Research: TV media buying optimisation with YouTube


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Research: TV media buying optimisation with YouTube

  1. 1. How YouTube and TV can Work Together to Build Brands June 2011Background Campaign Share Incremental NetInformation of Investment Reach of YouTubeCoca Cola asked Millward Brown to 1 in 4 of those exposed to YouTubeevaluate what contribution all media had no contact with the TV campaign.utilised in their campaign were having onthe brand’s key performance indicators. Other Other Media Media 21%In addition it was important to the client 21% 4%to understand how the YouTube activity TV TV TV Ads TVReach Ads YouTube YouTube 54% Ads Reachimpacted the brand and how efficiently 54% Reach 73% Ads Reach 9% Other 73% 9% Digitalin comparison to TV. Digital 21% 21%The campaign was heavyweight and ran 2.3% 2.3%across multiple media types including incremental reach incremental reach through YouTube through YouTubeTV, radio, print, digital etc.Methodology The YouTube EffectCrossMedia Research™. YouTube and TV generates 74.1% reach. To achieve the same reach with TV only, Coca Cola would have to spend an extra €200k.Modelling based approach used tomeasure campaign impact on brand 80consideration and communicationobjectives. 75 Delivered Reach : 74.1%Identifies the campaign effects on the + €200kbrand, while controlling for variation 70in predisposition amongst our sample TV and YouTube plan To achieve the Reach % TV spend 1.78m, YouTube same reach withdue to underlying brand/category spend 0.13m a TV only plan 65involvements and ongoing influences. Total 1.91m TV spend 2.11mTarget via a nationally representative 60online panel. TV & 55 TV Only 50 1.0 1.50 1.75 2.0 2.25 2.5 Simulated Spend €
  2. 2. YouTube is particularly strong at fostering engagement with Coca Cola YouTube Youtube 768 66% 1. 3. 66% of those surveyed agreed with the What was the level of the ‘Is for Indexed against TV, what What was brand someone like me’ image statement? image statement ‘Is for someone like me’ was theper impact brand impact per €250k spend €250k spend? 333 100 62 ‘Is for someone like me’ Is me 2. TV Radio Press What drove the image statement? 7% media uplift? 3.6% YouTube 7% 3% 93% 97% 0.6% Press Media Uplift Latent PredispositionOf this 66%, 3% was 7% 2.8% TVdriven by the campaignSummary The YouTube Effectand Conclusions Given its very limited investment within the total mix it is highly cost efficient• YouTube delivers incremental net reach over TV and is an effective way of reaching 8.0 the core audience 7.0• YouTube is a cost efficient way of extending the reach and impact 6.0 of the campaign on key brand KPIs Media Uplift (%) 5.0 350 GRPs + €1.87m• YouTube is significantly more cost 4.0 efficient than TV• This is because it delivers a greater 3.0 TV and YouTube plan To achieve the TV spend 1.78m, same reach with effect at a lower frequency than TV YouTube spend 0.13m a TV only plan 2.0 Total 1.91m TV spend 3.78m TV & 1.0 TV Only 0.0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 1400 1600 GRPs