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Wavefront Wireless Summit 2014


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The Internet of Things is here. Walk through this presentation and see how today's search is impacted by entities, markup and social media. Understand the basics needed to succeed in this evolving landscape. Learn what to avoid.

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Wavefront Wireless Summit 2014

  1. 1. what does duane do at bing Bing Webmaster Tools Speaks at shows, runs forums and blog, provides guidance on new WM tools Does he have a clue? 15 years as an inhouse SEO; ran seo at MSN; has helped GM, Disney, GAP, Walmart + @duaneforrester And this helps me how? Blogging since 2001; owns 150 domains; runs several websites of his own
  2. 2. Content Social User Experience Link Building SEO
  3. 3. Reorganize the Web for Task Completion UNDERSTANDING THE USER UNDERSTANDING THE WEB
  4. 4. Reinventing Search Across 3 Dimensions Information Architecture Creation of new information via social graph and geospatial index Interaction Model Not just mouse and keyboard, but also voice, touch, gesture & vision Entry Points Not just browser, but devices, services and social networks
  5. 5. and Other Languages
  6. 6. • Build social followers & fans organically • Wall posts/tweets with links are perceived as more credible and useful • Get the basics of SEO covered, then focus on content • Mark up your content • Mobile = responsive design • Its worth repeating: unique, compelling content still works
  7. 7. • So you want more shares for your content, do you? Try these ideas. • Create lists: people love to consume content in list-form. Its quick, easy and simple. • Use hooks: ego, humor, anger, contrarian – be careful with them, but when used well, they are highly effective. • Participate in communities: when you are valued member of a community, the community supports you. • Share others’ information: people love when what they share gets shared itself. Share from trusted sources. • Ask questions: your followers will love the interaction and it’ll grow your following as others engage.
  8. 8. What Now?
  9. 9. Core Strategies Op. Strategies Tactics
  10. 10.
  11. 11.
  12. 12. Board Reader Sysomos Facebook Insights Follower Wonk Google Insights How Sociable Ice Rocket trends Buffer • • • • • • • • • Klout Peerindex Kred Mention Map Social Mention Statigram Twitter Counter Tweetreach
  13. 13. AUTOMATED Trusted RSS feeds MANUAL Copy & Paste AUTOMATED