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Everything's global nothing's globalde


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Paper presented at Esomar Qualitative Conference 2010. The presentation covered the area of "how go away from brand preconceptions for multinational brands".

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Everything's global nothing's globalde

  1. 1. Qualitative 2010 Foresight on moods and thoughts Barcelona / 16 - 18 NovemberEverything’s global, nothing’s really global! Webinar 02.12.2010
  2. 2. Global brands expanded…
  3. 3. Global assumptions on local consumers
  4. 4. Today the consumer is different He/she doesn’t just listen anymore tothe brand and welcome the stories it has to tell He/she has/wants to play an active role He/she interprets the brand wants to be a partner of the brand itself, in changing its shape and substance
  5. 5. How can the new consumer relate to global brand needs?
  6. 6. The case: situationItalian spirits market is showing a slight drop overall in the last 2/3yearsAperitifs, vodkas and rums are the only growing categories,mainly thanks to an increasing trend of mixable drinksBrand X market keeps on decreasing year after year and “BrandX” is one of the few brands that still over performs, although it isshowing slight dropping signals in the last year“Brand X” has a strong brand image, a good spontaneous brandawareness and a well distinctive positioningHowever it seems to face a recruiting problem maybe linked to aloss of relevance and appeal to its core users 18-34 y.o, which in theshort/medium term can start hindering the growth path
  7. 7. The main research objective… What of the 5 global core values at local level The state of the art of the local relationship
  8. 8. Spirit market is gaining volumes, but is the specific segment of the brand failing? “Brand X” has a strong brand image but a lack of relevance?The core targetof the brand is becoming the weakest one?
  9. 9. what we immediately understoodToo linear approach could have risked not to catch the real issues behind
  10. 10. What the Client specifically askedA mix of qual/quant approachWeb interactionCreativity and Innovation
  11. 11. Our objectives “few moves” to build a “research system” capable of diving into the local consumer, his own life, language and the way he interprets the brand itself.meeting at the same time the need to…
  12. 12. Our objectives meeting at the same time the need to…identify the stereotypes of the “globalized” view of thebrand,  to move forward and deeper  helping the target to escape the “iron bars” of those stereotypes …  …leading them to emit signals, mainly the weak ones, less conscious, caged but emotionally stronger IN THE END.. to give the global team keys and findings, comparable throughout all the countries involved, nevertheless very peculiar, detailed and definitively consistent with the local market reality, thinking and specific values
  13. 13. So our keywords: no trade-offs qual & quant; quick & deep; offline & online immersionbehaviours and use of the language inspired us more than answers to questions
  14. 14. Research HypothesisHypothesis1: if we understand which of our values peoplehave, we can ride them communicating our brand values Understand local values, their hierarchy, Assess brand from.. perceptions local expressions …to Portion of values to be covered by the brand locally Hypothesis2: if we understand how global brand values are interpreted and the brand “grids”, we can leverage on it Understand how brand values are locally interpreted and relevance Local brand values + to locally activate Understand reported brand image
  15. 15.  We became friends by: -Open Listening -Spending time together -Dialoging?
  16. 16. Open ListeningT@LK, a proprietary tool of quantilitative technique: to a sample of300 respondents we asked open ended questions using qualitative projectives via CAWI interviews. Using validated qualitative projective we let the consumer speak about their feelings on the brand and the product, their experiences, the typical target by using recalls, stories and images. Verbatims were analyzed with Statistical analysis of texts and qualitative interpretation: people language and the semantic segments emerged, allowed to understand the “hidden content”,beyond the needs, perception and evaluation explicitly expressed
  17. 17. 67% Brand/category icons Bottle bung waiting make_old advertising scene years pull wood old winery firm grassland desert 11% A calm place to stay Fireplace sofa fire fun cigar warm place A sunset beverage company sip 22% Landscape bar sit sunsetThe words are the most important in identifying clusters (chi-squared)
  18. 18. Fun seeker Fun new people night life moment 2 12% ready want intense accompany dynamic easy nice Upper side of the map identifies Enjoy the life local brand interpretations, far Life older prefer quality young chat from brand image (below) 12% 2 usually sit company discotheque reflexive watching living Open balanced 14% 2 Particular calm different reflective taste chat determined niceCoinesseurIce neat drunk rock alcoholicdrink normal tough 2 13%coinesseur taste discoteque Rough guyCocktail elegant real_men 2 12% Strong beard wild Resolute robust taste flavor Resolute strong determined 2 15% The gentleman personality taste 2 23% Glass_in_hand years man not fat nor beautiful thin consumer distinctive drinker mixThe words are the most important in identifying clusters (chi-squared)
  19. 19. Spending time togetherEthnographic to understand how the brand and itsobservations  competitors lived the experienced and perception during the evenings of the interviewed people. pure observation and follow-up conversations put at disposal rich insights and allowed to gather motivations behind what we observed.
  20. 20. DialogingDiscussion To generate local marketing activitiesgroups  and branded events, with a direct involvement of brand lovers and “simple” consumers. Longwave  online diaries, thanks to which the consumers were able to supply multimedia material (photos, movie clips, music) that describe their way of expressing the brand at its best.
  21. 21. Hi all! In this discussion we’ll speak ofindependency […] how would you describe the independency of ‘BrandX’?
  22. 22. Results
  23. 23. A huge number of brand interpretations emerged, which were then classified into the 5 core values plus others GLOBAL VALUE1 Rude Masculine Rough Self-confident GLOBAL VALUE2 Determined Responsible Conscious A self-made man Any possible route of Leader Arrived GLOBAL VALU3 those brand Robust, against every storm Knows how to do things interpretations for a GLOBAL VALUE4 Always the same Cares of its roots new engagement? GLOBAL VALUE5 Honest/Doesn’t tell you lies Authentic Of substance Sincere Within us Intimate sharing Well known Co-generation Well considered/someone which others ask OTHER VALUES Outstanding Unique Different Excellence Of quality Relaxed Smooth
  24. 24. Client’s actions after the research Key Learning: no real engagement between the category and the younger target, mainly due to the focus on product, its origin vs consumer needs and lives MKTG said : “More than before we need to transcend the category in all activities and communication being «Brand X» more than a spirit”
  25. 25. Client’s actions after the researchKey Learning: The Brand isa respected brand butperceived as too ‘ego-referred’/ distant for a lot oftarget peopleMKTG said: we need toinject warmth and acontemporary state to thebrand•Key role of BTL activitiesand Radio/digital in mediamix•Values like irony andfraternity to be leveragedfor engagement
  26. 26. ConclusionsT@lk and ethnographics had quickly how the consumer gives back his ownand effectively given us back the “interior feelings” of the brand and themeasure and the form of the product, through the way he speaks andengagement of the consumer lives itt@lk the collection and themeasurement of the areas ofengagement + mind cages of the globalbrand imageethnographics the brand in thecontext of the occasion, competitionconsumer life The groups’ interaction had dived deeply into the world of values of the local consumers, where they meet the global brand values for generating marketing options.
  27. 27. ConclusionsThe consumer is no longer as easy to understand, catch and track as he used to be  research necessarily needs to move forward. One possible direction: moving toward the consumer himself , trying to take out insights from his real life, behaviors and way of interpreting global brands.Using technology Cogenerating Mashing qual and quant Observing more than asking
  28. 28. Is the brand still the actor?It’s maybe more the stage-set or the scene designer!
  29. 29. Is the researcher still super-partes? Why don’t we try to engagerespondents ? Why not be a friend?