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How Young Early Adopters Find and Share new Entertainment (Children's Media Conference 2014)


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Our presentation from the 2014 Children's Media Conference looking at how young early adopters find and share new entertainment, with a focus on social media.

Published in: Marketing, Technology
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How Young Early Adopters Find and Share new Entertainment (Children's Media Conference 2014)

  1. 1. CMC 2014 “People in both fields operate with beliefs and biases. To the extent you can eliminate both and replace them with data, you gain a clear advantage.” ― Michael Lewis, Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game
  3. 3. Stage 1: Identifying Your Audience Early discovery CMC 2014
  4. 4. Early discovery Mass consumption Sharing Stage 2: How to Engage Your Audience CMC 2014
  5. 5. Stage 3: Sustaining & Extending Retention CMC 2014
  6. 6. CMC 2014
  7. 7. The Challenge Fragmentation More content + more platforms to consume = harder to be found CMC 2014
  8. 8. "We sold more books today that didn't sell at all yesterday than we sold today of all the books that did sell yesterday." The Long Tail Chris Anderson, The Long Tail: Why the Future of Business Is Selling Less of More CMC 2014
  9. 9. ‘De gustibus non est disputandum’ [that] of taste is not to be discussed The Long Tail has no Value? CMC 2014
  10. 10. The Challenge Fragmentation More content + more platforms to consume = harder to be found Commercialisation Big brands have access to audience and platforms CMC 2014
  11. 11. Non-traditional Grows Up 1bn downloads Going toe-to-toe with Disney More subscribers than 1D 80m registered users Earned enough to quit his job 2013: $330m CMC 2014
  12. 12. Kids Media Habits are Changing CMC 2014
  13. 13. The Funnel HOW KIDS FIND WHAT THEY EXPERIENCE HOW KIDS SHARE …Make your brand discoverable …. Make your brand aspirational …Make your brand more social CMC 2014
  14. 14. How They Find CMC 2014
  15. 15. 64% 63% 35% 35% 34% 28% 25% 23% 19% 19% 17% 13% 13% 13% 11% 8% 7% Experts at Filtering Peer Recommendations and WOM CMC 2014
  16. 16. Experts at Filtering The App Store/Play Store Scanning reviews, screenshots & graphics – it’s a two- second process Delete after a few minutes if not liked CMC 2014
  17. 17. Experts at Filtering Be the first person to re-tweet / share Constant Phone Notifications CMC 2014
  18. 18. Experts at Filtering Use visual cues and be concise You’ve only got a few seconds Communicate key hooks straight away Make peer recommendation super easy… share-ability CMC 2014
  19. 19. Why do they share brands? CMC 2014
  20. 20. NEWNESS:DIFFERENTIATION Expect & demand a stream of constant change New is aspirational Constantly being improved “A little buzz every time I’m the first to try something out” CMC 2014
  21. 21. Apple isn’t the Device for Early Adopters CMC 2014
  22. 22. Exclusivity Keen to get away from parents, authority & ‘policing’ Get bored of mainstream Challenger brands appeal Value novelty over caution CMC 2014
  23. 23. Popularity Ratio of followers to following is important Number of likes on a photo Highly managed online ID It’s a full time job! CMC 2014
  24. 24. Collaboration Want a 2-way relationship with the creators and designers Consulted on improvements Crowd-sourced ideas Freedom to contribute and get involved CMC 2014
  25. 25. CMC 2014
  26. 26. EXCLUSIVITY:How to Make it Aspirational ‘Private’ launch - make them feel special and needed Leak the information to niche media outlets/sources Allow them to feedback and improve the product Strategy to keep the ‘un-cool’ out?! CMC 2014
  27. 27. How they Share CMC 2014
  28. 28. Fragmentation Different media and platforms for different reasons Some very public, some more private and personal CMC 2014
  29. 29. The more personal it feels, the more teens trust opinions - A loop of checking! 14-17s CLOSE FRIENDS FRIENDS FOLLOWERS A minority have own YouTube channel CMC 2014
  30. 30. Used to use it for everything! The Mums and Grandmas have moved in It’s still got the most People on it, so feels like it’s got widest reach… Now it’s the events organiser for teens CMC 2014
  31. 31. Teens have quite a functional relationship with Twitter – it’s a place to find information… It’s for “following celebs and favourite football teams” Easy to find friends and spread the word via hashtags But nothing is private on twitter”, anyone can follow you CMC 2014
  32. 32. “It’s for music, hobbies and funny stuff” “You go for one thing and end up somewhere totally different” “See and hear things you never knew existed” “It’s everything for everyone…whatever you want” CMC 2014
  33. 33. Relaxed and chilled browsing” (teens upload less) Easy to share with friends Funny videos you can watch over and over Have a selection of favourite Viners CMC 2014
  34. 34. It’s about getting noticed For my best photos, to see how good looking i am It’s a thrill every time you post… will it get lots of likes or not? Feels quite personal – feel they know everyone they’re following (really?!) In the moment and experiential But you feel judged and rejected when photo isn’t liked within 4 minutes! CMC 2014
  35. 35. Only for my closest friends Insight into the ‘everyday’ me Capture that exact moment Feels more special as it’s only limited time You don’t have to worry about it being there in the future CMC 2014
  36. 36. Constant chat, good to be part of it and keep up…always something going on/to read CMC 2014
  37. 37. For designers: Improve ways they can highlight their popularity and social status Is there a way to reassure it’s safe to ‘share in the moment’? For brands: Make friends and get closer to your target audience Via... More emotive social media - consider more visual mediums By... Being real, truthful and transparent; not a corporate Take down posts that don’t create a buzz Communicate regularly and publicly Maintain energy and dynamism...Keep the updates and NPD coming How to be More Social CMC 2014
  38. 38. 1. Exclusivity 2. Collaboration 3. Clarity CMC 2014
  39. 39. Be Exclusive and Disruptive CMC 2014
  40. 40. Reply #2: twelve minutes after launch: "Oh hell, that's pretty cool. I just dig around in the ground a bit, and suddenly I'm in this underground cave! Great sense of exploration already." Reply #3: 15 minutes after launch Comes from Increpare, the developer of the recently released puzzle game English Country Tune. ”I hope you make something really good of this, dude; I think it has a lot of potential." First 15 Minutes of Minecraft CMC 2014
  41. 41. ‘just dig’ becomes ‘really good’ BE COLLABORATIVE CMC 2014
  42. 42. Keep it Simple, Stupid CMC 2014
  43. 43. Emojli Yo CMC 2014