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Wes hubbard, newsletter

  1. 1. 9- -10Volume 1, Issue 1The Hubbards<br />The Hubbards, well, there are many of us located throughout Rowan and Cabarrus County, and there is even one member that I call mine, she lives in Stanly County, much more on her to follow later. In this edition you are going to meet all of them, catch a glimpse of what they look like, learn about what they do or have done in life, and how these people are important to me and my life. <br />Mom: Everything has to begin with the mother. Old Mother Hubbard, as she has been referred to is really not that old.. She’s going to be 44 in December. She is a CDA (certified dental assistant). She recently changed her occupation, and became a certified truck driver. She works for Werner Enterprises, and as this is published she’s out on the road driving day in and day out. She has took on many hobbies, sewing, baking cakes (delicious by the way), and even Hunting, that’s right ladies and gentlemen, she hunted!! She is a very outgoing woman, and she is loved and missed by all.Erika: She is the youngest of the family; she’s 13 as of September 19.She is in the 8th grade, and she loves to dance, she used to play baseball with her brother when she was a wee little girl. But she has grown up, she doesn’t depend on anyone anymore, she knows what she’s doing.Pop: He is the middle of three siblings, his brother; died in ’05 definitely changing the family. His sister is still living; she’s in her 50’s. Dad is as much as an outdoorsman as I am, he loves to hunt and he loves to fish. He has had many occupations over his lifetime, but he too, is a certified truck driver. <br />Special Interest Articles:•Immediate Family (pg.1)•Secondary Family (pg. 2-4)•Pets (pg. 5)Special Thanks and Conclusion (pg.6)<br />Individual Highlights:Joe Streble2Margaret Streble 2Ashlee Orick3Grandma + Grandpa Campbell4Holley, Pebbles, +Sadie (The pooches)5Immediate Family: Mom, Dad and Erika. Hubbard Prints (704) 855-4818 dubhub10@gmail.comMeet the Family:<br />Joe Streble, he’s slightly tall considering my family is of the short stature, no one ranges over 6’0 but him. He’s 6’4 and rather slim if you can tell by the picture to the left. Me and Joe have only known each other for about two or three years now, and what a crazy time those years have been, from taking midnight runs to cracking golf balls out into the lake we never stop having fun. He is like a brother to me and we will always have each other’s backs as the year’s progress. He lives in the big K-Town, (Kannapolis, NC) as do most of my relatives that are from Dad’s side of the family. It’s a fun town to be in, its small but it’s amazing how much fun you can have there. Joe is much like me, we love sports, and we love to do crazy things; as long as it’s not running from the law. Joe and I both play soccer for the high school we both attend as seniors (Gray Stone Day). He also plays basketball and runs for the track team. He has become one of my few best friends and I am glad we became so. <br />Me and Joe in the snow, early 2010, it was not that cold!!Nice bike! Where do you put the batteries? - Police Academy 3Distant relative to the primates, this creature is a rare one, you don’t see many in the world quite like this one. She is related to Joe, she is one of three sisters to Joe, she is the second oldest. She’s a sophomore at Gray Stone, she plays volleyball and soccer. As you will conclude, most of my family is athletic in some way or another. This makes for some good times when we are all together. She is a funny, sweet girl, never means to harm anyone. She tends to get picked on a lot by me and Joe but hey, what are brothers for?? She is a wonderful person to be around because of her many talents: clumsiness, mentally slow at times (blonde moments) and she’s rather funny. She too is like a sister in my eyes, and I treat her as such.Joe Streble:Our Favorites: Margaret Streble:<br />She's got eyes of the bluest skies, as if they thought of rain. I'd hate to look into those eyes, and see an ounce of pain. ~ Guns ‘n Roses (Sweet Child O’ Mine)<br />“Every morning I still wake up and the first thing I want to do is to see your face”. ~ P.S. I Love You<br />So as mentioned on the front page, here is the newest edition of the Hubbard family. I met her my sophomore year at Gray Stone, and our friendship increased throughout the year; I helped her through thick and thin, and every sort of problem. As we progressed in our friendship an intimate relationship began to unravel, and we became best friends. I asked her to be my girlfriend on July 18, 2009; the greatest day of our lives. Everyone had doubts and speculations on our relationship, but a year later (present-day) we are still holding strong. We are both seniors at Gray Stone, but we plan to split after graduation to separate colleges. It’ll be