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Basic Gaming Terminology


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A guide to the terminology used in game development, specifically virtual world and online games.

This presentation was created by Dubit. We help brands create digital entertainment that kids love. Our kid-centered approach puts children at the heart of our design process; we involve kids in the design of all our apps, games, virtual worlds, and websites. Learn how our research team can help you understand what kids really think about your brand and products, or find how we can help you develop and launch your next digital product.

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Basic Gaming Terminology

  1. 1. Dubit -Dubit’s Guide toBasic GamingTerminologyDubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming Terminology
  2. 2. Dubit - Dubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming TerminologyTheme, Narrative & StoryThemeWhats in the world; how it looks; the style andcontent; the tone of the world.NarrativeOngoing plot; what happens to the characters; start,middle and end; forward momentum.StoryWhat its all about; the players role; context andmotivation; backstory of the world.
  3. 3. Dubit - Dubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming TerminologyInterface, Core Gameplay & StructureInterfaceHow the player talks to the game; how the gametalks to the player; input and output.Core GameplayThe repetitive activity that keeps the player playing;creates flow; has feel; involves interface.StructureHow new materials are delivered to the player; theorder of delivery; progress and reward.
  4. 4. Dubit - Dubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming TerminologyThe Golden MechanicCore gameplay, or an element of core gameplay,which delivers:•Fun•Unique identity•A tether to the structure•Meaningful play
  5. 5. Dubit - Dubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming TerminologyReward Structure & Compulsion LoopsReward SchedulePacing of different weights of reward in response toplayer achievement; Skinner boxes; reward structureas internal system.Compulsion LoopsFeeding rewards back into core gameplay to createbehavioural loops; player advancement; staggeredtutorials; reward and progress structures meet.
  6. 6. Dubit - Dubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming TerminologyRewards & Progress ManagmentReward ManagementHousekeeping; choosing skills; spending points andmoney; customisation.Types of RewardsThese include, score, currency, cosmetics,collections, upgrades, progress, and bonus material.Progress ManagementFinding the path forward; overcoming challengesand barriers; solving puzzles; using player upgrades;being good enough; winning.
  7. 7. Dubit - Dubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming TerminologyKids Research• Market analysis• Prototype and concept testing• Competitor analysis and market scoping• IP / trend spotting• Design & ideation• Monetization strategies• Ethical marketing• Transmedia modelingDubit: Research, Build & Launchdigital experiences for kids brandsKids Game Development• Game design and ideation• Character and brand design• Game development• Virtual Worlds and Casual MMOsKids Apps• iOS and Android games• Interactive storybooksLaunch• Game promotion and player acquisition
  8. 8. Dubit - Dubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming TerminologyDubit: Just a few of our customers
  9. 9. Dubit - Dubit’s Guide to Basic Gaming TerminologyIf you’d like to know more about what we do checkout our website or send Matthew anemail: We love to talk!AddressThe Half RoundhouseWellington RoadLeedsWest YorkshireLS12 1DRPhone(+44) 113 3947 920Emailmatthew@dubitlimited.comDubit: Get in touch!