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Underground Muscle Hacks


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How would you like to be able to sculpt an amazing physique using powerful techniques, cutting edge tips, and insanely effective exercises?

With the "Underground Muscle Hacks" 29 page guide, you will now be able to design a body that is ripped and shredded in next to no time.

Muscle building doesn't need to be a frustrating experience. Start you adventure building an amazing body with these 14 muscle building hacks today and watch how quickly your body goes from 2D to 3D!

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Underground Muscle Hacks

  1. 1. Table Of ContentsMuscle Building Hack #1: The Magic Bicep Exercise – One Rep, One Set!Muscle Building Hack #2: Stop Playing Hide And Seek With Your ChestMuscle Building Hack #3: Become A Nutrient Timing Black Belt NinjaMuscle Building Hack #4: To Cardio Or Not To Cardio? That Is The Question?Muscle Building Hack #5: Become A Renegade To Build Your CoreMuscle Building Hack #6: Play Mr Fix It With This Common Wrist Curl MistakeMuscle Building Hack #7: Become A Monk And Increase Muscle MassMuscle Building Hack #8: Get A Six Pack While You VacuumMuscle Building Hack #9: Build Muscle Using Your iPhoneMuscle Building Hack #10: Get A Restraining Order On Your Protein ShakeMuscle Building Hack #11: The Only Fat You Need In The GymMuscle Building Hack #12: Snooze...You Dont Lose!Muscle Building Hack #13: A Strange Method To Resurrect Weak BodypartsMuscle Building Hack #14: Get Naked For Fast Recovery www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  2. 2. DisclaimerThe information provided within this information product should not be construed as personalmedical advice, consultation or instruction. No action should be taken based solely on thecontents of this product.The publisher of this book has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy of the informationcontained herein. We make no warranties with respect to the accuracy or completeness ofthe book.We cannot be held liable for any injury, loss, or other damages due to your use of theinformation contained in this product.It is the responsibility of the reader to use the information in this book responsibly and to verifyany information before use.Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their healthand well being prior to following the information contained within this information product.“Underground Muscle Hacks” and “Extreme 3D Muscle Blueprint” was created forinformational and educational purposes only, not to replace any advice from a health careprofessional.The information and opinions provided here are believed to be accurate and sound, based onthe best judgment available to the authors, but readers who fail to consult appropriate healthauthorities assume the risk of any injuries. This information product and the creator is notresponsible for errors or omissions. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
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  4. 4. IntroductionDreams Of Desire, Expanding Your Muscle Building Horizons,Pushing The Limits Of Possibility, And Breaking Through TheBarriers To Create A New You... Or How To Get A Killer BodyFast!You now have at your digital fingertips a muscle hacking recipe book, that youcan use to completely turbo-charge your current workout program andexperience results so dramatic that it will make your head spin as you wonderwhat the hell just happened!Sounds like a tall order doesnt it? Well, let me tell you, when you are exposedto cutting-edge information and you act on what you learn, anything can becomeachievable.If up until now, you have been dreaming about achieving significant amounts ofmuscle fast but youve seen no real physical results reflected back your waywhen you look in the mirror. Then its time for a massive wake up call!This guide in conjunction with the Extreme 3D Muscle Blueprint course hasbeen designed to get your head out of the clouds and give you a ton of powerfultips, techniques, exercises and underground knowledge, so you can start gettinginsane results that are actually noticeable!Underground Muscle Hacks can be looked at as an “add-on” resource for yourcurrent workout to take whatever results you are getting, whether big or smalland completely revolutionize them.Each hack is the equivalent of a software program that will enhance yoursystem. The more of these “software programs” you install and use, the greateryour results will be. Its really as simple as that. Just like you can add software toyour computer or install “apps” on your iPhone, you can now do the same withyour body.Just choose the muscle hack that matches the result you desire, “download” the www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  5. 5. hack to your system, and take action. You could start off with one or two hacksand then gradually add multiple hacks to give yourself a major upgrade. Itsreally up to you and how serious you are about achieving your bodybuildinggoals.Before I reveal these powerful hacks make sure you read the following...If you didnt get Underground Muscle Hacks by signing up to the 100% freeDude Wheres My Muscle Newsletter, make sure you do!Once you subscribe you will also get access to the Extreme 3D MuscleBlueprint. This is a powerful 9 day course that will expand on the information inthis guide to a much greater extend.During the Extreme 3D Muscle Blueprint training, you will get a ton of freebodybuilding guides and a special free sophisticated muscle building softwarethat will blow you away. This thing is an absolute beast and will dramaticallyaccelerate your results!So if you havent done so already, sign up by going to:www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com/optin.htmlRemember, to regularly make an appearance at the Dude Wheres My Muscleblog to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest tips, tricks and killer content.Are you ready to get stuck into these powerful muscle building hacks?Your journey or should I say your adventure, is about to begin...All the best,Alex Siddywww.DudeWheresMyMuscle.com www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  6. 6. Hack #1 The Magic Bicep Exercise – OneRep, One Set! What man doesnt want a pair of massive guns? But how many can actually say they are happy with the size of their bicep muscles? Not too many! But that is all about to change once you learn this simple yet exceptionally powerful exercise that can appear to be magical in the way it will totally transform the size of your biceps in record time.This amazing exercise is called the Flexed Arm Hang and it is usually used inthe US Marine Physical Fitness Test but we will be using it for our own sneakypurposes (insert evil sinister laughter).If you have ever done a regular chin up before (which I am sure you have) theessence of the Flexed Arm Hang is to hold the top position of a chin up for aslong as you can to totally isolate and blast your biceps. I will walk you throughthe easy steps for this hard exercise:1. To start off, its recommended that you only bring out this bicep buildingweapon towards the end of your workout. Make sure you do not do it at anyother time otherwise you wont have the strength to lift anything else!After you have completed all your exercises, talk a hold of a chin up bar withyour palms facing you (supinated grip). Position your hands so that they areabout 6 inches apart, this position will isolate the bicep muscles and increasethe intensity.2. Pull or boost yourself up to the top position of the chin up. Position yourself sothat your eyes are almost level with the chin up bar, as you do this stay asvertical as you possibly can so that the tension stays on the biceps.3.Once you are in position, hold it for as long as you possibly can. Squeeze yourbiceps and fight against gravity. If this is your first attempt at this exercise, you www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  7. 7. probably wont be able to hold the position for very long. You will eventually feelyour arms start to uncurl and straighten up, when this happens continue to holdon as you feel the tension in your biceps. Then when your biceps cannot take itany longer, gently let go. One rep and one set is all that is needed to getmassive results using this technique.Pretty simple huh? Well in theory it is, but as you practice this exercises yourbiceps will be screaming out for mercy! This exercise is excellent using yourbody weight only, but if you want to add weight use a weight vest, belt, or hold adumbbell between your legs. Give this a shot at the end of your next workoutand feel its power.Side Note: Isolated exercises like this one will only work within the framework ofa powerful workout. You must have a solid workout routine that focuses on bigcompound lifts as the foundation. So make sure you have this sorted beforeintroducing this weapon into your routine. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  8. 8. Hack #2 Stop Playing Hide And SeekWith Your Chest Having a chiseled chest ranks as one of the highest goals for men all over the world who pack themselves into the gym and hit the bench press with obsession. The pecs are a difficult muscle to develop and I am sure many people stare at their pecs in the mirror, from all different angles, wondering where the hell has the size, shape, and definition run off to! Here are a three tips to stop the game of hideand seek with your chest development so you can experience your pecs actuallyworking and responding to the resistance...1. Pre Exhaustive Muscle TrainingBeing able to isolate the pecs without hitting or relying too much on othermuscle groups such as the triceps and deltoids is tricky business, especiallywith compound exercises such as the bench press.If you struggle to feel your pecs working during the bench press try this craftylittle trick to bring your chest back to life again. Its simple but very effective.Before you do your normal bench press routine, pre exhaust and isolate yourpecs by doing 8 – 10 reps of dumbbell flyes. Then rest for 30 seconds beforedoing your bench routine.Why would I want to do this? I hear you ask... The reason is because you wantyour pecs to be in a weakened state when you start bench pressing so that yourdelts and triceps work harder than normal and the pecs become more targeted.You wont be able to do as many reps or lift the same amount of weight as younormally would but you will get much greater results in pectoral development. Byputting this simple technique to use before benching you will stop the endlessgame of hide and seek with your pecs and start finding them instead! www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  9. 9. 2. Relax Your Trigger FingerYou may have been taught to grip as hard as you can while benching and whilethis can help you in the short term to add more weight, its really not helping toadd resistance to where it matters most. By gripping hard the tension is divertedaway from the chest and onto the triceps and deltoids.Obviously you still need to hold the bar with some grip strength, but you dontneed to be squeezing the life out of the bar either. Loosen your grip (only justenough to still stay 100% safe) and see if you can feel more tension in yourchest as you lift.3. Pour Water On YourselfWell actually you are not going to pour water on yourself but you are going topretend to do this every time you perform dumbbell presses. To do this lie onthe bench with a dumbbell in each hand and your arms stretched out. Next tiltyour hands inwards and down slightly, this is the hand position you want tomaintain throughout the whole lift.Hence the metaphor of pouring water on yourself because that is what it wouldlook like if you had two glasses of water in your hands. By making this simpleadjustment you will be able to target the chest with much more precision. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  10. 10. Hack #3 Become A Nutrient TimingBlack Belt Ninja The most important time to become a black belt ninja of nutrition is right after you workout. As you know, gym sessions are brutal to the body, carb sources become exhausted, muscle tissue is broken down, and your body is crying out for a savior. That savior is in the form of nutrition or more specifically, the right nutrition. Many bodybuilders and nutritionists say that there is a “window of opportunity” that stays open for only a short period of time, usually only for about one hour. If you do not give your body the nutrition it needs during thistime your cortisol levels are increased (not good if you want to build muscle) andyour body will literally turn on itself and break down muscle tissue (once againnot good).So to stop this from happening make sure you get roughly 30 grams of proteinand 70 – 100 grams of carbohydrates(dextrose works great) immediately afteryou workout. This is where a protein and carb drink becomes essential.After working out you dont want to have a heavy meal because it will take timeto digest. Instead focus on fueling your body with liquid protein and carbs. Forbest results pre-mix the drink before you go to the gym so that you can chug itdown as soon as you finish your workout.After you have ingested your liquid protein/carb drink wait about 30 minutesbefore having a high protein and high carb meal, this will give you digestivesystem enough time to digest and use the protein and carbs you supplied in theliquid drink.When you plan your post workout nutrition this way, you will prevent your bodyfrom breaking down muscle tissue, you will recover quicker, and your results willbe far more spectacular. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  11. 11. Hack #4 To Cardio Or Not To Cardio?That Is The Question... Lets keep this real simple! If you are super skinny, drop all cardio until you put some weight on your frame, otherwise you will just speed up your already super fast Ferrari like metabolism. For everyone else, you need to strike a balance between weight training and cardio. This balance really depends on what your goals are. Are you looking to lose weight? Bulk up? Or are you training for a specific sport?Once again, lets keep things real simple!If you are trying to burn fat, crank up your cardio activity to three times per week,30 minutes a session. If you want to build muscle mass, you will need toconserve most of your energy for your workouts and also to grow muscle. 1 – 2cardio sessions per week is more than enough and they should be done on thedays when you are not in the gym lifting weights.If you have been trying to build muscle, while doing cardio multiple times perweek and on the same day as your gym session. When you make the switchyou should notice a huge increase in available energy, which will help you liftmore, recover quicker, and grow bigger.If you want increased sports performance, you will need to work out the balancebetween cardiovascular benefits vs the benefits of weight training. This will bespecific to the type of sport you are doing and the level you are at. If your sportis more cardiovascular based then you will need to do more cardio work. If yoursport is more strength based then you will need to focus more on lifting weightsthan on cardio. Some sports require an even mixture of both, so let the type ofsport you do dictate how you will train.I should also be clear about what type of cardio I am recommending, which ishigh intensity training (HITT). This will give you the quickest results. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  12. 12. Other forms of low intensity training such as walking or slow cycling can be donefrequently and moderate intensity training such as jogging on the treadmill,swimming, fast cycling should be done with minimal frequency unless they fitunder your sports performance goals. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  13. 13. Hack #5 Become A Renegade To BuildYour Core Training your core muscles may not sound as sexy as blasting your biceps or benching big but strengthening your core muscles (abdominal group of muscles, hip flexors, and the muscles along the spine) will give you a ton of benefits. The best ones being injury and lower back pain prevention. Although there is a variety of exercises that work your core muscle groups, the best one I have found by far is an exercise called Renegade Dumbbell Rows. Doing this exercise will work your whole core, especially your abs, and as a bonus they will also work the entire upper body. Check out this YouTube video to get a visual ideal ofhow Renegade Rows are performed: Click HereThese may be a bit tricky to learn how to do at first but after a few attempts youwill learn how to distribute your weight, stay balanced and get the correctmovement.This is how to do this exercise:1.Get into the same position you would be in if you were about to do push ups,the only differences are you will be holding a dumbbell in each hand so eachpalm is facing each other, you will also need to stretch your legs out just overshoulder width.2.To do the actual movement, row your right arm up to the side, keeping youelbow close to your body. As you do this your left arm must be totally straightand solid. It should not move at all. Now return the right arm back to the ground,row your left arm and continue the movement.You will most likely need to start off lightly when doing Renegade DumbbellRows as they are a pretty killer exercise and work multiple muscle groups at the www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  14. 14. same time. Start off with 3 sets of 10 – 12 reps and adjust weight as you getbetter. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  15. 15. Hack #6 Play Mr Fix It With ThisCommon Wrist Curl Mistake Next time you do bicep curls fix this simple wrist curl mistake that many bodybuilders make. To do bicep curls properly and to get the full effect you need to isolate the bicep and minimize other muscle groups from stealing the center stage. In this movement its usually the forearms that get weak and tired before the bicep has its moment to truly shine. The reason why this happens isbecause of the wrist position many people use while curling the bar. Bending thewrist towards the forearm is the quickest way to exhaust the forearm musclecausing you to bail out before you have hit your bicep with the full intensity itneeds to grow.So the trick is to bend your wrists away from you as you curl upwards, towardsthe very top you can curl them back in towards your forearm as you feel thesqueeze in your bicep and then you need to bend them away from yourforearms before curling the bar back down again.By fixing this wrist curl mistake you will place a much greater amount of stresson your biceps and more stress equals more growth! www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  16. 16. Hack #7 Become A Monk And IncreaseMuscle Mass Are you a bundle of stress? Do you live a life where you melt under the pressures of work, family, friends, and well, just plain living? If you would classify yourself as a stressful person, without you even knowing, you are sabotaging the gains in mass that you should be making. Monks are about the most happy and stress free people you will ever meet, they have the state of mind and body chemistry that is ideal in building mass. The only thing that is missing is the resistance training! The reason why I bring monks up, is that it is a fact that people who manage their stress will be better able to build muscle.If you walk around all day stressed, anxious, depressed or in a bad mood yourbody reacts to this by releasing chemical called cortisol which is seriously badnews. Cortisol is responsible for breaking down muscle tissue. And if that isntbad enough, being highly stressed will also dramatically lower your preciousreserves of testosterone.The combination of cortisol and your dwindling testosterone levels will causeyou to lose muscle mass and not perform at your peak when you hit the gym.The key to lowering cortisol and boosting your testosterone is to manage stressby learning relaxation techniques.Sure you could get all zend out and mediate (this is very effective), or if that istoo strange and new age for you, then learn to relax your body by doing deepbreathing and muscle relaxation techniques. Try to spend 20 – 30 minutes everyday consciously learning to relax and manage your stress levels.Click Here to get a free “hypnosis” relaxation mp3 that you can start using. Justgo to the top right corner of the Website and you will see the link for the freesession. Very relaxing! Listen to it each day for best results.Less stress equals more muscle, never forget this simple equation! www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  17. 17. Hack #8 Get A Six Pack While YouVacuum I always here people winging that they dont get any time to work on their abs, if this happens to be you, after learning this simple exercise you wont have any excuses left. The exercise you are about to learn can be done anywhere. You could do it when you wake up in the morning and pump out a few reps, or you could do it when they are sitting at your office chair, and you could even do it while you are sitting in the middle of a traffic jam. While everyone else is experiencing “road rage” you will be working on your 6 pack!This exercise is called Abdominal Vacuums or the Ab Vacuum for short. Thisworks a muscle called the transverses abdominis (TVA), this is the muscle thatwraps around the torso from front to back and from the ribs to the pelvis. It isoften referred to as the “deep abs”.Ab Vacuums are really easy to perform. All you need to do is inhale deeply andpull your belly button in as far as you can towards your spine. Hold this positionfor about 10 – 20 seconds and then release it. You can bang out 5 – 10 reps ofthese at a time and repeat a few times throughout the day. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  18. 18. Hack #9 Build Muscle Using YouriPhone Whether you aim is to lose weight, put on weight, or build muscle, you need to become intimately connected to calorie counting if you want the best results. The problem with counting calories is that its downright boring, takes time, and can start to consume your life. There are books to help you count calories, Websites, and clever computer programs but none of these are all that practical. To get the most out of counting calories, you are going to need something that is compact, easy to use, and follows you around wherever you you iPhone. I will not be covering how to choose the ideal number of daily calories per body type and exercise goal in this report as this information can be foundelsewhere.If you do know your ideal daily calorie intake, follow along with these easy stepsto get up and running with this breakthrough (did I mention free!) caloriecounting App which also doubles as a food diary.1. Log into the App store on your iPhone.2. Search for the App called My Fitness Pal and install.3. Create your account.4. Edit your profile. Do not use their settings they suggest straight out of the boxas you will need to customize these yourself for best results.5. Play around and tweak the settings. The most important ones to change are:Net Calorie Goal (put in the maximum amount of calories you are shooting foreach day), Activity Level (this should usually be set to very active for best www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  19. 19. results), Weight Gain Goal (input your goal), and Exercise Goals (how manyworkouts you plan on doing a week).6. After editing your profile settings, all that is needed to do is add to your diaryso you can track your intake of calories for that specific day. Do this by clickingon: Diary ---> Add ---> Select your meal and search for the food item ---> Adjustthe portion size ---> Click Add and youre done. Too easy!The best way to use this App is to work out a system that you can follow. Eitherrecord each meal before or after you eat and stick to this so that it becomes ahabit. Make it a game you play each day to try and hit your chosen calorie level.If you fall short dont be hard on yourself, a few hundred calories here and thereis really not going to make a big difference but when youre not hitting yourcalorie goals by the thousands, you will need to sit down and find out what isgoing on, make changes, and focus again.Using My Fitness Pal is the simplest and easiest way to take the headache outof calorie counting. You no longer have to carry a diary and pen around with youeverywhere you go or a book telling you the calories of popular meals and fooditems, and you dont have to do any manual calculations. This is all done for youby this handy iPhone App! www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  20. 20. Hack #10 Get A Restraining Order OnYour Protein Shake Protein shakes are an awesome way to crank up your protein levels when you cannot reach them through whole foods alone plus they are super convenient. But you knew this already, didnt you? But I bet you dont know when to run away from your protein shake and replace it with something far more powerful? Its your pre-workout protein shake which many people have about 1 hour before they go to the gym. Now, when I say protein shake I am talking about what most people have in their shake which is protein powder (obviously) and the mixer which is usually always milk. It is the addition of milk whichcauses the problem and I will tell you why.Milk takes many hours to digest and if you have it before you work out it will sitin your stomach. All the valuable blood that urgently needs to be used by yourmuscles which are under assault during your workout, will instead get directedto your digestive system to help digest the milk. This is not a good thing!Not only will it stop you from performing at your best but it will also cut yourgains and zap your energy. Three things you though you were going to get fromyour pre-workout drink!So is protein bad before working out. The answer is no but you do have to usethe right type and mix it using straight water. Yeah it may not taste as nice asmilk but your aim is to get the protein digested as quickly as possible.The best type of protein to take before working out is hydrolyzed whey isolate.This type of protein gets absorbed by the body at a rapid speed. It does costmore than other types of protein powder and that is why I stick to using it beforeand after workouts when “the need for speed” is essential. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  21. 21. I dont recommend casein based protein powders before working out as theytake a greater time to digest. If you absolutely cannot invest in hydrolyzed wheyisolate then stick with normal whey protein.Ideally you also want to have carbs in your pre and post workout drink at a 2:1(carb to protein) ratio. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  22. 22. Hack #11 The Only Fat You Need In TheGym Can you guess what the weakest link in strength development is when you lift weights? Ding, ding, ding, times up! The answer is your grip – the weaker your grip the weaker your lifting potential. One of the all time best ways to get a stronger grip is to use thick bars when you lift. The only problem is that they are a rarely found in most gyms and if you want to buy them they cost a small fortune. Sure you could do wrist curls, forearm extensions, use grippers, and other typicalgrip strengthening exercises but do you really have the time to focus on theseexercises even though you know theyre important? What if there was an easyway to improve your grip strength dramatically while you go about your normalworkout? Well, now you can!There is a funny training tool that is becoming better known and is being usedby some big name bodybuilders and conditioning coaches but is still pretty muchunderground. Its called Fat Gripz. Funny name but its an awesome training toolto add size and strength to your forearms and upper arms, while dramaticallyimproving your grip strength.Fat Gripz work on the same principle as using fat bars but without the cost. Theyare inexpensive and easily fit onto all types of bars. I wont give you too muchinformation about this amazing tool instead I will just point you over to the infopacked Website where you can learn all about them in detail. Click Here To Check Out Fat GripzI urge you to pick up this super cheap tool so you can experience first hand howpowerful they can be in totally revolutionizing your ability to lift more weight. Itstime to get Fat! www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  23. 23. Hack #12 Snooze...You Dont Lose! We all know that lifting weights is extremely taxing to our body. But many people think that the only thing that needs to recover from a workout is the muscles. But the nervous system also needs to recover. If you have experienced the effects of over-training, there is a good chance you have experienced central nervous system fatigue.This can have a whole variety of negative symptoms that can stop your gainsdead in their tracks. CNS fatigue can be responsible for a total lack of motivationto train, mood swings, drastic drops in performance, impaired cognitive ability,and can even cause depression. All these things are not cool if you want to packon slabs of muscle mass.So what causes CNS fatigue? A lack of rest and recovery are the primarycandidates. You need to carefully monitor your training, diet and nutrition, andsleeping patterns to make sure they are optimal in creating an environmentwhere you are growing mass and not stalling. But you dont want to wait untilyou experience these symptoms before you do anything about them.One of the best ways to minimize CNS fatigue and to aid in recovering after aworkout is to chug down your recovery drink as soon as you finish your trainingsession and then take a 20 – 30 min sleep.Now this nap is not as powerful as your nightly 8 hour sleep because you will bein the twilight sleep cycle and wake up before you reach the deep delta cyclewhere muscle building occurs. What this short nap period will do is controlnervous system fatigue, boost recovery, and increase anabolic hormones.Right after your workout, fatigue is at its highest, your body is struggling torecover, and your hormone levels have dropped significantly. Combining arecovery drink with a short nap is the best way to reverse all these conditionsand help you to build mass. This is especially true if you are in a hypertrophycycle. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  24. 24. So next time you workout, knock yourself out for 20 – 30 minutes, or getsomeone else to do it :) and feel the positive impact it will have on your training. www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  25. 25. Hack #13 A Strange Method ToResurrect Weak Bodyparts Every one of us has certain bodyparts that we train like crazy but never seem to be able to develop to the extent that we want. For me it use to be my chest development which was always seriously lacking. It didnt matter what exercises I used or what rep and set scheme, my chest was always lagging behind all my other muscle groups.Weak bodyparts suck, thats for sure! Some people after failing to develop acertain bodypart usually like to slap down the “genetics” card and use that as anexcuse but that is just a cop out. Its true that genetics can play an important rolebut blaming them (or more likely your parents) will get you nowhere fast.Now before I tell you about the unconventional method I used to powerfullyresurrect my chest into becoming one of my most prized possessions, I have togive credit where credit is due. I first learned about this technique from a guycalled Nick Nilsson or the Muscle Frankenstein as I like to call him. Click Here To Check Out Nicks Awesome Program The Muscle ScientistThe method I learned was coined “Daily Specialization” and is extremelyeffective to help resurrect weak and lagging bodyparts its like your body using aJedi mind trick to command your muscle to grow against its will. Ready to learn?Lets begin...This specialization program will be done two times per day, everyday for aperiod of a month, then take a week off and either repeat with the same exercisefocusing on the same bodypart or choose another one and repeat the cycle untilyou get the desired results.Step By Step Guide:1. Choose which bodypart you need to resurrect using this method and thenchoose a body weight exercise that targets the specific bodypart. You can use www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  26. 26. weights for this if you have a home gym but you will get awesome results frombody weight exercises only and they are much more convenient.The best body weight exercises to choose from are: push ups (chest), closehand push ups (triceps), dips (chest, triceps), chin ups and pull ups (back),handstand push ups (shoulders), calf raises (calves), body leg curls(hamstrings), one legged squats (thighs), chin up static holds (biceps).These are the best exercises to choose from but you can really use any that youare familiar with.2. After you have chosen your exercise you must follow the following workout toa T. You cannot skip days (unless sick or injured) or let excuses get the better ofyou. Each morning upon arising you, perform your exercise until failure. So ifyou picked to work on your chest with push ups, you would wake up, drop to thefloor and pump out as many reps as possible and then go about your day.3. Late in the evening, repeat your exercise to failure. Thats it! Then the nextday you would repeat the same process all over again.A few points that are worth noting:- You will be doing this workout everyday, even on the days of your normalworkout.-You will only achieve results if you stay consistent with this method.- You may think that this method will lead to over-training but it will not. Yourbody is fully capable of recovering from doing only one exercise with a largebreak in between doing the next one.Test this super powerful method out and you will be shocked at the results aftera few weeks. It may be unconventional but it works amazingly well. Dareyourself to try out this tweak today. And just remember each day is going topass you by anyway, why not spend a maximum of 5 minutes every day workingto bring up a lagging bodypart that is holding you back? Its a no brainer! www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
  27. 27. Hack #14 Get Naked For Fast Recovery The quicker you can recover from a workout the quicker you will be back in the gym and make consistent gains. One awesome way to speed up the recovery process after a hard workout session is to get naked and practice a technique called contrast showers. This simple but powerful technique is done by standing in the shower and using hot and cold water in cycles. The contrasting temperatures send out fresh blood which is nutrient and oxygen rich and clears away lactic acid build up from your workout. If you are sick of feelingcrippled the next day after a workout? This is the solution!Heres how to recover using contrast showers:1. After stepping into the shower start off with warm water and have a normalshower and get busy with the soap and wash away all the sweat from theworkout.2. Next, switch to hot water for one minute and then to cold water for oneminute.3. Cycle back and forth between hot and cold water for between 8 – 10 roundsfor best results.4. It doesnt really mater how you finish off after you have completed the cycles.It really depends on you. I like to finish on cold but you could finish on hot, itdoesnt really make any difference.Note: Always be careful with hot water and make sure that its not too hot, itshould not scold your skin or cause any burns. The cold water works best whenit is super cold, I like to turn the hot water off completely and just use the coldwater during the cold cycle.Tip – If you find it hard to wake up in the morning doing this process will jolt youwide awake first thing in the morning. Much better than a hit of caffeine! www.DudeWheresMyMuscle.Com
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