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Four Myths About Kids & Virtual Reality


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To now, children have not been a target audience for Virtual Reality. Now, with technology improvements, cost decreases, the advent of Google Cardboard, and better understanding of VR's content potential, Dubit believes that 2016 will be a watershed year for kids and VR.

Find out why in this excerpt from Dubit's presentation at the Cinekid for Professionals 2015 conference, in Amsterdam, and contact us for much more.

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Four Myths About Kids & Virtual Reality

  1. 1. Dubit - 1 Four Myths About Kids & Virtual Reality
  2. 2. Dubit Dubit Limited | The Half Roundhouse | Wellington Road | Leeds | LS12 1DR | UK
 This is an excerpt from a presentation that Dubit SVP of Global Trends, David Kleeman, gave at Cinekid 2015. For the complete set of slides, contact
  3. 3. Dubit - 3 Mindful that children have been a “hands off” audience to now, Dubit has researched young people’s comfort, safety, engagement and interests with virtual reality. We are already a leading content analyst, operating a free download site,, and helping clients with emerging strategies. We’re exploring these big questions; how can we help you? Content In VR, what is “sticky,” “deep” and “social”? Will gaming or experiences lead the way in VR for children? How can VR be used for narrative? When do kids care about VR immersion vs. 360 vs. 3D? Distribution & Sustainability Will people buy one all-purpose device or several for different uses? Will the hardware market support one or several providers? What will people pay for VR content, and under what business models? Dubit: The Leading Kids & VR Strategy Consultancy
  4. 4. Dubit - 4 Four Myths About Virtual Reality 1. It’s Not for Kids (Dubit Research) Comfort & ease Kids’ likes and dislikes 2. It’s Expensive Cardboard & mobile change the game Smartphone penetration & speed make it possible 3. It’s a Long Way Away For school and play, worldwide, 2016 & 2017 are critical 4. It’s a Gimmick It’s immersive in ways TV and 3D never were With AR, kids are producers, not just consumers
  5. 5. Dubit - 5 Myth #4: VR is a Gimmick
  6. 6. Dubit - 6 What’s Different?
  7. 7. Dubit - 7 Empathy Stanford Virtual Human Interaction Lab: Understanding of what it's like to be someone else (e.g., a war refugee) University of London: “Self Resemblance” - seeing yourself as someone else in a mirror Autism Controlled sensory stimuli while practicing real-world simulations Ubuntu: I Am Because You Are
  8. 8. Dubit - 8 Kids at the Center In VR, if a story is told well, it is actually all about you. • Make eye contact. • Don’t get too close to crying characters. • Appreciate that you no longer 
 have a fourth wall. Saschka Unseld Creative Director of Oculus Story Studios
  9. 9. Dubit - 9 Producers, Not Just Consumers Virtual Reality: A Peek Behind the Mask
  10. 10. Dubit Dubit Limited | The Half Roundhouse | Wellington Road | Leeds | LS12 1DR | UK
 David Kleeman SVP Global Trends @davidkleeman Free VR Downloads: