Pauline Riordan, Dublin City Council, Local Authority View & Introduction to Workshop


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Pauline Riordan, Dublin City Council, Local Authority View & Introduction to Workshop
Pauline is a planner in Dublin City Council who has been working in our new Innovation Unit ‘the Studio’, set up to explore ways of working that are new to the city and the council. She has been working over the last year to identify and prepare DCC ‘open data’ for publishing on dublinked

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Pauline Riordan, Dublin City Council, Local Authority View & Introduction to Workshop

  1. 1. Dublinked Planning Workshop Local Authority Perspective Pauline Riordan Planner, Dublin City Council 08/12/11
  2. 2. Opening up public data Government Data: data and information produced or commissioned by government or government controlled entities.* Not sensitive or private information but core public data on Planning, Transport, Water, Environment, Community facilities etc ~150 datasets •OSI maps •NTA transport nodes, bus data 2012 *OpenKnowledgeFoundation(OKF)
  3. 3. What we want?•Use data in different ways•Better city services & systems•Build innovation & entrepreneurship•Dublin region as a test bed for new products, services and apps ‘Prototyped in Dublin’
  4. 4. 2781 visits first month46 countriesIreland, US, UK, Germany, Poland, France, Spain, Italy, NL249 citiesIrish, Bialystok, Kensington
  5. 5. Most viewed Development Plan (Seveso Sites, Zoning, ACAs, Amenties)* >500 Traffic Volumes (Counts, Cameras) >300 Parking (Bays, Meters, Zones & Tarrifs) >200 Planning Apps *polygons >200 Street Furniture (Lighting, Street licences, litter bin survey*) >200 Mapping (3-D Building Polygons & Raster map) * ~170 Noise maps * ~130 Cycle Network * ~100 Community facilities * ~100 Winter Salting Routes (FCC) ~100 Rainfall monitoring ~90 Train Stations (FCC) ~70 River Catchments & Drainage * ~65 Fire & Ambulance Call outs ~60 *contain co-ordinates or spatial maps
  6. 6. Data RequestsPlanningDrainageWater flow (floods)Water & air qualityLitterDublin Bus GPSTourismProperty
  7. 7. How we respond Review Feedback New Data Sample sets Simplify Themed to process Workshops updated/live data Standardise output Prioritise next release ? regionally
  8. 8. How we collect dataEnvironment Planning Water Transport Hard Copy Digitised Text Spatial Static Dynamic Silos Pool resources & share results
  9. 9. Planning application data Requests: Daily feeds, Summary stats, Point co-ordinates Commencement notices, ABP/DOE information Building Enforcement Appeals Control Can we share information to make application process more efficient?
  10. 10. Strategic planning data Requests: Key dates, derelict buildings Development Non statutory Consultation Plan/ Local reports and Councillors and Area Plans studies publicHow do we integrate data to build an evidence base for decision making and monitoring?
  11. 11. Heritage data Requests: Conservation/Heritage sites Built NaturalCan we layer information to see the big picture?
  12. 12. Environmental MonitoringHow can we use data to speed up SEA/AA?Can we use data for ongoing monitoring? Who updates?
  13. 13. Consultation data Requests: Key dates for news feeds, councillor info Raw data 1000 online submissionsHow can we use this information to communicate better and to measure progress?
  14. 14. Creative Engagement Tourism Ireland facebook app Engage playfully with children & young people Information layers: •Tourism •Heritage •Public Facilities, •Demographic •Transport •Weather •Maps Sim City Farmville
  15. 15. Visualisationvia@sethsblogThe Power of Visualisation:"Data is not useful until it becomesinformation" #opendata #dublinked
  16. 16. Connected cityInformation layers;Traffic sensors, way finding, buildings, air quality, noise, cycling, road works, complaints… D
  17. 17. Themed workshop Strategic Planning Planning DevPlan Applications Applications LAP Building Control Non statutory Enforcement Consultation Appeals SEA /AA Monitoring Conservation All of the above Green InfrastructureEnvironment & General Heritage