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Dublin City Archives contains records of the civic government of Dublin from 1171 to the late 20th century. These records include City Council and committee minutes, account books, correspondence, reports, court records, charity petitions, title deeds, maps and plans and drawings all of which document the development of Dublin over eight centuries.


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  • You best bet is the National Archives of Ireland http://www.nationalarchives.ie/. Not sure if their criminal records cover that period as many records were destroyed in the Four Courts explosions during the civil war in 1922.
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  • Where can I find the trial record of my ancestor, John Madden, tried at Dublin City 1811, transported on the 'Archduke Charles', arriving in NSW 16/2/1813?
    I will appreciate your help,
    Best regards,
    Diane Wade, Queensland Australia
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Dublin City Archives: Dublin Civic Collections

  1. 1. Dublin City Archives: 30 Years of Public Service 1980 - 2010 The Dublin Civic Collections
  2. 2. Dublin City Archives Dublin City Archives is a division of Dublin City Public Libraries and contains the following: Dublin Civic Collections: records of Dublin City Council and its predecessors from 1171 to late 20th century Dublin Private Collections: family and estate records The Irish Theatre Archive: records relating to theatres, performers, designers, mainly based in Dublin Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association Archive: personal records relating to the Great War, 1914-1918 Dublin City Archaeological Archive
  3. 3. Dublin City Archives 1980-2010 Dublin City Archives opened to the public in Dublin’s City Hall on 20 March 1980 The first researcher was Professor J.C. Holt, University of Cambridge, who viewed the Charter of Henry II Thirty years and thousands of researchers later the public service is now based in Dublin City Library & Archive, Pearse Street, Dublin 2 The City Archives’ public service is founded on the custody, conservation and care of the collections To mark this anniversary, we now present a selection of images from the Dublin Civic Collections
  4. 4. Charter of Henry II, 1171/72 The earliest Norman document in Ireland Gave the Men of Bristol the right to colonize and live in Dublin This charter is secured with hemp cord A tiny fragment of the green seal remains
  5. 5. A medieval Dublin musician: Thomas Le Harper Dublin City Archives: Dublin Guild Merchant Roll 1190-1265
  6. 6. Grant of land to William Russell Dublin City Archives: White Book of Dublin, 1266
  7. 7. The White Book of Dublin The White Book is so- called because it is written on white calf-skin or vellum Grievances of the Common Folk of Dublin dated 1316 is shown here Document written in Norman-French Dublin City Archives: Cartulary No. 1
  8. 8. Calendar of Saints’ Days June and July Dublin City Archives: The Chain Book of Dublin, 1498
  9. 9. 15th century Dublin Citizens Dublin City Archives: Dublin City Franchise Roll, 1468-1512
  10. 10. The Elizabethan Reformation The Golden Charter of Elizabeth I, 1582 Gave Dublin special trading rights with Liverpool and Chester Conferred title ‘Admiral of the Port’ on Mayor of Dublin Charter is richly gilded and illuminated Dublin City Archives: Royal Charter 85
  11. 11. A Scottish Gallowglass These formidable soldiers fought in Elizabeth’s army against the Irish Chieftains Recruited from Scotland, they were over six feet tall Armed with sword, pike, helmet and chain mail Image from Golden Charter of Queen Elizabeth, 1582 Dublin City Archives: Royal Charter 85
  12. 12. City Centre Living in 1682 The Dublin merchant Jeremy Berstow leased a tower on the Dublin City Walls for 6s 8d rent yearly Because there was no fireplace he could only live there in summer He then applied for a rent reduction to 3s 4d yearly Dublin City Archives: Expired Leases 75
  13. 13. Grafton Street and Suffolk Street ‘A Street leading from College Green to Stephens Green’ – development plan for Grafton Street ‘Street to be 30 feet wide’ – development plan for Suffolk Street Compass Pointer featuring Man in the Moon Dublin City Archives: City Surveyors’ Maps, 1682
  14. 14. Signature and Seal of Arthur Guinness, 1759 Dublin City Archives: M.A. 28: Lease from Dublin City to Arthur Guinnness for 999 years
  15. 15. Detail from map of Castle Street Map by City Surveyor Thomas Mathews, 1768 Engraved cartouche with instruments of the map-maker’s trade Hand-drawn compass star with fleur-de-lis pointer Dublin City Archives: City Surveyor’s Maps
  16. 16. Georgian Dublin: Design by James Gandon, 1790 Dublin City Archives: Wide Streets Commission, WSC/Maps/23/2
  17. 17. Late Georgian Dublin Dublin City Archives: Elevation for Baggot Street, 1832; WSC/Maps/450/1
  18. 18. Green Street Prison Dublin City Archives: A.R. Neville’s Book of Maps, 1829
  19. 19. Gothic-style architecture in Early Victorian Dublin Dublin City Archives: Wide Streets Commission ref. WSC/Maps/178/1
  20. 20. Building Victorian Dublin: A wall at Winetavern Street Dublin City Archives: Wide Streets Commission: WSC/Maps/451
  21. 21. Lord Mayors of Dublin Daniel O’Connell was the first modern Lord Mayor of Dublin, elected in 1841 This collage features an engraving of O’Connell with photographs of some Lord Mayors of Dublin, for the period 1842-1867
  22. 22. Grand Canal Harbour Dublin City Archives: A.R. Neville’s Book of Maps, 1829
  23. 23. Designs for Stillorgan Reservoir Stillorgan Reservoir was built by Dublin Corporation in 1908 It provided added capacity for the city’s water-supply The carefully-crafted designs form a work of art as well as a feat of engineering Dublin City Archives: Waterworks Collections
  24. 24. Designs for Stillorgan Reservoir Dublin City Archives: City Engineer’s Drawings
  25. 25. Social Housing for Church Street Dublin City Archives: Design by Charles J. MacCarthy, 1915
  26. 26. Marino Social Housing: Dublin’s first Garden Suburb Dublin City Archives: Design for Marino by City Arcitect Horace O’Rourke
  27. 27. Nelson’s Pillar Nelson’s Pillar was destroyed by an explosion on 7-8 March 1966 The head from the statue is displayed in the Reading Room of Dublin City Library & Archive Documents, books and newspapers held in the Reading Room tell the story of The Pillar Photograph: Alastair Smeaton, Dublin Public Libraries
  28. 28. Christmas in the Mansion House Christmas Card issued in 1939 by Caitlin Bean Ui Chleirigh First woman Lord Mayor of Dublin Widow of 1916 leader Thomas J. Clarke This card was issued in memory of the 1916 Rising Dublin City Archives: Mayoral Collections
  29. 29. Credits: Text and photographs: Copyright Dublin City Council Text: Mary Clark, Dublin City Archivist Photography: Alastair Smeaton, Divisional Librarian Design: Andrew O’Brien, Dublin City Archives The Authors wish to acknowledge the kind support received from Dublin City Librarian Deirdre Ellis-King