Animal Farm Theme


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Animal Farm Theme

  1. 1. Animal Farm Theme Clues By: Erin
  2. 2. Animal Farm “Man no longer exists as an individual, only the leader. The masses are just extensions of the leader” <ul><li>In the story Jones rules, and the animals only exist as the masses because they follow Jones. The farm animals are no longer individuals because they do everything they are told, and never speak out. Later with Napoleon as the dictator, the animals have no choice but to follow Napoleon or they will be exterminated. Because some courageous animals actually voice their opinion, they are quickly silenced. The only brave animals are murdered because the pigs fear that the animals will no longer exist as the masses if they figure out that they have no personal power. Therefore, Napoleon quickly killed them so that the other animals would not be able to fully comprehend what is going on. </li></ul>
  3. 3. Russian revolution “Man no longer exists as an individual, only the leader. The masses are just extensions of the leader” <ul><li>During the Russian Revolution the Bolsheviks gain complete power, therefore the people only exist as the masses. The people who are under the rule of Lenin than later Stalin have no voice in the government, or business. Until Gorbachev and his idea of glasnost, or openness in the government, the citizens of Russia live in silently in their poverty. Sadly, if someone does try to speak out against Lenin or Stalin they are locked up or silenced for eternity. </li></ul>
  4. 4. Animal Farm “Common Decency, good will and good intensions are not enough…they should be, but there not” <ul><li>The horses, Boxer and Clover from Animal Farm, are always work hard and their intentions are always for the best, but their dedication is never rewarded. For example Boxer constantly works hard and dutifully and does as he is told throughout the book, but Napoleon sends Boxer to be killed even after all he has done. Clover, who at the end of the book has worked two years past the retiring age, never slows down and always follows her leader’s obediently. Even after her many years of commitment and hard work, Napoleon quickly drops the possibility of letting her stop working because of her age and her pains. </li></ul>
  5. 5. Russian Revolution “Common Decency, good will and good intensions are not enough…they should be, but there not” <ul><li>All the people are affected and harmed during the rule of the Bolsheviks. Even if the people try to follow their leaders unquestionably the citizens tend to remain in harm’s way. Because Lenin and especially Stalin are such harsh rulers, they do not give a second thought to hurting their people if it means better for the government. So this comes to conclude that the harsh influential group of rulers have no mercy for the less fortunate, even though they could love and respect their leaders entirely. </li></ul>
  6. 6. Animal Farm “Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely” <ul><li>Throughout the story Napoleon’s power continually increases, but to satisfy his own greed he never has enough power. Napoleon is always hungry for more authority in the government. Napoleon's standards are that he must have complete power and rule over everyone, though he becomes corrupt because he gains absolute power over every one on the farm. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Russian Revolution “Power corrupts absolute power corrupts absolutely” <ul><li>Stalin loses power because he is always greedy for more power, and is never satisfied with the power that he has. As Stalin dies, Russia is completely corrupt because the power was not evenly distributed, and the citizens are not counted as people. Stalin and the other communist rulers of Russia and the Soviet Union think that they are better than everyone else, but in truth they are worse because they are corrupt and evil. Only Stalin, and a few other privileged individuals live with power and respect in the community. </li></ul>
  8. 8. “ Sometimes we do things we don’t understand, we just feel we have to do something” <ul><li>In the story Boxer always works extremely hard, but he is unaware of his need to put in so much effort. Boxer questions why he pushes himself so far and for what reasons, but he never truly understands the fact of Napoleons supremacy, and influence over the farm. Clover, who is also a immense help to the farm always does what is asked of her. Also, Clover and all of the other animals never realize the point of all of the dedication and hard work. The animals put in the effort because they think they are helping the farm as a free republic, but the animals do not understand what their work is really being put into. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Russian Revolution “Sometimes we do things we don’t understand, we just feel we have to do something” <ul><li>During the Revolution the people do most everything they are told. They do as they are told because they fear they must accomplish their task, though they do not know why. The dread and horror of the citizens have a cause and effect action. Because the people are so intimidated by their government, they work hard and put in every effort that they have. </li></ul>
  10. 10. Animal Farm “A good idea in human hands easily becomes an evil idea” <ul><li>As Napoleon gains complete control over the farm, it is noticed that overthrowing Jones was probably very unwise. The excellent idea of animals controlling the farm turns as Napoleon decides he is going to have a total control over the farm. Napoleons causes the idea to turn evil when he chases Snowball off the farm. After Snowball is gone Napoleon easily gains absolute power. At that moment the idea becomes evil because Napoleon has power over all the animals on the farm, so the animals are forced to do everything they are told. Therefore the farm is now under communist rule, or otherwise known as totalitarianism. </li></ul>vs.
  11. 11. Russian Revolution “A good idea in human hands easily becomes an evil idea” <ul><li>The Russian Revolution starts out as a good cause; it is supposed to make everyone equal. The two sides fighting are either for or against communism. Though as Lenin and communism takes control, the Revolution quickly turns evil. The Revolution is now wicked because Lenin distributed the power unevenly causing the people to suffer, and only the small party of communists to thrive. </li></ul>
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