Red dead redemption marketing mix


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Red dead redemption marketing mix

  1. 1. PROMOTION Research Of Red Dead Redemptionʼs Marketing Mix. Red Dead Redemption was is a western, action-adventure video game, made my Rockstar San Diego and published by Rockstar Games on May 28th, 2010. The game is based in the year 1911 and follows a former outlaw called John Marston. His wife and son are taken hostage by the government in ransom for his services as a bounty hunter. Having no other choice, he sets out to bring his three former gang members to justice. Outdoor Advertising This type of marking was used in their promotion campaign because its a good way to reaching out to a huge audience. It also draws in a wider audience because now a days people will take photos and share with friends and online. Some example of their outdoor promotion. Is that in New York City, they painted a huge poster onto the side of a building. This was hugely effective because of the fact it was painted on, it was unique and people were amazed by the sheer size it. This lead people to take photos and share them mostly online. Once people start to do this it creates a ripple effect of other sharing it globally and also others coming to see the building and then posting it for themselves. They also used the conventional methods of billboards and digital billboards in Times Square and other places. UNIT04-A01 Lucy Taylor Promotion
  2. 2. In-store Promotion To promote Red Dead Redemption Rockstar had to use In-store promotion because it is a tried and tested successful way to advertise. It is mainly aimed at hardcore gamers as a reminder to purchase the game when they are buying other games. However it can also intrigue casual gamers if they think it looks interesting enough for them to look research and pre order or even buy straight away. In-store promotion normally consists of posters in stores which are known for selling games such as HMV, GAME and Tesco. It can also include deals if you pre- order in that certain store, this more promotion for the actual store but can have positive effects for the game as well. The positives of this method is that you reach a market that are already slightly if not hugely interested in games. The negatives are that you may only have a short timespan to promote as you may have competition from other producers and games being released close to yours. Guerilla Marketing Red Dead Redemption is a extremely high budget game, so they did not use much guerilla marketing, as it is known for being low budget. I have found some some of the stickers that are given out with the game, being posted in public area. I would call this unofficial guerilla marketing because it is not something that rockstar planned and yet it still happened and promoted the game. Web Promotion Is a hugely successful way of advertising a product when the game is coming from a successful, well known and recognized brand name. This is what happened with Red Dead Redemption, because Rockstar have created a fan following people will always check their website for updates on sequels UNIT04-A01 Lucy Taylor Promotion PROMOTION
  3. 3. and new games that will be coming out. So when they see Red Dead Redemption spread all over the website as their next huge game, people are bound to be interesting in looking and watching the trailers. Rockstar also do a good job as directing people to where they can pre order easily in all of the different countries that they may be watching from. This promotion method can have very varying results as it only works if people go onto the website and if they donʼt then it is a waste of time. Also people may just ignore these advertisements because they think they will not live up to other Rockstar games. Digital Marketing This type of marketing is growing more popular everyday because it is mainly done over social networking sites such as Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. This works well for the promotion of games as the target audience for these types of games all have accounts and spend large amounts of time of them. Rockstar have a verified twitter account where they tweet updates on their new game as well as previews and trailers. This encourages their target audience to follow them to be aware when the trailers are released, but for rockstar this gives them a chance to keep reminding them about the games release date and how great the game is going to be. On Facebook its similar but its more done by sharing the page and then your friends see that you have been on it and want to also see what it is about and then they will share it and it becomes a sharing cycle with spreads the game into a wide market that it would have not been able to do without it. This method spreads to such a huge audience and this is a positive because more people will know about the game. However just because they have seen the name and the logo does not mean they are suddenly going to buy the game and become a huge fan. Most of the people who see the advertisement or the page will click straight off it and then forget all about it, because their are so many other products and companies doing the exact thing. Direct Marketing Red Dead Redemption used a direct website in a way of promotion. This could be found through many different means including google and links off the Rockstar website. This method of marketing is good because it look professional and well presented as they have their own space that they can design to be how they want to to be. It is also a great place for them to put up information about the game to give to their audience. The audience and potential gamers always react well to being able to find all the information, pictures and trailers in own easy to find place. UNIT04-A01 Lucy Taylor PromotionPROMOTION
