Smart advertising benchmarks 2011


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Smart advertising benchmarks 2011

  1. 1. WANTTHE FULL REPORT?VISIT WWW.MEDIAMIND.COM/DOMOREWITHDIGITAL © Copyright 2011 MediaMind. Follow us: 7 SO WHAT IS DWELL EXACTLY? FOR BUILDINGA SMARTERAD To understand the effectiveness of ads, we must be able to measure the engagement of that ad. To measure the effectiveness of branding, MediaMind uses two metrics: Dwell Rate is the number of impressions engaged by touch, interaction, or click. Average Dwell Duration measures the amount of time those people engaged with your ad. Unintentional dwell lasting less than one second is excluded. Measuring the effectiveness of online ads have been the thorn to many marketers. As a global provider of digital advertising solutions that optimize the use of media, creative and data for enhanced campaign performance, MediaMind serves millions of display ads, search, rich media, video, dynamic ads, and mobile. With access to this data, MediaMind is able to report on online advertising effectiveness. 7BEST PRACTICESBEST PRACTICES 58%SAVINGS 7.Integrate exchanges into the media buy MONEYSPENT OTHER MEDIA BUY AD EXCHANGE BUY 6.Take advantage of dynamic creative optimization AutomaticOptimization Other DWELLRATE 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 8.6% 6.6% DWELL RATE 5.Synched Ads Capture More Attention 6.6% 5.6% SYNCHED NON-SYNCHED RICHER F O RMATS 4.Richer Formats Prolong Attention Sidekick 48 sec Video Extender 50 sec Peelback 58 sec Homepage Takeover 45 sec Instant Message 94 sec Overlay18 sec Polite Banner38 sec 7% 6% 5% 4% 3% AVERAGEDWELLRATE 3.Surround ad with relevant content MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT, FINANCE, TECHNOLOGY SITES WITH MATCHED CONTENT RUN OF NETWORK, RUN OF SITE 2.Initiate your video automatically AUTO-INITIATED USER INITIATED DWELL RATE 9.2% 4.3% 8.4% 3.7% PO LITE EXPANDABLE PO LITE EXPANDABLE No Video 1.Use video for higher engagement DWELL RATE 6.3% 5.2% With Video