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Social media presentation


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Social media presentation

  2. 2. Imagine The World’s Largest Tradeshow andHow It Compares To Social Media in White Converts into aCustomer stops Conversation leadin booth starts • Customer directed to • Able to see your website • Customer other and becomes engages on customer a lead Twitter or comments • Turns into Facebook • No boundaries several leads of time or quickly space THE LARGEST SELECTION OF CLASSROOM LITERATURE
  3. 3. Social Media Facts 93% of adult US Internet users are on Facebook Average user spends over 11 hours per month on Facebook 50 million users every day 51 Users are 3x more likely to share content with general US population Daily Pinterest users have increased more than 145% since the beginning of 2012.THE LARGEST SELECTION OF CLASSROOM LITERATURE
  4. 4. Services:Social Media Management—manage and set up your social media siteson Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTubeSEO—search engine optimization, helping your business be found onlineEmail Marketing—creating a template and tips on content strategy foryour newsletterAnalytics—measuring your ROI so that you can see not only who iscoming to your website but also the return you are seeing from it.
  5. 5. D&H DrugstoreFacebook Timeline Cover
  6. 6. Innovative Designs (PriyaBatchu) Facebook Timeline Cover
  7. 7. Joe Machens Capital CityFacebook Timeline Cover
  8. 8. Binghams ClothingFacebook Timeline Cover
  9. 9. Allen’s FlowersFacebook Timeline Cover
  10. 10. Jacobs Realty Inc.Facebook Timeline Cover
  11. 11. DubtizzleFacebook Timeline Cover
  12. 12. Executive AdvantageFacebook Timeline Cover
  13. 13. Revelation Spa & SalonFacebook Timeline Cover
  14. 14. Sandler TrainingFacebook Timeline Cover
  15. 15. Honeybaked HamFacebook Timeline Cover
  16. 16. Fresh IdeasFacebook Timeline Cover
  17. 17. Anytime FitnessFacebook Timeline Cover
  18. 18. All-Star AutomotiveFacebook Timeline Cover
  19. 19. Marathon Building Environments Facebook Timeline Cover
  20. 20. Broadway Urgent CareFacebook Timeline Cover