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Markup, User Driven Change and Your Career Future


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Review of the impact of markup in today's intelligent services, how this is impacting consumer behavior and a new opportunity in the search industry to forge a career path at senior levels. Presentation used at BrightonSEO in 2017.

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Markup, User Driven Change and Your Career Future

  1. 1. Markup, User Driven Change and Your Future
  2. 2. Who Am I?
  3. 3. Friendship v. Fanship Engagement v. Push Source: Youtube 2016 Influentials Shifting, Celebs Losing Ground
  4. 4. What else do you need to be more aware of? Major Shake Ups in our Midst
  5. 5. • If this isn’t your current #1 planned for investment, you’re losing • 73% of kids 8 – 15 have a smartphone (63% have a tablet) • 80% download online content (despite parents controlling money) • 91% have a smartphone, not an “ancient” handset (their word) • 30% have an iPod; 22% have an MP3 player (WTH is that?!) • 82% say parents pay the bills, 13% say they pay • Seeing investments across the board in Assistants and AI • Apps have taken over, consuming 50% of our time on devices Mobile
  6. 6. • With phone subscriber growth stagnating, carriers will look to alternative sources of revenue, including connected cars, tablets, and IoT devices, to drive growth. •More than 50% of all web traffic is via mobile today Mobile
  7. 7. Growth in “Near Me” searches is flattening as it becomes assumed. 28%of location searches result in a purchase 76%of people who use location search visit a business within one day Total Location Search Users Think With Google, 2016 Location Search Is Exploding — And Denotes Extreme Intent
  8. 8. 100+ Attributes Name Sublocality Categories City State Address Display Address Logo Emails Website Main Phone Mobile Phone Call to Action Fax Year Established Twitter Handle Facebook Page Bios Events MenuProducts Brands Closed Flag Call to Action URL Latitude Longitude Address Visible Suite Postal Code Country Payment Methods Website Display URL Specialties Keywords Languages Associations Attribution Logo Alternate Phone Additional Hours Text Toll-free NumberBusiness Hours Holiday Hours Photos Description YouTube Video URLs
  9. 9. Voice Search • Amazon Echo, Cortana, Harmon Invoke, GAssistant, Siri, Apple Home – all seeing significant investments • Voice control functionality will lead GenZ to fully embrace voice search - it's about being familiar with how to use technology. • Context will influence content even more. Forcing businesses to learn new ways to be relevant. It's going to be important as coming generations are moved away from infinite choices and towards a select few, proven, reliable results.
  10. 10. Google Home/Assistant • Newest assistant on ~60% of Android phones • Home is as good as the parts of the Google ecosystem • Hardware is very good – looks, quality, sound and microphone are all good • Still cannot manage multiple calendars easily • Third-party Actions are a mixed bag • Shopping is expanding, but limited Voice Search Amazon Echo • Excellent voice control interface • Great design • Easy linking to a Prime account • Shopping is like wishing for a product • Limited to product ecosystem • No mapping ability, so no traffic updates • Third-party Skills are a mixed bag • Not easy to get started with Cortana • No hardware • Exists as an app for phones and computers • Very intelligent and easy to engage with • Limited usage due to market share issues for Microsoft mobile devices Siri • Apple retains ability to filter outputs tailored to their own product needs/desires • Current gen much better at voice recognition • Yet still needs to work out accents, and dialects • Great at opening apps, which may be all that’s needed
  11. 11. • Keyword Research - focus on long-tail, conversational queries • Build detailed answers • Mark-up your content • Make sure your entire website is clean and accessible • Mobile friendly matters • Secure your site - move to HTTPS 6 Tactics To Compete in Voice Search Be Useful
  12. 12. • HTTPS will be the next “mobile” shift for us • No inherent “reward” for being HTTPS • Larger domains still haven’t shifted • Takes time; is tricky • Watch for a hockey stick on the graph as big brands move over Secure Dr. Pete’s projection of Google Page 1 organic results that are HTTPS based on 2 studies separated by 9 months.
  13. 13. To win: • Markup • Digitize products • Again with mobile friendly • Again with HTTPS Augmented Reality
  14. 14. • Loyalty programs free of attachments • No fees, restrictions or minimums • Rewards for social media engagement • Retweets, shares, pins, likes generate reward points • Amplifying their CSR • Getting caught being a good community member – effective PR, not window dressing • Blending programs – seo, ppc, social all working to communicate the same campaign message Tactics of Successful Brands
  15. 15. • YouTube • You cannot afford to skip this in your mix • Quality doesn’t need to be perfect • Usefulness of content matters • Markup, Mobile, Usability, HTTPS • Get these implemented & close to perfected • Reviews matter, so engage & manage • Customer Journey • Legitimate personas, consumer pathway tracking & analysis, anticipate needs A good player skates to where the puck is. A great player skates to where the puck is going to be. More Tactics That Matter
  16. 16. Digital Knowledge Manager • Digital Knowledge Manager should be a senior-level position and will be truly cross-functional They will need to have a deep, varied career that has spanned many, if not all, of the traditional core digital marketing competencies and they need to be able to speak to everyone in your company in their own language: executives, IT, marketers, store operations, designers, etc. In addition to being a skilled negotiator, the Digital Knowledge Manager will be adept at persuasion as much of their time will be invested in convincing different groups to take on specific tasks and execute on part of a plan that fits into a larger picture. They need to be an expert to obtain buy-in across all groups, each of which will have their own discrete goals. Wrapping up – Your Career 5 Essential Skills in a Successful Digital Knowledge Manager Investigator – find your current assets and what users seek Negotiator – arbitrate source conflicts; convince others to help with the work Communicator – share knowledge, create excitement, build understanding Thinker – predict future changes Builder – people and processes to execute effectively You want to grow? This is your future:
  17. 17. Thank you for your time.