…) • Phase 1: Building capacity – Carousel of Methods • Phase 2: Data collection • Phase 3: Immersive theatre performance tour (Missing) • Phase 4: Legacy (youth summit/ FOMO project)
  4. 4. Carousel of Methods • Community philosophy • Research and ethics • DIY making • Immersive theatre • Group discussion – research/ quotes • Games/ ludic walks • Collages • Playlists and films • Scenario activities • Comics • Radio programmes • Attended theatre & restaurant (accompaniment) • Co-produced workshops with other young people • Youth Summit
  5. 5. Immersive performance: ‘Missing’
  6. 6. FOMO #YouthLonelines @YouthLoneliness
  7. 7. Eventful co-production • Defining co-production • Co-production as other approaches (e.g. PAR, collaborative ethnography) • Co-production as empowerment, social justice, enacting equality etc • Co-production as service delivery model – participation throughout project • Process and speculative approaches (e.g. Whitehead, Stengers, Shaviro, Massumi) • Co-productive imagination • For Whitehead ‘philosophy is akin to poetry’: its descriptions are carefully constructed utterances (poesis) ‘requiring a leap of the imagination’— [creating] lures for feeling, and by extension for thought and action… (Gaskill and Nocek, 2014, p.8). • Processes and practices (propositions, enabling constraints, creative advance, difference and diversity) • Attune and amplify ‘It Matters!’ (Stengers, 2019)
  8. 8. Left on Read – Homelabs • Original plan: Co-produce Loneliness Labs • focus on loneliness (e.g. sending a message that is ‘left on read’ or not knowing what to say), method/practice (e.g. playful research, immersive theatre), modality (e.g. sound, movement, images, improvisation, digital), and genre (e.g. empirical research, fiction, documentary, performance) or context (e.g. home, park, street). • Labs (galleries, museums) separation from the world • COVID arts and cultural offers online (e.g. paint with Grayson Perry) • Homelabs: co-produced encounters with loneliness to be staged by young people in their homes/outside spaces/online
  9. 9. HomeLab 01: ‘Comic project’ • Comic provocation (afrofuturism) • How has your life changed? • What world do you want to go back to? • Responses from Creative Agents (e.g. comics, TikToks, gifs, comics, songs) • Cycles of creation and sharing (online and via post), writing and re-writing • Collaborative writing project + forum/legislative theatre • Participatory futures activity No Small Plans (Chicago Architecture School)/ Wacker Manual
  10. 10. Thanks and contacts @dugganjr @youthloneliness