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Smx west-dos-2013-duane-forrester-bing

  1. 1. what does duane do at bing Bing Webmaster Tools Speaks at shows, runs forums and blog, provides guidance on new WM tools Does he have a clue? 12+ years as an inhouse SEO; ran seo at MSN; has helped Disney, GAP, Walmart + @duaneforrester And this helps me how? Blogging since 2001; owns 150 domains; actively optimizes and monetizes data, always fully provided.
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  3. 3. DO – Mark Up Your can helpYour data, always fully provided.
  4. 4. DO - Prepare for MobileYour data, always fully provided.
  5. 5. Your data, always fully provided.
  6. 6. DO – Avoid Shortcuts Social Graph Patterns Retweets/Likes Natural (by whom) Follows (Twitter) You: Who else Followers Posts/Shares Follows (reputation) Likes Replies Followers Unnatural (Twitter) Fans (Facebook) Focus Quality Trust Popularity TimelinessYour data, always fully provided.
  7. 7. • Crawlability • Content – Xml sitemaps – Build based on keyword research – Navigational structure – Down-level experience enhances discoverability – Rich media cautions – Keep out of rich media and images – Graceful degradation – 250 words per page or more – URL structure – Produce new content frequently – Robots.txt – Make it unique – don’t reuse content from other• Site Structure sources – Links – Content management – using 301s to reclaim value from retiring content/pages – URL structure and keyword usage – <LINK> canonical to help engines understand which – Clean URLs – no extraneous parameters (sessions, page should be indexed and have value attributed to it tracking, etc.) – 404 error page management to help cleanse old pages – HTML & XML sitemaps from search engine indexes – Content hierarchy • Links – Global navigation – springs form hierarchy planning + – Plan for incoming & outgoing link generation style of nav (breadcrumb, link lists, etc.) – Rich media – don’t bury links in Javascript/flash – Internal & external link management /silverlight/AJAX – Content selection – planning where to link to• On-Page – Link promotion via social spaces – direct traffic & seo value – Head copy – Managing anchor text properly • Titles – unique, relevant, 60 characters or so long • Descriptions – unique, relevant, grammatically correct, – URL structure can help insert keywords where they are 160 or fewer characters (Google shows up to 160 needed characters) • Social – Body Copy – Build your community • H1, H2 and other H tag usage – Interact often • ALT tag importance & usage – Share useful content • Keyword usage within the content/text – see “Perfectly Optimized Page” image – Be consistent and useful • Anchor text – using target keywords to support other – Grow facebook, twitter, etc. internal pagesYour data, always fully provided.
  8. 8. DO – Stay Focused on the Big Picture Content Social User Experience Link Building SEOYour data, always fully provided.
  9. 9. • Every area of your site has a value - $, PV, Emails, etc. • Determine what the value is • Sort your site by value to see what really matters • Organize work around high- value areas firstYour data, always fully provided.
  10. 10. • So you want more shares for your content, do you? Try these ideas. • Create lists: people love to consume content in list-form. Its quick, easy and simple. • Use hooks: ego, humor, anger, contrarian – be careful with them, but when used well, they are highly effective. • Participate in communities: when you are valued member of a community, the community supports you. • Share others’ information: people love when what they share gets shared itself. Share from trusted sources. • Ask questions: your followers will love the interaction and it’ll grow your following as others engage. Your data, always fully provided.
  11. 11. Trusted RSS feeds AUTOMATED MANUAL AUTOMATED Copy & PasteYour data, always fully provided.
  12. 12. • SEO tactics • Social tactics • Paid search methodologies • Budget management • Negotiation • Executive pitching • Influence • Psychology • MarketingYour data, always fully provided.
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