28 ways to smash review


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Call if you need encouragement or having problems. We want to help you smash your problems as you seek solutions. 1-641-715-3900 ext. 568515

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28 ways to smash review

  1. 1. 28 Ways To SmashWhat Shattered YouBy Tony BakerShattered!
  2. 2. Copyright © 2013 by Tony BakerAll rights reserved.Cover designed and arranged by Tony Baker
  3. 3. The EagleAn eagle is known to fly by itself. It climbs the highest rock and free fallshead first. In one burst the eagle flaps its wings and is lifted high in theair. An eagle never flies in a pack; it is often alone.Have you ever wondered why you dont fit in? Has it ever dawned on you that youare like the eagle? Perhaps your life has been challenging because you try tohang around people who are like the penguin, the ostrich, and the chicken. None ofthese birds were meant to fly. The penguin was meant to live in the cold. Theostrich was created to run on the ground. The chicken stays in the coop. Butyou, you the eagle were meant to soar.Do not be discouraged by your present circumstance. Even the eagle has to flythrough the storms and the rain. You may walk alone now, but I believe thefurther you fly, the more your life and destiny will be revealed. If yourblessings have escaped your grasp, keep soaring. The reason you have not receivedyour blessings is because you are not high enough. You can make it...you eagle.Reflections______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. 4. Nothing Just HappensIt is often said that things never just happen. I truly believe that. In ourlives we can honestly look and say without a doubt what we haveaccomplished and what we have yet to accomplish is not a result of others.Instead, it is a direct reflection of where we are or what we desire at thetime. I also hear many people say when things don’t go their way that it wasn’tGod’s will, it wasn’t their time, or this was not meant for them. The betterquestion is this. Do you really want it? What are you willing to sacrificeto achieve it? I say that because whatever and I really mean whatever youdesire in life, you can have – as long as it is not harming others, causingdestruction, or hindering our society. You must ask and keep on asking. Seekand keep on seeking. Knock and keep on knocking and I can assure you that thedoors will open for you. Never Give Up!Reflections______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  5. 5. Finish What You Start!Finish what you start! One famous saying goes, “The race is not given to theswift, neither the battle to the strong, nor bread to the wise, but it is givento the one that endures until the end.” I know this has been a rough year withits economic woes, relationship problems, and countless other burdens that youcarry. However, I believe in you and know that you have what it takes to moveforward. Make up your mind right now to finish what you start.Bill Gates didnt quit when Microsoft failed. Its initial name was Traf-O-Data.Oprah was abused as a child, fired, and told she wasn’t fit for television.Moses was called to lead a multitude of people, but had a speech impediment. Mypoint is simple. All of these people and many others started, but did not quit.Finish what you start!Reflections______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  6. 6. Your Future Is Forward…My favorite motivational speaker, Les Brown, once said, “Most people fail notbecause they aim too high and miss, but because they aim too low and hit.” Iwant to encourage you to keep aiming high. There is nothing down or backwardsthat you need. Your future is forward and bright. That is why you must continueto fight! I am sure there have been many people in your life that have told youthat you cannot make it, but here you are making it! This may be the year thatall of your dreams and goals are fulfilled. I really believe if you keep reaching forwhat you want out of life, life must release it to you. Whatever you do, stayfocused and never stop until you get what you desire!Reflections______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  7. 7. Perspective AcceptanceThere will always be things in life to challenge your perspective. The great thing is that you don’thave to accept what others say. Don’t even allow how someone else feels about you block yourprogress. The most important person in the equation is not how others view you, what they say, orhow they feel about you…it is how you see yourself. Why? This is very simple, because you have theprivilege of being with yourself 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This is one of the reasons youshould be your biggest fan and cheerleader. We all have weaknesses. Focus on your strengths andmove your life forward.Reflections______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  8. 8. The Sandwich ShopWhat do you do if you start a business to raise money for college? The business you choose ismaking sandwiches. One thing no one told you was that you would start four sandwich shops, butall four would fail. To keep up appearances, you continue to try and juggle them as people think youare a fool. Well, this is exactly what Fred Deluca, the owner of Subway did. Now there are tens ofthousands of Subways around the world. I wonder if you would have quit after the first two failed…Reflections______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  9. 9. The First Bloody MaryShe was labeled as a crazy woman. Her name is never even mentioned. No one wanted to go nearher. The doctors took her money, but never healed her body. Weakening from the hemorrhagingshe finally has had enough. Tired of being stereotyped and scorned she pushes her way to the firstof the crowd and does what few people dear to do - she touches Him. No, you don’t understand Hehad been touched many times, but this was special for He said, “Virtue went out of me.” Aftertwelve (12) long years, she finally healed because she kept on reaching. How far are you willing toreach to fulfill your destiny and receive healing for your soul?Reflections______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  10. 10. 7 DaysWhat do you call an 86-year-old woman with the energy of a 20 year old? The spirit and zest for lifeof a teenager. She has the heart of a worshipper, the class of a first lady, and to top it all off shewears stilettos every day -- we call her Ma’ Barker. Mary Barker is the hero of many people in hertown and certainly our church.Recently, she had some health problems. The doctors told her that she had some form of stomachcancer. She lay in that hospital bed for a couple weeks. The doctors told her that they had to operateto remove the cancer. In typical Ma’ Barker fashion she refused the procedure. As a matter of factthe last thing she would ever do was take a bunch of medication, let alone allow doctors to performa major surgery.They gave her 7 days to live. Tears flooded the eyes of many people as the news spread. Seven daysis what the doctors said. Well, the doctors did not know Ma’ Barker, her faith, or the God sheserved. I am glad to report that it has been quite some time since seven days and she is still alive. Shehas not put back on her stiletto, but I feel it is just a matter of time.The morale of the story is this. Doctors may know science, but it is best that you know your God. Ifyou don’t, you may very well take your last breath in 7 Days, or your seventh day could become thestring of many more pleasant years.Reflections_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  11. 11. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________1,009So you have this chicken recipe. This new flavor is supposed to be really good. At least it is good toyou. But wait a moment. How old are you? You mean to tell me at this age, this stage in life, youwant to start a business? Well, at nearly 70 years old one man did just that. He did it using only hissocial security check. After 1,008 tries, on the 1,009thtry Colonel Sanders finally found someone tobelieve in him and Kentucky Fried Chicken was born.Even after 1,008 tries he kept knocking. When did you stop knocking for opportunities? Was it afterthe 5threjection? No, perhaps it was the 103rdfailure. After 1,008 attempts Colonel Sanders foundsomeone to believe in him. I believe the real thing he discovered was that he never stoppedbelieving in himself. Neither should you stop believing in yourself. Keep Dreaming!Reflections______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________