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An online focus group conducted by Dubit into teens opinions of mobile advertising. Done using the Dubit ClickRoom.

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Mobilephones 100416085505-phpapp01

  1. 1. What’s in an advert?In a monthly review of advertising awareness with12-17 year olds, Dubit’s Informers told us mobileadverts were consistently the most recalled. Two onlinefocus groups allowed us to explore the issue… ‘That’ caught my eye Mobile phones dominate the advert ‘hot list’, with T-Mobile, Orange, Phones4U and HTC creating noise. Into the mix confidently trots Cadbury’s, Honda, Skoda cake and the Barclays waterslide, all creating their own unique splash. My friends and I…well we talk We all like to talk and phone adverts reverberate around the youths social circle. Orange Wednesday and the ‘freaky things’, T-Mobile ‘crowds are singing’ and Vodafone ‘brings face + twitter with him’. But other than talk about it what impact does this actually have…Me, my mobile and IAdverts ‘don’t influence what I buy, they just ‘Its fun, gives you amake me look’, when choosing a phone is a clear idea of the brand,logical process ‘looks, functions, practicality’ and and gives you a bit of‘a good cheap contract’. Decisions are informed information about whatby ‘looking around, speak to friends, parents’. ‘It they are advertising‘could be the worst advert, but still be a dead (Orange Bright Top-ups)good phone that I would want so…’ ‘…at least it showed you the phone andOk I’m entertained, but what do I know gave you more‘I don’t really know what its selling so it hasn’t information than themade me what to buy anything’. A classic last one’example is the T-Mobile advert which (HTC caveman, compared toentertained, but this did not appear to translate ‘sing-a-long’)into intention. Blackberry adverts are moresuccessful ‘quick and to the point’ Two focus groups were held on the 28th of October, one with 12-14 year olds and one with 15-17 year olds. The groups were mixed gender and lasted 30 minutes. For more information on our online focus groups please contact or contact the research team on +44 113 3947 920