tough, but I believe we will manage. She plans to attend the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and I plan to attend Catawba College. She’s an athletic girl: playing both volleyball and softball for the school. She’s started to change; liking much of the things I do such as fishing and hunting or at least she pretends to know what’s going on. She’s still a girly girl which is A-OK with me. She is an amazing friend, and she’s fun to be around, and that is why I love her. And I want to thank her for supporting me and our relationship and also for staying by my side for this long. Some of her FavoritesAshlee Orick:<br />Grandma Campbell as she is known as in the family is short like the rest of us. All of us range anywhere from 5’0 even to 6’0, grandma and mom are almost the same height, grandma has a slight advantage though. Grandma loves to watch her grandkids play sports and she enjoys talking, a lot. Just like mom! I don’t understand it but that’s how women are. She’s 64 years of age, but she’s still very active. Only because of the squirrely teens she calls her grandkids. She resides in China Grove, where she was born and raised. It’s a small yet lovely town where everybody knows each other, sort of like Mayberry. She’s a wonderful woman as she supports all of her family, and is there for everyone at times of hardship. <br />.The hunter in the family, Grandpa is 6’0 and 65 years of age, loves the outdoors just like me. He has hunted and fished his entire life, growing up in the boondocks, but he has managed well. He has had many occupations also, ranging from a police officer in the 70’s to a truck driver; like my mom and my dad, in the early 2000’s. The only thing holding him back is a series of back spurs, which now leave him unable to continue driving across the country. Grandpa is one of the few true men left that do things the old fashioned way. He can be a hard on at some times as I have come to figure out quite often with myself. He likes things to be done in a certain specific manner and that’s how I can be at times. Clearly if you haven’t deduced, a lot of the things I have said about my family members influence how I act as well. Grandpa is a wonderful guy with tons of stories, which are pretty interesting if you pay attention. But if you’re looking for a funny, wise, outdoorsy type of guy, my grandpa is the person to look for.GrandmaGrandpaGrandma + Grandpa“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to end up with.”“Grandpa’s most recent kill, a massive 8 pt. that weighed 200 lbs or more.”<br />Holley Bells Hubbard: Holley is my dog, she’s a brown Chihuahua, and she’s currently the oldest dog in the Hubbard household that is still with the family today. She’s ten years old in human years, which makes her about 70 in dog years. Despite her old age she is still very playful with our other Chihuahua Pebbles, boy they are a hoot. Pebbles Marie Hubbard: our other Chihuahua, is black, brown, and white. If you were to glance at her paws you would think she had a French pedicure. She has white patches around her toes which is really neat. She belongs to Erika my sister, and boy are they both spoiled or what? Pebbles tends to strut around the house at times, it’s quite funny actually. We all love them both,, they have definitely become a huge part of our family. And last but not least, Sadie Marie Hubbard: “the big horse” as she is referred to in our family. She’s not a horse, she’s a black Labrador retriever, only 3 years old she tops all of the others because of her giant stature. She weighs in at about 60 lbs, which is a major difference compared to the Chihuahuas that weigh 8 lbs or less. They are wonderful friends, and everyone tends to love them after they quit barking. We tell everyone that sees them that they do not bite. <br />The PoochesCompany NameBack Page Story Headline<br />About Our Organization…<br />425 Hallmark Estates Dr.Salisbury, NC 28147Phone:(704) 855-4818E-Mail:dubhub10@gmail.com<br />“One does not meet oneself until one catches the reflection from an eye other than human.”- Loren Eiseley<br />We’re on the Web!See us at:www. http://allaboutdubhub.blogspot.com/?zx=66271ce4d78e3aa2.com<br />This concludes the one and only edition of the Hubbard Prints newspaper, we here at the company hope you have enjoyed looking in to the Hubbard family, getting to know each member, seeing some of the pets, and most importantly seeing how they are an influence to all peoples around them. We like to hear feedback, so please feel free to email us and let us know what you think.Thanks for choosing us as your family newspaper!<br />This is a one-time news edition, so kick back, turn on the T.V. Put your reading glasses on and enjoy what you read. It’s a load of fun for everyone.Thanks for choosing Hubbard Prints!! <br />Hubbard PrintsSalisbury, NC 28147<br />We only part to meet again. ~ John Gay<br />