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Integrating game mechanics in teaching


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Even a Course can be Played

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Integrating game mechanics in teaching

  1. 1. Integrating Game Mechanics In Teaching Even a Course can be Played
  2. 2. About MeTeacher : Shenkar, Biet BerlPhD student: STS @ Bar IlanFounder of Jivy & Playful SharkAdvisor & Mentor for startupsBlog: www.dudipeles.comMail:
  3. 3. The next 45 minutes Fun & GamificationGamification of my course Theory of game Questions design for teachers
  4. 4. During the presentation when yousee a game you recognize, write it down. At the end of the presentation a valuable reward will be given tothe one who recognized the most games
  5. 5. Fun & Gamification
  6. 6. What is Fun?Fun is the easiest way to change peoples behavior
  7. 7. Fun – Chore If you eat your vegetables you can go playIf you clean your room you can invite friends If you go to school you will be smart If you go to work you will get paid
  8. 8. Fun is the opposite of a Chore or is it ?
  9. 9. Perspective can make anything Fun
  10. 10. Some of the most popular games of our time Fun and theme are not correlated (Game based marketing - Gabe Zichermann)
  11. 11. Games are designed to maximize funFor the past 30 years game designers turned fun making into science
  12. 12. GamificationThe concept that you can apply the basic elements that make games fun and engaging to things that typically arent considered fun
  13. 13. Foursquare
  14. 14. Theory of game design for teachers
  15. 15. Did you have fun in school ?
  16. 16. Do you have fun playing games?
  17. 17. Achiever Explorer Socializer Killer Dudi: EAKS: E 73%, A 60%, K 40%, S 27%Why do people enjoy games ? Bartle’s Test
  18. 18. Sometimes game designers approach only specific typecasts of players
  19. 19. A teacher doesn’t have the privilege to choose only some student
  20. 20. For Explorers, Getting exposed tonew knowledge. For Achievers,Getting an A (only at the end). Notmuch fun for Achievers, no fun atall for Socializers and Killers ? What is fun in a course?
  21. 21. If we ask students who enjoyedschool to take the Bartle Test, what will they be ? I asked close to 10 friends and found some correlation
  22. 22. How can we turn a course to be fun?
  23. 23. We need to change the way we thinkOur job is not only to teach, but to make students have fun
  24. 24. Students decide a course is a chore or a game, we can only influence their decision by planning our course to be fun.
  25. 25. Change No 1 The student is more important then the course material. We should plan courses aroundstudent needs and not around the need to teach.
  26. 26. Change No 2Design a course like it was a game
  27. 27. The psychology of optimal experience Anxiety FLOWDifficulty Boredom Skill / Time The difficulty level is more important then chronologic order
  28. 28. Change No 3Use game mechanics in class
  29. 29. Students progress by accumulating XP. XP never goes down, it can not be redeemed or used.
  30. 30. Achievements
  31. 31. Status is the most important thing people play or live for.Status is more important then a grade andmore valuable then cash. Grades and cash are just ways to show off your status. Status
  32. 32. Leader board Status
  33. 33. Students have to know their status all the time When showing a status, give yourstudent ways to improve their status, tell them what to do to improve it. Status
  34. 34. In life a good choice is notincentivized automatically. In a game it is. Incentives
  35. 35. Give incentives for each success and for each effort A good word A good word in front of friends Points Achievements Interaction More knowledge / Flexibility Incentives
  36. 36. In a game there are always goals foreach time period: short, mid or long. Goals
  37. 37. Where are you going to be at the end of the course ?Where are you going to be at the end of each lesson ? Why do you want to get there ? Goals
  38. 38. All goals can have to be measurable Goals
  39. 39. My Gamification Experience
  40. 40. Video games Design and Developmentprogram in Bait Berl, active since 2005
  41. 41. Video games Design and Development program
  42. 42. Introduction to video games programming
  43. 43. Introduction to video games programming
  44. 44. Introduction to video games programming
  45. 45. Introduction to video games programming
  46. 46. Introduction to video games programming
  47. 47. Is it worth it ?
  48. 48. Students Emersion: Attendance: 80% -> 100% Exercise submitting: 74% -> 98%Student Mail Interaction: 500% raise Is it worth it ?
  49. 49. Is it more fun ? When asked to pick the 3 most funcourses out of 14, 50% of the students chose the programming course ! Is it worth it ?
  50. 50. Games always have losers Yearly Cycle Time Problems
  51. 51. Who have more then 10 games ?
  52. 52. Video Game Master
  53. 53. Questions?If you don’t feel like asking now send me a mail:
  54. 54. More about Gamification
  55. 55. Books
  56. 56. Videos
  57. 57. Thank youFor any question just mail me: