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Little White Lies Front Cover Analysis


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Little White Lies Front Cover Analysis

  1. 1. An analysis of a Little White Lies front cover<br />By Georgia Grant<br /><br />
  2. 2. Little White Lies is a very original and independent magazine, and there are not a lot of magazine like this on the market. There are a lot of elements of Little White Lies that makes it so individual and different from others. The logo for the magazine is extremely unique, as well as how the barcode is printed. In every issue, on the front cover, the round logo seen in the image to left remains the same, which means it is recognisable and individual to Little White Lies.<br />
  3. 3. On the particular front cover of Little White Lies, apart from the standard logo, this is the only text featured on the page. Sometimes there is other text featured, but there is a lot less than you would find on the front of a conventional Hollywood movie magazine.<br />When text is featured on the front cover, it tends to be in a font unique to that particular issue, following the theme set by the illustration featured on the front cover.<br />
  4. 4. The image used on the front of any magazine is always the main feature, however with Little White Lies the image shows viewers what type of magazine little White Lies is. <br />Due to most of the images being illustrations, its gives the front cover a more artistic feel to it as Little White Lies also features film related art and photography. <br />This isn’t really typical of movie magazines, which gives Little White Lies a unique selling point. <br />