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  1. 1. 2009 Public Lands Muzzleloader Deer Hunt 3 tags to fill
  2. 2. Monday (opening day) - windy and rainy - only opportunities were a couple of yearlings.... I passed hoping for better weather the next day.
  3. 3. Tuesday
  4. 4. Good location to snipe - about 150 feet above unsuspecting deer
  5. 7. Very rugged terrain - undulating hills and valleys only provided quick glimpses of passing wildlife below my vantage point
  6. 9. Cliffs to the east and the river to the west provided a 200 yard bottleneck
  7. 10. River
  8. 18. Shot taken from here at 1030 am - laid on edge of cliff all morning with only my gun barrel visible from below Deer came into view but head was obscured by cottonwood tree - saw some antlers so decided to take the shot before he passed out of the shooting lane - quartering away downslope, about 100 feet vertically below me - only about a 90 yard shot
  9. 19. It took me about 45 minutes to find the deer as the grass was tall, very rugged terrain, and the cliffs all looked the same from below so it was hard to tell where I shot from.
  10. 20. Shot hit perfectly - entered high and behind the lungs but exited near the heart. Deer only traveled about 20 yards before expiring. He is a 10 pointer and looks to be a 2 1/2 year old. Nothing special but a nice deer and an awesome hunt!
  11. 23. Exit wound
  12. 24. This is on public land so no vehicles were allowed but I wouldn’t have been able to even get an atv in there anyways. This was a 30 foot cliff that was nearly vertical. Not a fun drag.
  13. 25. This was a 20 foot cliff that was completely vertical. I had a couple of blisters after pulling him up this one.
  14. 26. Nearly to the top of the hill now - I had to stop about every 10 yards. The picture doesn’t exactly show just how steep the hill is.
  15. 29. About 2 hours after I pulled the trigger I finally had him to the top of the hill. Only another 1/4 mile to the nearest road.
  16. 30. Public land almost to the horizon - a rarity in Kansas. My favorite place to hunt.
  17. 33. Wednesday
  18. 34. Slept in the next morning and got to a ground blind at about 1015. Harvested this doe at about 1130 quartering toward me at 10 yards with 6 other does/yearlings. Just about filled up my whole 6.5x20 - 50mm scope at that range.
  19. 35. Entrance wound
  20. 36. Exit wound
  21. 37. Only about a mile drag and not near as steep this time. The soccermommobile - take out the seats and it’s a pretty good hunting machine.
  22. 38. The public campgrounds make a pretty good deer cleaning station Running water to clean up the meat
  23. 39. Got the deer meat on ice and made it back out to the same ground blind by 5:30 pm.
  24. 40. View from ground blind. Filled my last tag at 7:30 pm.
  25. 41. From the deer’s point of view. I harvested both does on the same day sitting at this location.
  26. 42. Harvested 2nd doe at 25 yards at 730 pm. Got her to the van at 1230 am...long story...flashlight batteries dead...alot of thick brush, thistles, and buttonbush.... ended up going into town for batteries and ice before returning and finishing the drag. It was a long night, but a great deer season.