  4. 4. Sales Promotion This can include a huge range of different methods of promotion and Red Dead Redemption used many of these to make their advertising campaign and game a success. The first of which is the pre-order deals that they put across, this was mainly aimed towards college students who may be on a tight budget but who they still want and need to buy the game. So to still draw the students they did many reduced deals of the game if they pre-ordered a certain number of months in advance. This works out well for Rockstar because they already have sales and guarantee of money from the game. Students will also spread this message so others will pre-order but also once the game is actually released other friends will play the game and like it but have to pay full price for it. Another way they advertised the game before its release date is by allowing hardcore Rockstar fans to play a short preview of the game before it comes out. They did this all over the world and had hundreds of people come and queue so they could get a taste of the game weeks before its release. This has many different advantages, one of which is that these people will stay sweet and if they like the game will not only buy it for themselves, but also spread it by word of mouth and also use social networking sites to share their experience with other gamers who may not have been able to attend. The last method that Red Dead Redemption used was they sold promotional merchandise, such as T-shirts, jumpers, and console covers. Most of these objects were special edition and could only be brought at a certain time, hardcore fans love this, because they think they are getting a part of the game that only they have. Cross Promotion Red Dead Redemption was quite unusual in some of this advertisement methods, one is that it showed promos in cinemas. Not only this but their will also be foyer posters where consumers can download content from the game via Bluetooth. “For the first time as a company, we will be running an on-screen cinema advertising campaign. We think the cinematic nature of the game makes it a perfect fit for cinema and we will be executing a nationwide ad campaign targeting the audiences of Robin Hood, Iron Man 2 and Prince of Persia.” This method they were sure would certainly get people attentions and make sure it is the most successful game of the year. UNIT04-A01 Lucy Taylor PromotionPROMOTION
  5. 5. Press Relation This is a company that worked with the image of Red Dead Redemption and made it as popular and well known as possible. They also work creating a positive and successful image for the game as well as the company. PRODUCT- Red Dead Redemption The promotion was Red Dead Redemption was a long and expensive process which Rockstar undertook, it took 5 years to plan and make, overall it cost them $100million (£70 million). Rage is Rockstar;s technology group at Rockstar San Diego, they do the technology within the games. they create for Microsoft Windows, Playstation 3, Wii and Xbox 360. Rage supports engine libraries and tools for graphics, physics, animation, networking, character behaviors, core systems and many more. The IP (intellectual property) for Rockstar is brought by Angel Studios and created into Rockstar North. Then came Red Dead Revolver by a company called capcom which is a japanese game studio which then Rockstar brought. Content Red Dead Redemption is an open world game western themed game, players can interact within the game environment and engage in combat with enemies with a range of different weapons. For transportation within the game, horses are used however they do need to be trained before you can ride them. There are 57 missions to complete throughout the game however there are only 10 that deal directly with the story of John Marstons. As for quality, there are a huge range of colours that are used in the game and their 3D graphics they are very detailed and are not glitchy or blocked in anyway. The gameplay is quite open as it allows the player to explore the game without completing missions. However, when missions and tasks are completed, parts of the game are unlocked and makes the game more interesting. Red Dead Redemption was rated at a 18+ due to the violence, nudity, strong language, strong sexual content and use of drugs. Audience The target audience for Red Dead Redemption would be a hardcore gamer who enjoys adventure and exploration games. The gamer preferably needs to have skills on this genre of game to allow them to move up the game and be able to complete the missions. The demographic for this game would be teenagers as they would understand the concepts of the game and find its aspects more enjoyable. Price The RRP for Red Dead Redemption is £40. This price allows VAT, Retail, console license and distribution to be taken our and R* still make a profit. Placement As the game is such a huge one, the placement of it is very important as there is huge amounts of money from Rockstar resting on it. The game is sold in retail stores they they make up to 80% of all sales. The rest of the sales come from online and downloads. UNIT04-A01 Lucy Taylor Promotion
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