Dublin Commemorations 1913-1916


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This presentation outlines some sources relating to the period 1913 - 1916, including events such as the Dublin Lock-Out, The Great War and the 1916 Rising, available at Dublin City Archives.

Dr Mary Clark, City Archivist


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Dublin Commemorations 1913-1916

  1. 1. Dublin Commemorations 1913-1916 Sources available at Dublin City Archives Dr. Mary Clark, City Archivist
  2. 2. Overview - Dublin City Archives Dublin City Archives contains the records of Dublin City Council and its predecessor the Dublin City Assembly, 1171 to 1980 The City Archives also contains personal and family archives relating to Dublin City; the Irish Theatre Archive; the Royal Dublin Fusiliers Association Archive; the Dublin City Archaeological Archive; and the Dublin City Sports Archive Also responsible for Dublin Civic Portrait Collection; Dublin Civic Regalia; provision of advice on Records Management Currently custodians of Dublin Civic Museum collection
  3. 3. Dublin City Archives: Select Sources 1913-1916:Dublin City Council MinutesDublin Corporation ReportsDCC Public Health CommitteeDCC Housing CommitteeDCC Visiting Committee Mountjoy PrisonDCC Electoral Registers 1898-1915Dublin theatrical memorabilia
  4. 4. 1913 Heroes:Joseph Nannetti:PresidentDublin Trades CouncilLord Mayor of Dublin1906-08 Sir Charles Cameron Chief Medical Officer of Health
  5. 5. 1913 VillainDublin Slums 1913Gordon Court and Joseph M. Meade Magee Court Lord Mayor of Dublin 1891-92 Notorious Slum Landlord
  6. 6. Dublin City Archives: Sources for the Great WarRoyal Dublin Fusiliers Association ArchiveDublin Corporation staff in Great WarExhibition: Letters from the Great WarExhibition: Postcards from the Great WarIrish National War Memorial Committee Archives
  7. 7. Postcards from the Great War
  8. 8. Dublin City Archives: Sources for Mansion HouseTercentenary of Mansion House 2015The 350th anniversary of Dublin’s first LordMayor will also take place in 2015Full history and documentation of Mansion HouseBiographies of each Lord Mayor to be providedfrom 1665 to 1969 as a publicationLord Mayors from 1974 to the present will beinvited to provide their own biographicalinformation
  9. 9. Mansion House Images
  10. 10. Dublin City Archives:1916 Rising: City CouncillorsFocus on elected members of Dublin City Counciltook part in the 1916 RisingCouncillor Richard O’Carroll – killed in actionCouncillors W.T. Cosgrave, P.T. Daly, WilliamPartridge, Sean T. O’Kelly - deported to Englandand imprisonedAlderman Tom Kelly - imprisoned in KilmainhamJail and later in Richmond Barracks
  11. 11. Alderman Tom Kelly:Hero of 1913 and 1916
  12. 12. Dublin City Archives: 1916 Rising: DCC StaffEamonn Ceannt: City Treasurer’s OfficeMajor John McBride: Water-BailiffPublic Libraries: Roisin Walsh; Thomas Gay; P.J.Stephenson; John ByrneFiremen: Harnett, Maloney, Monahan and ShorthallCorporation Staff: Christopher Byrne, Joseph Byrne,Michael Lynch, Patrick V. O’Brien
  13. 13. Arrest of Eamonn Ceannt
  14. 14. Dublin City Archives:1916 Connolly Family ArchiveCaptain Sean Connolly, Irish Citizen Armyand commander of City Hall GarrisonMrs. Kathleen Barrett, City Hall GarrisonMatthew Connolly, City Hall GarrisonGeorge Connolly, Dublin Castle GuardroomEamonn Connolly, Garrison at Henry &James Outfitters, Parliament Street
  15. 15. Dubliners: 1898-1915Digitisation of Dublin City Burgess RollsTransfer of information to searchabledatabaseProcess will create 620,000 records ofDublinersData will complement and book-end theonline Census Records for 1901 and 1911
  16. 16. Unique information inDubliners Database - exampleLodgers – First name and surname of registered voter [i.e. John Callaghan] Address of house in which lodgings are situated [i.e. 3 Arbour Place] Name and address of landlord [i.e. Kate Callaghan, 3 Arbour Place] Description of rooms and whether furnished or not [i.e. back room, ground floor] Amount of rent paid [i.e. 12/= per week, board and lodgings]
  17. 17. Dublin City Archives: Location and Opening HoursLocated at Dublin City Library & Archive, 138-144 Pearse Street, Dublin 2Public Reading Room operated jointlywith Dublin & Irish CollectionsOpening hours:Monday-Thursday 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.Friday & Saturday 10.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.Admission FreeFor more information please contactcityarchives@dublincity.ie