The Key To Marketing Your Brand


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A overview of my panel talk at North by Northeast Interactive 2010.

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  • What does this have to do with marketing?
  • - Gather competitive intelligence. Go after students vs business travel set
    - If others offer a service for free, doesn’t mean you’ve to. If it’s of value then charge.
  • - Redbull is a great example of a brand that has stayed focused over the years to maintain a single image. I’m sure they get more opportunity to work with great brands and turn down more then they accept. It’s because they are so focused on a great brand, that they are highly sought after by potential partner.
  • - SM tools lists was a great opportunity to connect me with different agencies and give them something they can use. Help keep me top of months through the months with them
    - Understand all the places they hang out and not just think of Facebook or Twitter right away. Their are a lot great niche networks that can make you a big fish in a small pond, you just have to take the time to research it.
  • - Focus on doing a 2/3 things really well from a marketing standpoint and build off those early success then trying to do everything. You’ll only spread yourself to thin and not achieve the success you’ve envisioned.
    - Don’t worry about what you can’t control as it’s out of your hands. Focus on what you can control and make it a huge success and win.
    - just focus, focus, focus.... it’s not easy but it’s what you’ve to do to launch a successful video game or digital movie.
  • The Key To Marketing Your Brand

    1. 1. The Key To Marketing June 15, 2010 North by Northeast Interactive 2010 Toronto, Ontario, Canada
    2. 2. By Duane BRown
    3. 3. Agenda The Key to Marketing Research Branding Focus, Focus, Focus What’s Left? The End
    4. 4. The Key to Marketing
    5. 5. Research
    6. 6. Research Understand Business Objective Flickr user: pfala
    7. 7. Research Target market: Understand who they are Flickr user: unsure shot
    8. 8. Research Competitors Price Flickr user: pfala
    9. 9. Branding
    10. 10. Branding What are you not? Don’t be a me 2 brand Flickr user: Breff
    11. 11. Branding Turn down opportunities Align your brand with passionate opportunities Quality over quantity Flickr user: Osvaldo
    12. 12. Focus
    13. 13. Focus Big Fish, Small Pond
    14. 14. Focus Make time for Important Tasks Focus on what you can control Focus, Focus, Focus Flickr user: wvs
    15. 15. What’s Left?
    16. 16. What’s Left? That chapter is still being written....
    17. 17. The End Any questions?