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The boom in toys from kid's virtual worlds


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Research conducted by Dubit into the popularity of kid's virtual worlds and toys from them, such as Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin.

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The boom in toys from kid's virtual worlds

  1. 1. DubitThe demand for toys basedon kid’s virtual worldsDecember 2011
  2. 2. Digital Platforms
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  4. 4. Digital PlatformsResearch Strategy Campaigns
  5. 5. THE POPULARITY OF VIRTUALWORLD TOYS?Children’s virtual worlds - like MoshiMonsters and Club Penguin - aren’tjust popular online; they’re also provingto be a big hit as toys, with ourresearch showing over half of UKchildren who play the top kid’s virtualworlds own toys based on the worlds!This survey of 500 children agedbetween seven to 11 years of age,reveals which virtual world toys aremost popular and what will be thenext big toy-hit?
  6. 6. AWARENESSWe asked the children which virtual worlds theyve heard of... Club Penguin Moshi Monsters Bin Weevils Build-A-Bearville Neo Pets Stardoll 2%2% Habbo None of these 4% 4% WebKinz Poptropica 4% 24% Gaia Online 6% 8% 10% 23% 12%
  7. 7. GAMES PLAYEDWe asked the children which virtual worlds theyve played... 50% 38% 25% 13% 0% None of these WebKinz Poptropica Gaia Online Build-A-Bearville Neo Pets Stardoll Habbo Club Penguin Moshi Monsters Bin Weevils
  8. 8. TOYS OWNEDAnd we asked the children if they owned toys fromthe virtual worlds they’ve played... 40% 30% 20% 10% 0% WebKinz Poptropica Moshi Monsters Build-A-Bearville Club Penguin
  9. 9. THE NEXT BIG THINGWe asked the children if they would like toys based on theworlds they’ve played, even if they don’t currently licencetoys (Bin Weevils, Habbo, Stardoll, Gaia)...80%60%40%20% 0% Habbo Stardoll Neo Pets Gaia Online WebKinz Build-A-Bearville Poptropica Bin Weevils Club Penguin Moshi Monsters Would Want Wouldn’t Mind
  10. 10. THE FINDINGS• Awareness of kid’s virtual worlds is very high. Only 11% of the sample had not heard of any of the games listed.• Club Penguin and Moshi Monsters dominate the space, but Bin Weevils is one to watch.• Club Penguin players are the kids most likely to own a toy based on a virtual world game they play.
  11. 11. THE FINDINGS• Most importantly, kids who play virtual worlds are demanding toys based on the games!• Games that at the time of producing this report didn’t have a toy based on them (Gaia Online, Bin Weevils, Stardoll, Habbo) were in demand from over half of their players.
  12. 12. DubitFor further insights into toys, virtualworlds and more, get in touche-mail: