05 de xuat kh hoat dong nam 2014 en


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On February 27th, 2014, the high level meeting on cooperation for tourism development of three central coast provinces (Thua Thien - Hue, Da Nang and Quang Nam) took place in Hue city. The meeting was conducted by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism with technical support from the Environmentally and Socially Responsible Tourism Capacity Development Programme (known as the ESRT Programme, funded by the European Union).

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05 de xuat kh hoat dong nam 2014 en

  1. 1. Tentative cooperation plan for tourism development of 3 Central coastal provinces in 2014 and forthcoming years
  2. 2. State administration - Enhance collaboration among divisions of 3 DCSTs with a view to tackling technical issues; exchanging information and experience regarding state administration of tourism statistics; - Organise conference on Central tourism development to collect opinions and proposals. - Establish a Destination Management Organisation for 3 provinces - Support to enhance the collaborative role of Tourism Associations of 3 provinces - Establish a fund for tourism development of 3 provinces which will cover the cost of advertisement, conference, propaganda… - Collaborate/support to conduct research on product demand, market of tourists coming to the area.
  3. 3. Training - Create favourable conditions for tourism training providers to cooperate with enterprises to provide training for their laborers. - Cooperate to exchange experience regarding occupational and soft skill training for local communities. - Provide training on responsible tourism management model, skills needed for developing community-based tourism products, promoting tourism, safety and security issues for tourists and response to climate change and natural disasters. - Co-organise training courses for tourism enterprises on sustainable tourism development, their responsibilities to the society, environment and community.
  4. 4. Product development - Co-develop plans to organise festivals and events of 3 provinces in order to avoid overlapping in terms of time and content. - Co-develop tourism products based on strengths and unique features of each locality in order to avoid products being overlapped. - Collaborate to connect products of 3 provinces, including CBT products, heritage tourism and beach-island tourism products. - Collaborate with ILO to develop CBT model.
  5. 5. Tourism promotion - Continue to be present at the booth “3 provinces – 1 destination”, aiming at expanding in scale, improving quality and diversifying content - Publish tourism guidebook of 3 provinces - Produce videos to promote tourism of 3 provinces
  6. 6. Tourism promotion (continued) - Participate in promoting tourism of the region at major markets. - Collaborate to receive Famtrip & Presstrip delegations to the region - Establish a common tourism website for the region - Collaborate to install 3 panos in 3 provinces to introduce tourism of the region
  8. 8. Technical assistance - Develop a strategy for tourism product development which serves as a base for 3 provinces to develop its own products without overlapping the others while promoting its strengths and unique features. - Develop tourism statistics software and information exchange software among 3 provinces - Develop a common tourism marketing strategy - Develop tourism ID for the area, set up a brand management mechanism for tourism products and souvenirs in 3 provinces
  9. 9. Support regarding training - Provide training to lecturers of tourism schools on responsible tourism - Train officials in charge of tourism administration of 3 provinces into reporters of responsible tourism model, provide training regarding CBT products development skills, tourism promotion skills, skills to respond to climate change and natural disasters. - Organise conference on sharing awareness of responsible tourism for relevant stakeholders in Central region.
  10. 10. Other types of assistance - Establish a responsible tourism research unit for Central region which is connected to establishment of Destination Management Organisation. - Provide financial assistance for development of responsible tourism in 3 provinces - Establish tourist information centres at airports, railway stations and tourism hubs in 3 provinces - Provide financial and technical assistance for publications of toursim pictures of the region
  11. 11. Other types of assistance - Provide financial and technical assistance for development of a tourism website in different languages -Provide financial assistance for organisation of Central MICE fair in August 2014
  12. 12. Thank you very much!