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with the example of ARRI.

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  1. 1. Becoming an Entrepreneur on the Job
  2. 2. INTRAPRENEUR“An IntrApreneur Is the person who focuses on innovation and creativity and who transforms a dream or an idea into a profitable venture, by operating within the organizational environment. Thus, Intrapreneurs are Inside entrepreneurs who follow their founder’s exAmple”
  3. 3. DEFINED as…Intrapreneur’s are “dreamers who do”, those who take hands-on responsibility for creating innovation of any kind within an organization. -Gifford PinchotThe intrapreneur is an essential ingredient in every innovation. -Dr. William Souder
  4. 4. CHARACTERISTIC OF INTRAPRENEUR• They work to minimize risk in order to realize their goals.• They are the dreamer of a new project and they have a ability to execute it.• They can find their way from the idea to actualization.• They find a ready source of resources within the organization. -funds -manpower -brand
  5. 5. Example of Intrapreneurship
  6. 6. Founded 1917August Arnold Robert Richter
  7. 7. About ARRI• The ARRI Group has been the largest world wide supplier of high quality motion picture film equipment since 1917. Eg. film cameras, cinematic lighting equipment• In 1937 the Arri Group introduced the worlds first reflex mirror shutter in the Arriflex 35 camera.
  8. 8. Era of Intrapreneurship Prof. Dr. Dejan IlicSerbian natural scientist. Since April 16th 2007 he’s the CEO ofARRI.
  9. 9. Prof. Dr. Dejan Ilic and his Work• Ilic studied physical chemistry.• After teaching students at the universities in New Jersey, began to work for Varta AG in 1987.• As head for research and development he advanced as a pioneer for the development of new rechargeable energy storages.• In 1996 Ilic, meanwhile Chief Technical Officer, managed development of ultramodern assembly line to produce micro batteries.
  10. 10. • In 1997 Ilic made a decision which causes sensation. …• Ilic helped Varta Microbattery to become worldwide leading manufacturer of Polymer batteries.• After leaving Varta Ilic became CEO of ARRI AG, located in Munich. Here he also promotes new technologies to optimize the world leading manufacturer of professional cine cameras in know-how and efficiency.
  11. 11. …• Ilic’s pursues three objectives:  Development of digital products  expanding business in Eastern Europe and Asia  accelerate development of new Arri digital products.
  12. 12. Conclusion “So our conclusion to the meaning of an intrapreneur can either be someone who operates like a entrepreneur, but he has the backing of an organization or is anentrepreneur with his business maturing into a better organization”
  13. 13. Thank You